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Skylanders Spyro's Adventure
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Dark water cove

Find the legendary treasure hold down A and B for 5 seconds and you will teleport to the twin spouts WARNING only do this once or you will go back to shaterd island

Added 30 May 2012, ID #5138, by Guest and get

How to get the Legendary treasure in chapter 2

First start chapter 2. Then open the door, And then push the turtles into the right position. Walk over the turtles. Defeat the bad guy. Get the key and the open the door and then get the second key and open the second door. Walk striaght ahead, and then switch to a life element skylander. Walk towards the right and jump down the cliff. And there is the legendary treasure.

Added 4 May 2012, ID #5102, by Guest

Hex cheat

You will need hex and dark spyro. So start a new game and beat the first level. Then go to the gate to the train and use hex to lift spyro off the ground with the bone wall and spyro go's over

Added 30 Apr 2012, ID #5100, by abjurlin12345

Easy Money

You need to have 2 wii remotes to do this. Go to player vs player battle mode. Select arena rumble. Put 2 skylanders on the portal. Make the skylander that you want to have money defeat the outher skylander. For each match you get about 200 coins.

Added 23 Apr 2012, ID #5090, by Guest

How To Get The Plunger Hat For Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Xbox

Go to oilspill island and keep folowing the trail foward. Do all beam puzzles until you find a ramp. Go up and turn right until you find a fire gate (if this don't find a fire gate go left[when you're going right don't go down to the dock with cheese on it].) When you find the fire gate use a fire skylander and get close to the gate. When the gate opens, go in the gate. Go foward. Then go in the left pipe, and then into the next pipe to the left. When you see a present, walk by it. Now, turn Right Stick in circles. When something comes out of the present, you unlocked plunder hat.

Added 10 Apr 2012, ID #5071, by Guest

After the fireworks

Find general robot.he will give you a code. Right when he says it,enter the code, and fireworks will burst out of the sky! Then, after the fireworks, you will get money. If you done it about 5 times,you will get about 8 coins. If it's your 1st time, you will get 300 coins!!!

Added 9 Apr 2012, ID #5068, by Guest

Impossible to die with Eruptor and Wrecking Ball

First of all go to 2 player and 1 of you has to be Eruptor and the other Wrecking Ball. All you have to do is whenever Wrecking Ball is injured make Eruptor barf fire balls and Wrecking Ball can eat them which heels him.

Added 21 Mar 2012, ID #5049, by Guest

how to moonwalk

Go to quicksilver valut go to the chain about quater of the way go down it and turn around.

Added 17 Mar 2012, ID #5040, by Guest

Tuns of money

After deafeating kaos go to beach. Youse a skylander that can go over water.go to a bear called to him and he will give you lots of money

Added 5 Mar 2012, ID #5026, by Guest

Winged sapphires (blue birds)

One is right by persaphones area. After arbo gets out shoot the rock left bihind and one will fly out. Once you find the train there is a hole with smoke coming out. Put a bomb in there and the smoke will stop. Go into the hole and theres one in there. On the beach there is a robot. Not the clamtron-4000, the other one. Oil it and a door will open. There is a sapphire in there. Right after you save gurglefin another will be in the cage he was in. By the train is a stone door.break it with a bomb to get to another winged sapphire.
Out in the water is a rock with a bounce pad on it. Bounce to the top rock and one is there. Those are all I've found.

Added 5 Mar 2012, ID #5025, by Guest

Where to find blue bird

Go to the beach go to a grey rock with a bounce pad on it and just keep bouncing to the top but I found this out after beating kaos so good luck.

Added 26 Feb 2012, ID #5019, by Guest

Lot's of money cheat

After you defeat Kaos & did other levels you go down to the Beach area & there will be tents & a bomb fire.Get out Gill Grunt and he'll shoot water so you spray water at the bomb fire & a lot of money comes flying into the air when you do that.Easy peasy lemon squezy

Added 21 Feb 2012, ID #5010, by Guest


then choose any skylander and put it on the portal then put on the treasure chest with wings then walk until you see it on your screen then go to it and shake until the locks break and out comes diamonds,coins,rubies then maybe a bit of xp then talk to someone and you can do it again.

Added 5 Feb 2012, ID #4990, by Guest

Kill trigger happy

Go to the beach be gill grunt go into the water find the grey rock with a bounce pad on top go up to the last rock turn into trigger happy and fall into the water

Added 11 Jan 2012, ID #4929, by Guest

Use Whirlwind to give health

During 2 person play on character level, use Whirlwind to shoot other player with rainbow and give 10 pts of health for each shot. Ours is already maxed out on upgrades before I found this so hopefully work without an upgrade

Added 9 Jan 2012, ID #4926, by Guest


Go to the dock and go to the puzzle lock and do it and you will get loads of money and then pause the game and go to the main menu and go back on and keep doing it hope it helped you

Added 30 Dec 2011, ID #4902, by Guest

Get lots of money and easy upgrades.

You need the Pirate seas adventure pack treasure chest an be able to get upgrades. Put the treasure chest on and go to the up grade place. You will see tat there is a treasure nearby go north west and open the chest then talk to the upgrade fairy then say no. The chest should reaper, repeat as many times as you wish.

Added 29 Dec 2011, ID #4900, by Guest


If you have the pirate seas adventure pack (this might work) if the hidden treasure is near someone (best place: the ruins) collect the hidden treasure then talk to the nearest person and keep doing it

Added 8 Dec 2011, ID #4866, by Guest

Fow to make fireworks

Talk to general robot and he will give you a code. Put that code in and fireworks appear

Added 30 Nov 2011, ID #4859, by Guest

Skylanders level up quickly

On the last level when you start fighting Kaos defeat his minions and then let the Hydra kill you. Restart and you will go back to the start of the battle. Do this over and over. Defeating each minion gives you a lot of experience so your Skylanders will level up in no time!

Added 28 Nov 2011, ID #4857, by nagrago
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