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Restore Fatigue -
During the game press B to access the menus.

Use the left and right triggers to get to the stats menu. Use the D-pad to select the Fatigue entry. Press black, black, white, white, black.

Restore Health.
Black, white, black, black, black.

Restore Magicka.
Black, white, white, black, white.
Press A and hold until it is full up press B while your doing it to make it stay up.

Added 11 Dec 2003, ID #945, by Major Player and get

Quick life, magika and fatigue

OK, all you have to do is go into your stats page and highlight either life, magika, or fatigue depending on the cheat code:

highlight your health bar and press the following; black, white, black, black, black,and then hold a.

highlight your magika bar then press the following; black, white, white, black, white, and then hold a.

highlight your fatigue bar and then press the following; black, white, black, white, black, and then hold a.
if you want tohave infinite of one of these, you must press b just before the bar fills up.

NOTE: you can only have either health or magika or fatigue infinite at one time. also, once u do the infinite cheat and u re-open ur inventory screen, it stops working.

Added 10 Dec 2003, ID #934, by the kernel20

Raise Your Weapon Skills

Ok, all u have to do is go to Balmora and go to the mages Guild on the the opposite side of the silt strider. Go upstairs and talk to someone.

Go to spells. Now, most of the people their should have bound weapon spells like bound longsword. Anyway, buy the bound longsword spell and go into your inventory.

Go to magic and equip BOUND LONGSWORD. Now exit your invintory and press y so that u can see your hands. now press right trigger to cast the spell.

99 percent of the time it doesnt work so u should use the unlimited magic cheat by highlighting the magicka bar and pressing black, white,white,black, white and hold a and while holding a press b then u should have unlimited magicka until u go back to that screen.

So keep pressing right trigger until the spell works then u should already have the bound longsword in your hand. if u dont press x then it should be there.

Then whith the bound longsword out press these three buttons at once. x+left trigger+right trigger. make sure u press them all at once.

Then hold those buttonsu should hear the sound of changing your weapon bu your weapon is not really changing!

It takes like forever for it to get really high but it is worth it!

also.... does anyone know how to get wraith guard or sunder or keening then please post here.

Added 12 Sep 2003, ID #723, by skaterboi327


While playing a game,press B to enter the inventory screen.

Press L or R to switch to the stats screen.

Highlight "Health" and press black,white,black(3),thenhold A untill desired health level is reached


No thumbs


Restore Magicka :While playing a game, press B to enter the inventory screen. Press L or R to switch to the stats screen. Highlight Magicka and press Black, White, White, Black, White, then hold A until the desired magicka level is reached.

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