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Unlock Characters cheat for Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special


Unlock Characters

When you beat the indicated character's GNT mode the corresponding character will become unlocked.

Unlock Chiyo:
Beat Sakura's GNT mode

Unlock Hinata:
Beat Neji's GNT mode.

Unlock Ino:
Beat Hinata's GNT mode

Unlock Minato:
Beat SM Naruto's GNT mode

Unlock SM Naruto:
Beat Jiraiya'a GNT mode

Unlock Tenten:
Beat Rock Lee's GNT mode.

Unlock Tsunade:
Beat Chiyo's GNT mode

Added by: Sanzano Dec 7th 2010, ID#4169 and get
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have u beaten kakashi's GNT mode.

Added 8th Jul 2013, ID #295938

is there an english version or jus jap?

Added 13th Jun 2012, ID #152303

what do they mean with Evry Game mode?
you are supposed to unlock evry charakter after playing 12 Hours and evry game mode, so do that include the Wi-Fi modes or not? if so im screwd

trying to get it over 12 hours atm over the night letts see the results tomorrow

Added 10th May 2012, ID #141012

I win whit chojy but dont work ....

Added 29th Apr 2012, ID #137893

Tank you for anything

Added 7th Apr 2012, ID #130395

oh, i just found out the one for anko. you have to complete the GNT modes of all the chunins and jounins.

Added 4th Jan 2012, ID #102900


Unlockable How to Unlock
Anbu Kakashi Beat Two-Man Squad Mode
Baki Beat Singles Arcade Mode
Chiyo Beat Sakura's GNT mode
Deidara Beat Gaara's GNT mode.
Hidan Beat Shikamaru's and Asuma's GNT mode.
Hinata Beat Shino, Kiba, & Neji's GNT mode.
Hiruko Beat Singles Arcade Mode
Ino Beat Chouji, Sai, and Hinata's GNT Mode
Jiraiya Beat Naruto and Tsunade's GNT mode.
Kabuto Beat Singles Arcade Mode
Kakuzu Beat Itachi, Hidan, and Kisame's GNT mode.
Kurenai Beat Two-Man Squad Mode
Minato Beat SM Naruto and Kakashi's GNT Mode
Orochimaru Beat Sasori's GNT Mode
Raikage Beat GNT mode with Killer Bee and Sasuke
Sasori Beat Kankurou, Temari, and Deidara's GNT Mode
SM Naruto Beat Jiraiya'a GNT Mode
Tenten Beat Rock Lee's GNT mode.
Tsunade Beat Chiyo's GNT Mode
Yugao Beat Two-Man Squad Mode

i think this should be followed in conjunction with these cheats. i don't know yet but i will try out soon.

Added 2nd Jan 2012, ID #101975

Where do you get this game?

Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #100878

Lying this time
why there is no functioning

Added 6th Nov 2011, ID #85685

guys, i can unlock orochimaru... i win gnt mode with sasori but dont work

Added 28th Oct 2011, ID #83556

btw, im using a wii emulator . .
using keyboard as my controller. .

i don't know how to use that "wooden charm " thingy that is needed for about 80% of all of his combos via keyboard. .

anybody know how? thnx in advance again guyz . .

Added 5th Sep 2011, ID #72868

guyz. . about shikamaru's combos. .
i don't know how to use that "wooden charm " thingy that is needed for about 80% of all of his combos. .

my version is japanese, hard to understand. .

i need help asap . .very much appreciated if you do guyz . . thnx in advance. .

Added 5th Sep 2011, ID #72866

no u cant unless its a softmodded one

Added 29th May 2011, ID #45622

can you play this game on american wii

Added 15th May 2011, ID #43116

GNT = Gekitou ninja taisen

It's the first option on the "Story mode" menu (The one with Naruto and the leaves)

You'll play a road fightin characters that does not necessaraly follows the anime storyline

Added 28th Mar 2011, ID #34595

Singles Arcade Mode and Two-Man Squad Arcade Mode is what

Added 20th Mar 2011, ID #33493

GNT=map story!

Added 22nd Feb 2011, ID #29972

wat is GNT??? TToTT i dont know wat GNT u guys talking about

Added 21st Feb 2011, ID #29813

(Kakashi, SM Naruto) -> Minato

Added 21st Jan 2011, ID #26319

wats GNT

Added 19th Jan 2011, ID #26025

Sakura -> Chiyo -> Tsunade , Naruto -> Jiraiya

Added 16th Jan 2011, ID #25572

Aunker thanks so much!!!! THIS WORKS :D btw you don't need 100% to unlock... lol i only get like 40% XD

Added 24th Dec 2010, ID #22255

Characters Unlocked By GNT Roads

(Kiba, Shino, Neji) -> Hinata (Sai, Chouji) -> Ino

(Kankurou, Temari, Gaara) -> Sasori Itachi -> Orochimaru

Gaara -> Deidara

Sakura -> Chiyo -> Tsunade -> Jiraiya

Jiraiya -> SM Naruto Kakashi -> Minato

(Yamato, Gai) -> Anko

(Asuma, Shikamaru) -> Hidan Kisame -> Kakuzu

(Killer Bee, Sasuke) -> Raikage

Lee -> Tenten

Characters through Challenge Mode

Normal Challenge
55555 points - Baki
77777 points - Kabuto
99999 points - Hiruko

Two Man Cell Challenge
77777 points - Kurenai
99999 points - Yuugao
111111 points - ANBU Kakashi

Added 20th Dec 2010, ID #21764

what did you play wth killer bee to unlock the raikage

Added 17th Dec 2010, ID #21302

I unlock Raikage playing with killerbee

Added 16th Dec 2010, ID #21246

I cannot unlock minato!!! i beated naruto sage modes gnt over 5 times and nothing!! at least tsunades gnt mode you can play with minato but i want to unlock him please give me a tip

Added 16th Dec 2010, ID #21207


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