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Follow the dark path or use the light

List of i points in island flyover

sablemike asks: Added Jan 21st 2010, ID #148431

List of i points in island flyover

Hello! I only miss 2 points in island flyover. Can anyone find me a list of the information points, instead of a useless map.

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Guest answered:
Added 11th Jun 2010, ID #331022
Please Note
The NTSC and PAL versions of the game have slightly different names for the
i Locations. Please consult the following table when looking for particular
locations. (I will have a much more in-depth guide in future versions of this
FAQ) Thanks to the excellent Craig Oakley for this chart.

NTSC Name : PAL Name
Barnacle Arch : Neptune's Ring
Basketball Court : Basketball Court
Beginner's Archery Area : Beginner's Archery Area
Beginner's Wakeboarding Area : Beginner's Wakeboarding Area
Bowling Alley : Bowling Alley
Broken Clock Tower : Silent Clock Tower
Cabana Lagoon : Blue Lagoon Hideaway
Camel Rock : Camel Rock
Cedar Tree Tunnel : Tunnel to the Cedar Tree
Cliffside Ruins : Clifftop Ruins
Cocoba Hotel : Seaside Hotel
Crab Rock : Crab Rock
Dead End Point : Dead End
Deserted Island : Small Desert Island
Diving Spot : Diving Spot
Duckling Lake : Duckling Lake
Entrance to the Mysterious Ruins : Entrance to the Ancient Ruins
Evergreen Grove : Woodland Park
Extreme Canoeist : Expert Canoeist
Firework Launch Zone 1 : Firework Launch Zone 1
Firework Launch Zone 2 : Firework Launch Zone 2
Footbridge : Bridge Under the Falls
Forest Monument : Menhirs of the Forest
Frisbee Dog Park : Frisbee Dog Area
Gateway to Wuhu : Triton's Ring
Golf Area A : Golf Area A
Golf Area B : Golf Area B
Golf Area C : Golf Area C
Heart of Mahu Wahu : Rocky Tunnel
Heartbreak Peak : Heartbreak Peak
Hillside Cabins : New Town
Hilltop Overlook : Hilltop Overlook
Island Loop Tunnel #1 : Ring Road Tunnel No. 1
Island Loop Tunnel #2 : Ring Road Tunnel No. 2
Lava Monument : Menhirs of Ember
Lava Tube : Twisty Passage
Lone Cedar : Lone Cedar Tree
Maka Waku : Mt Tenganamanga
Miguel's Guide Plane : Miguel's Guide Plane
Mountain Hikers : Energetic Climbers
Mountain Monument : Menhirs of Despair
Mysterious Ruins : Mysterious Ancient Ruins
Needlepoint Spire : Needlepoint Crag
Off-Road vehicle : Leisure Vehicles
Palm Boulevard : Palmtree Avenue
Pirate's Eye : Lighthouse Ring
Pool Patio : Pool Terrace
Power-Cruising Area : Power-Cruising Area
Private Island : Spacious Desert Island
Red Iron Bridge : Red Gate Bridge
Runner's Circle : Jogging Plaza
Sea Serpent Cavern : Sea Cave
Seaplane Team : Seaplane Team
Serpent's Mouth : Sea Cave Mouth
Silk Sands : Silky Soft Sandpit
Sportfishing Spot : Fishing Spot
Starboard Harbour : Yacht Harbour
Starry Beach : Stardust Beach
Stillwater Grotto : Pitch Black Grotto
Sugarsand Beach : Sugarsand Beach
Summerstone Castle : Lakeside Castle
Summerstone Falls : The Shreiking Falls
Sundown Point : Sunset Cape
Swaying Bridge : Wobbly Bridge
Sweet Beach : Sweet Beach
Swordplay Colosseum : Colosseum
Talon Rock : Icarus Bluff
Tennis Courts : Tennis Courts
The Candle : The Giant Candle
The Nineteenth Hole Hotel : The Nineteenth Hole Hotel
The Queen Peach : The Queen Peach
The Sea Caddy : The Albatross Express Liner
The Whale Shark : The Whale Shark
Toppled Monument : Menhir Fragments
Undersea Cable Inspectors : Undersea Cable Inspectors
Weathered Monument : Ancient Dolmen
Wedge Island Marina : Wedge Island Marina
Whale Watchers : Whale Watching
Wind Orchard : Windmill Park
Wishing Fountain : Wishing Fountain

Barnacle Arch
Between the North Archipelago and the Main Island. To the north-west shore of
the Main Island.

