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wario's secert path way

In wario's gold mind,you will see a blue railroad track were you have to dodge the gold filled contaners.Go of to the left and jump off the track,there will be speed land marks to get to the finish line.

Hope you have a fun time racing

Added 31 May 2009, ID #2795, by justin carter and get

Blue Shell Dodging.

There are several ways to dodge a blue shell, and here is what they are;

1. You can fall off an edge but this is too time consuming and you're better off taking the hit.

2. The cannon dodge. This is when a blue shell is very close and you enter cannon, there is a great chance that the shell will just hit a random part in the cannon behind you.

3. The mega item dodge, I call it this as you use one of the strong items (star, bullet bill and mega mushroom) when the blue shell warning comes on the screen(make sure it's close enough) and it won't effect you.

4. The mushroom dodge, if you have a golden mushroom, triple mushroom or a singular turbo, you can do the mushroom dodge. To do so, when the blue shell is hovering above your head, use your mushroom. At first it will look like you failed but then the screen will clear and you will drive away.

5. The star pick up dodge. It is quite explanatory, all you have to do is pick up a star that someone has lost when the blue shell is near and will be unaffected.

6. Now it's onto the hard stuff. The next is the pick up mushroom dodge, this is when you pick up a lost mushroom on the ground when the shell I hovering above you(same concept as the mushroom dodge but alot harder to time).

7. And finally, the banana dodge. This is when a blue shell is following you down from a jump and you release your banana behind you. If lucky enough than your banana shall hit and destroy the blue shell, this is the hardest one as the situation is hard to get in and it's incredibly hard to time.

Added 2 Apr 2009, ID #2625, by goal machine

DK's snowboard cross shortcuts.

There are two shortcuts in DK's snowboard cross and heres how to do them;

1 the small short cut is an easier one to pull off, after the series of small bumps and jumps, look to your and you will notice that there is a gap between the track, to skip the turn at this part all you need to do is simply drift right over the gap,after this you will need to slightly go up the red fence then come back down onto the normal track.

2 the ultra shortcut is a harder one to master, this time after the series of the bumps, slighty brake and turn, then stay as close to the fence as possible whilst driving over the gap,then you should be able to steer as close to the fence on this track, once on the very edge and as close to the fence as possible use your turbo, this should send you soaring right over the massive gap and onto the zoom pads, where you can resume racing.

Added 14 Mar 2009, ID #2573, by goal machine

Delfino Square shortcuts

Here are the three delfino shortcuts I know
1: One Delfino plaza one is before going on the first bridge after the buildings you look to your left hand side, you should see a grass patch, if you use your turbo at the right time whilst at the grassy area it should shoot you across the bayand onto the wooden thingo that boats go off, you should then be able to drive up the ramp and onto the normal track again.

2: like the other one this is also a hard one to master after crossing the first bridge, you should see two boxes, these help indicate this short cut, just after them there should be a little alley way, this is when you use your turbo needs to be used, as soon as you get out of the alley you should drift to make sure you don't go flying of the edge.

3: the third one is quite simple, after passing the the bridge with the rainbow pads, there is a turn, to simply avoid the turn, use your bturbo and cut right across the grass.

Hope I helped

Added 10 Mar 2009, ID #2552, by goal machine

Delfino Plaza Shortcut

Warning- this is a hard one to master. After exiting the alleyway, there is a grassy area to the left. If you have a turbo item, you can shoot yourself diagonally off the corner of this area and land on the dock around the bend, where you can continue up a ramp back onto the track and cut the entire corner.

Added 21 Feb 2009, ID #2498, by pokefreak934

Ghost Valley 2 Shortcut

As you approach a turn about halfway through, you will notice a gap where there is no wall, and you can see the other side of the turn just past where the track ends. On a bike, you can jump straight across; you'll need a turbo in a kart. Just be careful to turn immediately after landing so you don't shoot yourself too far and off the other side.

Added 21 Feb 2009, ID #2497, by pokefreak934

Off road glitch

This glitch works on mushroom Gorge. When you are about to jump inside the gorge stop before you get to the ramp. First turn around then back up to the ramp then start riding in the grass. WARNING THIS DOES NOT WORK AFTER YOU GO OFF A JUMP

Added 24 Jan 2009, ID #2423, by Roxasfan14


These are some carecters

Funky Kong
4 expert staff data in time trials

Baby Luigi
8 expert staff data in time trials

King Boo
Win 50cc star cup

Mii outfit A
Win 100cc speacial cup

Hope this helps!

Cameron16 :o

Added 7 Jan 2009, ID #2345, by cameron16

A list to unlock everything in Mario kart wii

Bonus characters
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:
O Baby Daisy: Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 50cc cups.
O Baby Luigi: Unlock eight Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials mode.
O Birdo: Play 16 different courses in Time Trials mode. Alternately, get 250 Wi-Fi wins.
O Bowser Jr.: Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 100cc Retro Cups.
O Daisy: Win the 150cc Special Cup.
O Diddy Kong: Successfully complete all 50cc Retro Cups.
O Dry Bones: Win the 100cc Leaf Cup.
O Dry Bowser: Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 150cc Wii Cups.
O Funky Kong: Unlock four Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials mode.
O King Boo: Win the 50cc Star Cup
O Mii (Outfit A): Win the 100cc Special Cup.
O Mii (Outfit B): Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials mode.
O Rosalina: Get a "One Star" rank or better in all Mirror Mode Cups. Alternately, have a saved game file from Super Mario Galaxy and win a number of races.
O Toadette: Play on all 32 courses in Time Trials mode. Alternately, get 1,000 Wi-Fi wins.

