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How to unlock rosalina

You have to get a star or better in all mirror mode cups or have a super mario galaxy saved on your wii and you will get her right when you get on

Added 20 Jun 2011, ID #4536, by Guest and get

How to unlock Birdo

You must race in 16 different time trails. You do NOT have to race other ghosts, preferably not to race ghosts. Hope I helped you.

Added 25 Mar 2011, ID #4346, by Guest

secret shortcut

i literally just figured this out. in mushroom gorge there is a hidden mushroom in the hole that's in the beginning (this can only be used with a boost) as soon as u hit the grass boost land on the mushroom (must be in center of mushroom) and do a trick and as soon as u land on the mushroom and u will land on the wooden boardwalk and then u just go

Added 6 Jan 2011, ID #4242, by doggyhunter5

Easier wat to unlock Baby Luigi

Instead of unlocking 8 expert staff ghosts, you can unlock baby Luigi by winning 100 ghost races on Mario Kart Channel. You also unlock Funky Kong and a small kart.

Added 28 Dec 2010, ID #4206, by Wolffpup

Hey -adn mjD

Look some people will make glitches in some games but when a person runs into the blue shell or whatever it is called, it doesnt mean that the person is a cheater, it just meant they got lucky, ok. Sometimes when you are yelling at the person calling them a cheater sometimes makes people not want to play with you okay. Now why dont you go have fun.

Stay Stoked -adn mjD

- Iron BrotherHood

Added 17 Oct 2010, ID #4024, by Guest

How to unlock Toadette

To unlock toadette you must play all 32 races in time trails mode you do NOT have to win them just play them then you will have unlocked toadette (with mine after i played the last race i had to go back to wii menu shut down then turn it back on and go back to mariokart it was worth playing all those races toadette is AWESOME she is my favorite character!!

Added 26 Sep 2010, ID #3973, by coly

Unlock Characters:

Diddy Kong-
Complete Retro 50cc
Play Count: 150

Get a SINGLE GHOST on each 32 courses.

Funky Kong-
Get 3star rank on each 50cc cup
Complete 4 Fast Staff ghosts on 4 COURSES

16 Timetrail ghost (Donnot have to win them)

Get a star (or higher) rank on 150cc "Special Cup"

Bowser Jr.-
Get a star (or higher) rank on 100cc "Retro" each

Dry Bones-
Complete 100cc with a High Rank on ALL CUPS

Mii (Outfit A)-
Get 3star rank on Wii Cups (100cc)

Mii (Outfit B)-
Unlock a FST STAFF GHOST on ALL 32 Courses

Have a saved file on Super Mario Galaxy1 or Super Mario Galaxy2
Get a 3star RANK in Mirror Mode

Dry Bowser-
Complete 150cc with a High Rank

Bby Daisy-
Complete 50cc with star rank(s)

Bby Luigi-
Unlock 8 Expert Staff ghosts

Get an expert ghost in Waluigi Stadium

Added 11 Sep 2010, ID #3958, by RosetaSim1800

how to get baby luigi (2)

there are 2 ways to get baby luigi. The second was is that you have to do 100 nintendo WFC (WI FI CONNECTI ghost races

Added 18 Aug 2010, ID #3917, by PITFALLjae

how to dodge the blue shell

you must have one mushroom just as the blue shell is about to hit you use a musroom.

Added 20 Jul 2010, ID #3851, by Guest

Get the same character in Multiplayer mode!!!

Ok, this might be a bit complicated to understand, but I'm doing my best..

Did it ever happened to you that you've been taken your favorite character in Multiplayer mode? Yes?? Well, here's the way to solve the problem:

I will take Yoshi as an example.

Let's say you're three people playing, and you all want Yoshi.
First of all, one of you must select Yoshi. Then, press B. (Or 1, depending on witch remote you are using: Wii or GameCube.) And then, it's the second one's turn. Do the same process. After, the third person does the same.

Finally, the player 1 must press B, (or 1). Then return to the character selecting screen. All three players will be on Yoshi!!

