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Easy Money

Go to the apple tree at the Ruins and shoot the sheep that is there. Wait for an apple to drop from the tree and walk towards it so your Skylander eats it. A gem will appear in the tree which is worth 1 or 10 coins. Shoot the tree so the gem falls down. Try not to go near the sheep afterwards as it will follow and try to ram you.

Added 16 Apr 2012, ID #5075, by Sanzano and get

Skylander on the Core of Light

To make any skylander walk on the core of light (unable to do without this) have Trigger Happy use his machine gun ability and he will "stick to the edge". Once the button for the ability is released, Trigger Happy will fall onto the Core of Light! Change the skylander and that skylander will still be on the Core of Light.


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Added 30 Dec 2014, ID #5684, by Rainmaker0102

Too much money

Get 5 adventure packs of the tower of time with the sky diamond then go to the training dummy in Woodburrow with pop thorn and keep attacking the training dummy then you will get the money cheat too much money

TIP:the money limit is 567,46364677


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Added 7 Dec 2013, ID #5613, by Guest

Smashed Like Ice- Slam Bam + Terrafin

Instructions: Use Slam Bam's Ice Prison attack. As Terrafin, Earth Swim and follow the ice trail, and when an enemy is frozen, belly flop on the ice prison. This should shatter it, or if you have the Work Of Ice Art upgrade, after belly-flopping, punch it a few times. This really helps thin out the enemy, and reduce damage to you because they can't fight back! [you can do it repeatedly to lots of enemies so Terrafin barely takes damage.]

Added 24 Jan 2013, ID #5439, by MOA77

Near-Invincibility Eruptor + Wrecking Ball

Instructions: First keep Eruptor spare and use another Skylander, along with Wrecking Ball. Should the rather weak Wrecking Ball become low on health, Make the other player [not Wrecking Ball] change into Eruptor. Use a Magma Ball attack. Then make Wrecking Ball eat it with the Tongue Grabber upgrade, healing him. Do it a few times to fully heal him, making him basically invincible! [change from Eruptor though, because if he's gone, so is Wrecking Ball!]

Added 24 Jan 2013, ID #5438, by MOA77

Crystal Flame- Prism Break + Eruptor

Instructions: Make Prism Break and Eruptor stand back-to-back. Eruptor should have all Eruption upgrades and Prism Break both Crystal Eruption upgrades. At the same time, trigger the Eruption and Crystal Eruption Attacks.
Result: Surrounds the two in powerful lava AND crystals!

Added 24 Jan 2013, ID #5437, by MOA77

Ultimate Fire Inferno- Eruptor + Flameslinger

Eruptor + Flameslinger=
Instructions: Make Eruptor stand still. Then make Flameslinger [with his Column Of Fire upgrade] run a Flame Dash around Eruptor. When Flameslinger has almost done a full circle, trigger Eruptor’s Eruption attack while Flameslinger finishes the circle. [best with all Eruption upgrades] The result should be a circle of ultimate destruction!

Added 24 Jan 2013, ID #5436, by MOA77


A few levels after the first level you push some turtles to complete the level do it in spyro but instead of doing it right do it left then go into spyro`s portal and put gill grunt in instead and get the chest and gold


Added 30 Dec 2012, ID #5412, by rohan.dhunna

How to get the first legendary treasure

First enter chapter 1 get past alot of stuff then you will see a canon with alot of people stuck from the lock. Then shot the canon free the people after that get the key and unlock the door then go back to the canon and shot again. Then go to that house you fired and then you will see the legendary treasure.

Added 26 Nov 2012, ID #5385, by Guest

Sunburn's Soul Gem

Note: Requires Dragon's Peak. Dragon's Peak can be purchased along with Sunburn, Sparx the Dragonfly, and a Winged Boot at any store that sells Skylanders.

All of you want to know how to find Sunburn's Soul Gem, right? Well, at the ruins place the Dragon's Peak on the Portal Of Power and a cutscene with Eon will play and show a Red Dragon (Named Flavius) drop a horn shaped like a dragon. Press A near the horn as any skylander and you will jump off the cliff and land on Flavius's back. He will carry you to Dragon's Peak. After freeing Ramses from the curse ride Flavius to the next island.the next island will have a waterfall. Ride the dragon again to an island with an air elemental gate. Get past it and ride Flavius to the next island. On this island statues of dragon heads that sort of look like Latios's head will try to scorch you with fire. Past them you will find an area with oil colored chompies and a bounce pad. Bounce and land on the rotating platform and you can see a small island with a bounce pad and another horn. Ride Flavius and he'll drop you off at a very small island with Sunburn's Soul Gem.
Have fun with Flight of the Phoenix!

Added 24 Nov 2012, ID #5382, by Guest

How to get a lot of money

First you need gill grunt,and a fire type skylander if you have finished the game make a new profile keep playing until you are up to stone town do not say yes to the mole say no then with you're fire guy walk to the campfire then use gill grunt to spray water at him heeps of money will start to spray out p.s:you will need two remotes for this cheat.

Added 12 Oct 2012, ID #5311, by Guest

Skylander ultimate freeze glitch

Talk to the fairy that gives you upgrades. Then switch skylanders while still on the upgrade screen. Your skilander will come up but can't moove! The only way to solve this glitch is to turn the wii off

Added 28 Sep 2012, ID #5300, by Guest

Quick and Easy Money

You have to have the hidden treasure power up for this. Put it on the portal of power and find the treasure. Right after you find it, take it off and put it right back on. Do this multiple times and will have more than enough money. Hope this cheat helps.

Added 15 Aug 2012, ID #5275, by Guest

Last winged saphire

1.get a up the hill with the train tracks3.throw the bomb in the hole4.go in the hole5.walla it's there (after you get the athor 9 then you get a discount)

Added 26 Jul 2012, ID #5230, by Guest

Extra money

If you play a hard level like the laor of kaos then go to the beach go to the lock game and get a perrfect score you can get to 5-300 coins in the compleat one if you make a misstake go and exit and restart it

Added 15 Jul 2012, ID #5225, by cabc

How to get Chop Chops soul gem

On chapter one, do the level until you need to push a turtle over a bridge. You push the turtle over the bridge to get through, then there is a video watch it then keep pushing the turtle. Then push the turtle to the right, and climb over. You will see a magic gate go through that, move a few turtles and there is Chop Chops soul gem.

Added 3 Jul 2012, ID #5199, by Guest

How to kill kaos easy

First you don't hurt kaos until you deafeat his minions because he will restore his health after you defeat his minions then you net trigger happy's golden machine gun and it needs unlimited amo then keep shooting him when you have the chance then it takes alot of health from him and that's a easy whey to kill him.

Added 29 Jun 2012, ID #5188, by Guest

Walk on water

Get sonic boom the upgrade when she can charge her roar and go to any body of water and charge then go into the water and instead of flying she walks

Added 20 Jun 2012, ID #5168, by Guest

Knock down the tree at ruins

If you repeatly attack the tree at the ruins (the one that the sheep eats the apples off of) you will eventually knock it down but it dosen't last forever only until you go to a level ant then it's there again it works best with double trouble and sunburn.

Added 13 Jun 2012, ID #5158, by Guest

More money

You will need terrafins ship and hidden tresure.
First you place the tresure on then ifit appers bythe stairs get the tresure then talk to gurgilfin then the tresure will apear again. Hope it helps

Added 3 Jun 2012, ID #5146, by Guest
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