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Unlock Bonus Characters cheat for Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Unlock Bonus Characters

If you want more characters in the game then complete one of the following optional tasks to unlock the corrsponding character.

Unlock Captain Falcon:

- Complete Classic mode in under 20 minutes and then in the following match defeat Captain Falcon.

- Play 70 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Falco:

- Complete the 100-Man Brawl.

- Play 50 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Ganondorf:

- Using Link or Zelda complete Classic mode on the Hard difficulty setting.

- Play 200 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Jigglypuff:

- Using any character except Ike complete Classic mode.

- Complete Event Match #20.

- Play 350 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Lucario:

- Complete ALL the Target Tests with either one or two players.

- using Meta Knight defeat Lucario in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 100 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Luigi:

- On the Easy difficulty setting complete Classic mode.

- Defeat Luigi in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 22 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Marth:

- Complete Classic mode.

- Defeat Marth in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 10 Brawls.

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch:

- Complete Classic mode with ALL the characters.

- Play 250 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Ness:

- Reflect 10 projectiles.

- Defeat Ness in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 5 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock R.O.B. The Robot:

- Collect 250 different trophies.

- Get R.O.B. To join your party in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 160 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Snake:

- Play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island.

- Play 130 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Sonic:

- Complete the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 300 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Toon Link:

- Using Link complete Cassic mode.

- Play 400 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Wolf O'Donnell:

- Complete the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode) and then complete Boss Battle mode with Fox.

- Defeat Wolf at the ruins when you have comleted the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 450 VS. Mode matches and then defeat Wolf after he challenges you.

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I can't unlock toonlink I don't have him or wolf

Added 18th Feb 2015, ID #517891

Easy game but I'm a great beast at it and some characters are lame like SONIC

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387315

Is there just a cheat code to unlock them all instantly

Added 5th Jan 2014, ID #339794

We love the game it is really fun but you can only unlock the regular characters with the expedition of taboo and master hand. truthfully people lie about secret characters. All characters have different moves so it stays interesting signed/ Akaso

Added 29th Jul 2013, ID #301168

SONIC is the speed!!!

Added 26th Jul 2013, ID #300436

How do you make sonic look like shadow?

Added 7th Jun 2013, ID #288482

i think this game is soooooooo easy

Added 7th Mar 2013, ID #261587

How do u turn sonic to shadow

Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #242063

remster6 brags to much

Added 11th Jan 2013, ID #241514

it said u could unlock crash bandicoot and others idk how to

Added 14th Dec 2012, ID #221463

sonic did beat every character in the game that's what I know

Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #188173

i beat EVERYTHING it is sooooooo easy. and i just got the game 5 weeks ago...

Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #187964

i have all the characters and i beat the game and classic mode, once u beat the game and get all the characters, ull get all star mode its really hard and, by the way do not do online until u beat the game or ull just add about 1,000 deaths to ur profile!

Added 28th Oct 2011, ID #83539

hay il give u a way how to get sonic go on classic mode then keep on doing it n the same one like say 3 then finaly your face him it worked with me hope it does with u

Added 21st Feb 2011, ID #29939

i no another way of unlocking jiggypuff go on the subspace thing and the one with fox & diddy kong then theres a secret door if you can get to it go in it then your be in a pokemon urena ur be vs jiggypuff win her then she joins ur team

Added 19th Feb 2011, ID #29447

oh.... i finished the subspace emissary first, i didnīt finished classic first

Added 27th Jan 2011, ID #26954

well, do you know any more about sonic? i just got brawl and unlocked him, with less than 150 brawls and only 30% of adventure mode o.o;
he challenged me btw

Added 1st Jan 2011, ID #23467


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