..But BE CAREFUL: after this, you mustn't move your cursor if you are using the Wii Remote, because otherwise, the cursor will touch another character, and you will have to restart the process from the beginning. So I recommand you to lay the Wii Remote somewhere where it won't move or just keep the cursor on the side of the screen.

Press A and HERE YOU GO!! You now all have Yoshi!!!

(Note: This works with all characters, however many players you are.)

Hope I helped!!

Added 17 Jul 2010, ID #3844, by Amy7

Expert staff ghosts

Hello,& I was going to tell you how to unlock a star by your Mii's name.
Get a star rank on every cup 50cc-100cc mirror.

I am also going to tell you how to get an "expert staff ghost".
Beat a "fast staff ghost,"not by 7 seconds,but plainly beating them,because the "expert staff ghost" is the ghost that you just made by beating the "fast staff ghost."

Happy cheating!:D
Adn m|D

Added 29 Mar 2010, ID #3602, by adn m|D


Hey,guys!In Mario Kart Wii,I saw this dude get hit by a blue shell & then he warped in front of it without a mushroom & was still going at full speed.(p.s. This was on wi-fi.)Was he using Powersaves or did he glitch the game!I'm confused & actually want to report all cheaters to Nintendo!Please answer!
-adn m|D

Added 20 Mar 2010, ID #3582, by adn m|D

Avoid 1st place shells and POW blocks!

To avoid the blue spiny shells, or "1st place shells", you need to have a mushroom. When the shell goes up when it is about to hit you, use the mushroom, and the shell will explode behind you and leave you untouched.

When a POW block appears and starts to count down, start shaking the Wii remote like you are about to do a trick. This will allow you to keep the speed up and only spin around once. WARNING: don't do this when you are about to go around a turn, because it will only make you crash

Added 12 Dec 2009, ID #3364, by pspwiigamer1194

Avoid being hit

To not get hit by an incoming projectile, if you have an item such as a turtle shell or a banana peel (boxes do not work), simply press and hold the left directional button. The item will sit behind you and dissipate after getting hit. You however will not be hit.

Added 7 Oct 2009, ID #3190, by MenaceSG

Rosalina( Easy way to unlock)

To unlock Rosalina without having to get at least one star on every cup, simply have a saved game from Super Mario Galaxy. When you go back into Mario Kart, she will be unlocked.

Added 2 Oct 2009, ID #3180, by MenaceSG


Shake the wii remote as much as you can before and as the pow hits(in my opinion using the wii wheel is easier)

Added 27 Aug 2009, ID #3081, by shadowflame

how to get rosalina in mario kart wii

The easy way is to have a save file of super mario galaxy on your wii
And then you put your mario kart in your wii then you will have rosalina.the hard way is to do over 2000 races in vs. Mode in single player.

Added 26 Aug 2009, ID #3066, by iamagiviman

speed boost

Press 2+1. Turn one way, then the other and let go. You speed boost!

Added 28 Jul 2009, ID #2961, by janpr

Coconut Mall Shortcuts.

Here are the two shortcuts for Coconut Mall, although the second one is just an extension of first:

1. For the first shortcut in Coconut Mall, you need one mushroom. You firstly need too make your way up the escalators at the start of the course. You then must not go down the escalator, but go to the right of it. Stay to the right, until you notice an open path in the row of stores next too you. Use your mushroom, and turn into the path. After the path you will be shot over a jump and back onto the normal race track again.

2. For the shortcut continuation you'll need at least two mushrooms. So follow the above shortcut until the end of the path(richt before the jump). Now use a second mushroom and sharply turn(instead of using the jump), then weave your way through the more narrow path, and back onto the second pair of escalators.

Hope I helped. Goal machine.

Added 9 Jul 2009, ID #2904, by goal machine


Every is talking about how you have to get a star or higher on every cup in the entire game well I'm here to say that that is not true you can unlock Rosalina by getting a star or higher in all mirror mode cups, playing 50 grad prixs with mario galaxy data, or playing 4,950 gran prixs of any kind

Added 8 Jun 2009, ID #2803, by the Big King
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