Bonus bikes
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bikes:
O Bubble Bike (small): Win the Mirror Leaf Cup.
O Dolphin Dasher (medium): Win the Mirror Star Cup.
O Magikruiser (small): Play on eight different courses in Time Trials mode.
O Nitrocycle (medium): Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cups.
O Phantom (large): Win the Mirror Special Cup.
O Quacker (small): Win the 150cc Star Cup.
O Rapide (medium): Win the 100cc Lightning Cup.
O Torpedo (large): Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials mode.
O Twinkle Star (large): Win the 100cc Star Cup.

Bonus karts
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding karts:
O Aero Glider (large): Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 150cc Retro Grand Prix Cups.
O B Dasher Mk 2 (medium): Unlock 24 Expert Staff Ghosts.
O Blue Falcon (small): Win the Mirror Lightning Cup.
O Cheep Charger (small): Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cups.
O Dragonetti (large): Win the 150cc Lightning Cup.
O Piranha Prowler (large): Win the 50cc Special Cup.
O Rally Romper (small): Unlock one Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials mode.
O Royal Racer (medium): Win the 150cc Leaf Cup.
O Turbo Blooper (medium): Win the 50cc Leaf Cup.

O Mirror mode: Win all cups at 150cc class to unlock Mirror mode.
O Wii cups: Are the new cups, the wii cups are the line of cups above.
O Retro cups: Are the old cups, the old cups are the line of cups under. You can also see it at the name of the track, there is N64, SNES, GCN or DS for the name of the track.
O Expert Staff Ghosts: Defeat a Normal Staff Ghosts with a time ca. Seven seconds faster to unlock the Expert Staff Ghost for that course.

Added 1 Jan 2009, ID #2299, by SasoriHeartless

Mario Kart Extra Help

Another way to unlock Rosalina without a Super Mario Galaxy save file is to beat 150cc Mirror all cups with star ranking or higher.

Added 31 Dec 2008, ID #2296, by Hikuzaro543

Avoid getting hit by red shells and blue shells.

To avoid getting hit by red shells you need to hold a bannana or green or red shell. Or you can just get behind something when it comes but that will take some time to do. To avoid getting hit by blue shells make sure you have some mushrooms and when it gets to you and when it spins around in the air and drops alittle then use them. It could take away to get it right. I hope it helps.

Added 30 Dec 2008, ID #2285, by Avery201


To go faster on a track section of the course, simply pull up fast on the wheel when riding a bike and your character will do a wheelie.

-ttd rox

Added 17 Dec 2008, ID #2232, by ttdrox

rainbow road and maple treeway sortcuts

Rainbow road:
At the two corcles were you can fall use a mushroom before going and you will go over it. After thet thereis a gap use a mushroom before it and you will go over.

Maple treeway shortcut:
When you start look left (not mirror mode) and there will be an opening in the fence. Go there and you at the shortcut.

Added 4 Nov 2008, ID #2113, by triguy

Be the same people

1st player has to click on somebody. Then they press back. The other player clicks on same plyer. Then 2nd player press bak and 1st player press back. Then press A. There you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 1 Nov 2008, ID #2103, by gamedude8

Expert ghost staff data

Beat someone in a time trial by 7 seconds or get a star rank on any cup.

Added 1 Nov 2008, ID #2102, by gamedude8

Characters !!

These Are The Characters You Unlock After Doing Certain Races

King Boo:
Win 50cc Star Cup

Diddy Kong:
Complete ALL 50cc Cups

Dry Bones:
Win 100cc Leaf Cup

Mii (Outfit A):
Win 100cc Special Cup

Win 150cc Special Cup

Baby Daisy:
1 Star in ALL 50cc Wii-Cups

Bowser Jr.:
1 Star in ALL 100cc Retro-Cups

Dry Bowser:
1 Star in ALL 150cc Wii-Cups

Funky Kong:
In Time Trials unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data.

Baby Luigi:
In Time Trials unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data.

Play Time Trials on 16 different courses

Play Time Trials on ALL 32 different courses.

Have a Super Mario Galaxy 'Save' file and she becomes available after some GPs.

Added 20 Oct 2008, ID #2070, by Mikol-_

extra fast

Okay to go extra fast when you get the golden mushroom(by hitting the ? Boxes)keep hitting the B button then you will ecelerate alot more.well happy racing

Added 7 Oct 2008, ID #2044, by Mitar3

Unlocking Rosalina

To unlock the Princess of the Galaxy, a.k.a. Rosalina, you may go about this two ways:
1. Have a saved file of Super Mario Galaxy on hand and you automatically get her.
2. Beat every cup on every cc, including Mirror mode with at least one star.

Added 2 Oct 2008, ID #2032, by MenaceSG

Evading POWs and Blue Spiny Shells

To evade a POW block is pretty simple. When the POW is about to strike, shake the Wii Remote as if you were performing a trick.
WARNING: Trying this whilst going round a corner is hard and will most likely cause you to crash

To evade a blue spiny shell requires a mushroom boost. As the shell is coming down and is about to strike you, quickly use the boost.

Added 22 Sep 2008, ID #2001, by apeople

King Boo cheat

Ok. To perform this cheat, you need to...

1. Unlock King Boo (Win 50cc Star cup)
2. Use standard Bike L
3. Pick Koopa Cape

When someone uses a POW box item, King Boo can evade it.

To do so, Pop a wheelie (Throw your Wii-Wheel up) right when it's about to pow you. You evaded it.

Rayquazaman_7 , out.

Added 12 Aug 2008, ID #1881, by Rayquazaman_7
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