Basketball Court
In the town at the south-west of the Main Island.

Beginner's Archery Area
In the left centre of the Main Island.

Beginner's Wakeboarding Area
To the west of the very end of the beach.

Bowling Alley
In the town near the Basketball Court

Broken Clock Tower
Just below the Basketball Court and Bowling Alley in the town.

Cabana Lagoon
At the north-west of the Main Island. This is where you start the game
during Night Flights. Just turn around immediately after starting to get it.

Camel Rock
High above the beach.

Cedar Tree Tunnel
Fly into a rocky tunnel in the north-east of the Main Island

Cliffside Ruins
On the north-east of the Main Island, you'll see it easier from the sea.

Cocoba Hotel
Huge hotel at the north end of the beach. You can't miss it.

Crab Rock
Highest point of Wedge Island, in the middle of the golf course.

Dead End Point
Fly up above the Cliffside Ruins, you'll see it sticking out.

Deserted Island
The second from left of the North Archipelago islands.

Diving Spot
Behind the largest island in the North Archipelago, Private Island.

Duckling Lake
In the centre of the Main Island. A small lake to the right of the lagoon.

Entrance to the Mysterious Ruins
Rocky part at the northenmost point of the Main Island.

Evergreen Grove
Tall triangular trees to the west of Duckling Lake.

Extreme Canoeist
Midway between the Firework Launch Zone 1 and Wedge Island.

Firework Launch Zone 1
On the island to the west of the end of the Beach.

Firework Launch Zone 2
On the grassy area high above the bottom of the Beach.

Just below Duckling Lake on the Main Island.

Forest Monument
Dive low down in Evergreen Grove to see it.

Frisbee Dog Park
Halfway down along the Beach

Gateway to Wuhu
In the north-east of the Northern Archipelago. A sea-arch.

Golf Area A
To the north-east of Wedge Island.

Golf Area B
The very south of Wedge Island.

Golf Area C
To the very west of Wedge Island.

Heart of Mahu Wahu
To the east-north-east of the Main Island. It's in an underwater tunnel.

Heartbreak Peak
In the south-east of the Main Island before you reach the Beach.

Hillside Cabins
On the side of the hill in the east of the Main Island.

Hilltop Overlook
High up in the mountains in the centre of the Main Island.

Island Loop Tunnel #1
Just above the north of the Beach, along the main road. It's at the entrance
of the tunnel cut into the grassy mountain.

Island Loop Tunnel #2
More an arch than a tunnel, to the north-west of the Main Island along the
main road.

Lava Monument
Fly downwards inside the volcano to get this one. You can also access it
via the entrance next to the Lone Cedar.

Lava Tube
South of the Lava Monument, a tunnel underneath the volcano.

Lone Cedar
A single tree in the north-east of the Main Island, beside the Volcano.

Maka Waku
The tallest point on the Main Island. You can see it from almost everywhere.

Miguel's Guide Plane
Always flies around the Main Island, but could be anywhere. Send up a flare
to spot it. Be careful though, he uses evasive maneouvers when you get close
to him.

Mountain Hikers
Close to the Dead End, in the north-east of the Main Island.

Mountain Monument
A little south of the Mountain Hikers and not as high up either.

Mysterious Ruins
Right beside the Dead End and Mountain Hikers. You can't miss it.

Needlepoint Spire
Out in the sea near the Mysterious Ruins. A giant sea stack.

Off-Road vehicle
Two jeeps parked in the north-east of the island, just off the dirt road.

Palm Boulevard
Between the Town and the Beach. You'll have to fly beneath the trees to
get this one.

Pirate's Eye
A circular arch in the very west of the Main Island. Fly through it from
the sea.

Pool Patio
Immediately beside the Cocoba Hotel on the edge of the Beach.

Power-Cruising Area
The jetskis are located just to the west of the Cocoba Hotel. You can see
them out at sea.

Private Island
The largest, and leftmost island of the Northern Archipelago.

Red Iron Bridge
In the south of the Main Island, on the road out of the Town.

Runner's Circle
In the south-west of the Main Island, in the large grassy area.

Seaplane Team
Flying around to the west of the Main Island. Usually halfway between
the Lighthouse and Wedge Island.

Sea Serpent Cavern
Beneath the Cliffside Ruins in the north-east of the Main Island. Located
inside the cave here.

Serpent's Mouth
Continue through the Sea Serpent Cavern and come out the other side.
Alternatively, fly left immediately at the start and you can access
it from the sea.

