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How to Get an Advantage in My Player Mode cheat for NBA 2K12


How to Get an Advantage in My Player Mode

This works really well for the regular mode of playing however I wanted to figure out a way that I can improve my player in MyPlayer mode without having to build up his rating through the points system so...

I tried a suggestion from this site to go to OPTIONS from the menu and got to GAME SLIDERS and boost them all to 100, in particular the ones that apply to shots. Than you exit and save it under SETTINGS in the memory AND your profile. (Save to profile in order to make sure that it will apply to all modes). Than go to SETTINGS and SAVE/LOAD and load the SETTINGS that you saved it under and MyPlayer mode and than play the game! You should notice that your player will play much better and have a better chance of making his shots! My player had a current 60 rating when I tried this (sidebar: I also had my own shoe at the momment tof-jus thought i'd mention that tadbit of information in case someone thinks that makes a difference of finds it does). Have fun and remember... Don't cheat yourself out of the experience, just the advantage for a better one!

Added by: Guest Dec 12th 2012, ID#5400 and get
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Added 17th Jul 2015, ID #585437

Codes for Cheat Engine 2K12
Put any value you want

Money 0132006C
Shooting Type 0132394C
SP 01C47A84
Fatigue 013238CC
Skill points 01c47a84 or 0234c2f8

Added 10th Jul 2015, ID #582667

Are you supposed to load settings or game sliders

Added 3rd Jul 2015, ID #579066

Is this for wii only

Added 18th Jun 2015, ID #572091

Do you need cheat engine to do this?

Added 26th Mar 2015, ID #533488

Does this acutely work

Added 13th Mar 2015, ID #528144

Do a walk through

Added 19th Feb 2015, ID #518235

Thanks it was tricky at first but it worked now since I suck at nba I can show my friends I'm " good " at it lol

Added 18th Feb 2015, ID #517949


Added 18th Feb 2015, ID #517513

thanks so much it was a bit tricky at first though! Thankfully it worked. It boosted my scoring a lot.

Added 8th Jan 2015, ID #498347

Wow it worked, your suggestion was tricky at first but i got it.

Added 7th Dec 2014, ID #481845

It worked

Added 6th Dec 2014, ID #481070

At least spell stuff right people... it may work and it may not, but that's no excuse for bad grammar.

Added 28th Nov 2014, ID #477709

Hi, thanks for your time writing this! It really works! At first, I was mad becoz I didn't save and I had to start over but THANKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Added 17th Sep 2014, ID #448878

it didn't work can you post a walkthrough on youtube

Added 22nd Aug 2014, ID #439236

Please do a walk through

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435597

It worked for me and there's no hack needed thanks btw it is a little confusing but it does work

Added 11th Jul 2014, ID #416675

because of u people sayin it doesn't work i know not to try. if you do know ho to do it RIGHT post? please?

Added 28th Jun 2014, ID #408296

Make sure to save your settings profile and game sliders.

Added 11th Jun 2014, ID #397781

what console are you using

Added 16th Apr 2014, ID #375463

its for will dang it

Added 16th Apr 2014, ID #375392

Do you have a walkthrough. #please

Added 7th Apr 2014, ID #372372

It's probably a hack or something

Added 17th Mar 2014, ID #365315

It doesn't work

Added 28th Feb 2014, ID #359694

this dont work mate!! and yes i saved and loaded it all right...

Added 20th Feb 2014, ID #356937

It doesn't work.

Added 30th Jan 2014, ID #349793

it worked for me retards. you probably didn't load your profile. THINK!!

Added 26th Jan 2014, ID #348374

you should not boost all to 100!!! some only
good stuff
Ex .close shot success , 3pt success etc. - 100 percent
but bad stuff like injury chance and injury effect etc. 0 percent
now i m asking if what are the good and bad stuff on the game slider
thank you!

Added 27th Dec 2013, ID #334968

It doesn't work

Added 8th Dec 2013, ID #326658

it did not work

Added 18th Oct 2013, ID #315168

I agree please make a walkthrough

Added 24th Jul 2013, ID #299984

dis junk do not work

Added 17th Jul 2013, ID #298041

Did not work

Added 11th Jul 2013, ID #296704

do something duh

Added 3rd May 2013, ID #279820

i am trying to pull this off; i have done everything you said and it still won't work. can you post a walkthrough on youtube or something? thanks

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255863

ummm wat ones should i put to 100

Added 24th Jun 2015, ID #574982


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