Silk Sands
Located in a sandy section in the north-east of the Main Island.

Sportfishing Spot
Halfway between the Lighthouse and Wedge Island. Fly in a straight line
and you'll see a bunch of boats in a circle.

Starboard Harbour
In the south-west of the Main Island, jutting out into the sea.

Starry Beach
Just above the second fireworks area on the Beach.

Stillwater Grotto
To the north of the Main Island, inside a tunnel near Duckling Lake.

Sugarsand Beach
On the Beach south of the Cocoba Hotel.

Summerstone Castle
In the north-centre of the Main Island. The large castle near the

Summerstone Falls
Just beside the Castle. The i is located in the pool at the bottom of the

Sundown Point
At the west of the Main Island. A high peninsula, south of the lighthouse.

Swaying Bridge
The rope bridge high in the mountains in the centre of the Main Island.

Sweet Beach
At the very south of the Beach area.

Swordplay Colosseum
In the Town in the south-west of the Main Island.

Talon Rock
A high rock jutting out above the Runner's Circle.

Tennis Courts
In the grounds of Cocoba Hotel on the east of the Main Island.

The Candle
The lighthouse on the far west of the Main Island. You can see it from
most locations.

The Nineteenth Hole Hotel
In the centre of Wedge Island, the Hotel with the large golf club on the roof.

The Queen Peach
The large ship (which is a tribute to the QE2) docked to the south of
the Town.

The Sea Caddy
Powerful yacht in the sea area west of the Beach. Fly around until you see it.

The Whale Shark
Large blimp flying around the sea. You can find this in the sky to the west of
the Beach.

Toppled Monument
Broken stone statue in the south-east of the Main Island. Near the Cocoba

Undersea Cable Inspectors
Four boats facing each other south of the lighthouse.

Weathered Monument
A dolmen made of rocks to the south of the Summerstone Hotel.

Wedge Island Marina
To the south-east of Wedge Island, near the sandy area.

Whale Watchers
Look for the giant whale in the centre of the Norther Archipelago.

Wind Orchard
The large wind turbines in the centre of the Main Island.

Wishing Fountain
The circular fountain in the Town.

found on
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Guest said: 7th Feb 2015 | REPORT
thanks man I needed 21 more but now none
Guest said: 8th Apr 2015 | REPORT
Wedge island is behind the queen peach
Guest said: 10th Jul 2015 | REPORT
thanks you saved my life! xD
Guest said: 25th Jul 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 30th Nov 2011, ID #460234
Titrons Ring is the last 80th I got 80 now

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Guest said: 11th May 2014 | REPORT
where is titron's ring?

Guest answered:
Added 9th Dec 2011, ID #462373
Where can you find the cottage they build you when you get all 80?
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Guest said: 23rd Feb 2014 | REPORT
i cant find the last two help me please
Guest said: 10th Mar 2014 | REPORT
the cottage is at private island
Guest said: 1st Jul 2014 | REPORT

Guest said: 23rd Aug 2015 | REPORT
The cottage is placed on Spacious Dessert Island. Sorry but forgot how I got them all on Wii, I'm using Wii U
Guest answered:
Added 4th Feb 2012, ID #479552
Thanks,This website helped me find the last one.

WoW,that was stressfull.

Kragan J. LaPoe
Guest answered:
Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #498755
Thanks a ton! I have all 80 now!
Guest answered:
Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #534796
I had 79 and the only one I didnt have was diving spot thx a ton
kittymowmow13 answered:
Added 1st Dec 2012, ID #554463
I can't find maka wuku. Do you mean maka wuhu? It must be a spelling error.
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Guest said: 9th Dec 2013 | REPORT
maka wuhu is the big vocano
Guest answered:
Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #559949
Check for miguel and follow him

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Guest said: 6th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Does any one know how to make the island fly over last forever
Guest said: 6th Mar 2014 | REPORT
Could anyone help me on how to make island fly over last longer on wii resorts for a cheat
Guest answered:
Added 10th Mar 2014, ID #619441
The secret I point is private beach- sweet beach
it's behind either of the launch zones
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Guest said: 7th Jan 2015 | REPORT
Can't find two more were are they?
Guest answered:
Added 7th Apr 2014, ID #621734
I've looked in all the places you said I should look especially where the whale watchers are,I saw the whale but not the whale watchers

Guest answered:
Added 28th Jan 2016, ID #676465
I can't find where Dead end Point or Hilltop over look is... Can anyone help? There my last two....

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