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Same Charecter

All you have to do is have 2 or more players, then player 1 choose the character you both want. Then, un-confirm your pick and do not pick again yet. Then, player 2 pick the same one. Player 1 hits the B button, then goes back into character selection. Both players press A. You are both the same character. ( When you go to pick bike/kart one players character will look weird. )


No thumbs

Added 13 Nov 2013, ID #5602, by Guest and get


Maple Treeway:Right after GO!, turn right and there will be a cut to the cannon also after the bouncy net turn left and there will be a cut to the start/finish line.

Added 3 May 2013, ID #5491, by Guest

Multiplier glitch

First, choose multiplayer. Then choose a character you are arguing about to play. Choose him with your opponent choosing nothing. Then press b 2 times. Then go back to the character selection to have your partner do the same thing. Then when you go back to character selection, you are both that character!!!! This same glicth has a side effect. After your first race, the second player's car will dissapear. Hope this helped

Added 11 Apr 2013, ID #5477, by Charizard87

Warios golden mine shortcut

Follow the trains off near the finsh,make sure you are neally touching the last one,and once the 1st ones gone,speed up and lanch off the side your on and onto the other side

Added 27 Mar 2013, ID #5470, by Guest

Maple treeway shortcuts

Right after the net near the finish you can go either to the left or the right and there will be a little ramp that will shoot you up a ways. Also right after the finish/ starting line there is another better short cut on the right that will take you all the way to the cannon really fast. Hope this Helps

Added 16 Mar 2013, ID #5462, by Guest

Secret ramp

In the shell cup 1st race, when you see building blocks, drive in between them there is a secret ramp.In adition to the first ramp you will take atleast 1 place ahead

Added 26 Jan 2013, ID #5441, by Guest

Play as petey piranha

Since funk kong replaced petey piranha. Select funky kong. Then you pick the bike below the standard. Go to time trials and pick the delfino square course. Right as you pick the course press everybutton on the remote except b and petey piranha is on the screen but not funky. Hope this helps.

Added 21 Jan 2013, ID #5435, by Il Piantissimo

Maple Treeway Shortcut

Do you stink at Maple Treeway? I did until I found this shortcut. So when you are going off the net, go left, not strait. You will go through the tree and out the other side and usually pass up to five people. There is also a path on the right, but don't go on it. It really slows you down because it shoots you right into another tree. So there you have it. Maple Treeway shortcut!

Added 4 Jan 2013, ID #5419, by Guest

Shortcut in Moonview Highway

To do this you have to go on Special Cup on any cc even mirror mode . When the race starts turn a bit and then you will see on the rock in front of you and there will be tire marks on there. Go ON IT and then when you go downhill go up again and TADA! There's the shortcut. Please give me comments.

P.S. At the big jump do a big turn with automatic avoiding falling, Manual still works but it is more complicated.

Added 13 Nov 2012, ID #5369, by mariokartawesome

Getting you items twice as fast

Once you hit an item box, keep pressing up/down/L until you get your item. That's all their it is to it.

Added 26 Aug 2012, ID #5282, by Trainmaster909

Stairway shootout: dasiy circut

If you want to find a way to go ahead of lots of racers in daisy circut then before you get to the statues of daisy and luigi drive along the curve to see a building with some stairs. Go into the building and find at the end of the building is a raimbow pad if you go onto the rainbow pad you will be shot out the building and go really far onto the normal track. (doing a trick off the raimbow pad will make you go even faster. I also recomend using a mushroom when you get to the stairs because the stairs might slow you down a little.) this might get you in first. (if not first then you will get another good place.)

Added 25 Jul 2012, ID #5229, by Guest

AlexAlex700's Gaming Secrets:Mario Kart Wii Cheat-Yoshi's Egg

To do this,drive and drive until you are next to the Yoshi egg.Try to jump on it(using Queen Mushroom or Mushroom). If you do,the Yoshi Egg will make you jump to the other side.Yeah!You are in 1st place!Luckily,Nintendo will not ban you for this so,you don't have to worry about ANYTHING.

Added 9 Jul 2012, ID #5213, by AlexAlex700

How to dodge the Blue Spikey Flying Shell

What you do is have at least 1 mushroom try and get first without using a mushroom wait until sombody releases the blue shell (this part is VERY VITAL please read carfully)when the blue shell has turned around in circles' VERY FAST use the mushroom and it will lock on the place before you used the mushroom.thank you for reading this cheat.

Added 28 Jun 2012, ID #5183, by Guest

How to do the Spindrift

Here's a tutorial on how to do the Spindrift! First move the analog stick. If it's a left corner, then move the analog stick right, left Quickly! Before your hop touches the ground. If it's a right corner, move the analog sick left,right Quickly! Before your hop touches
The ground.
Note: This doesn't work with the Wii Wheel! It works with the Nunchuck, Classic Controller, and the Gamecube controller. Good luck trying to do the spindrift.

Added 7 May 2012, ID #5112, by redhotridemkw6266

SD card Cheat

F you have an SD card atleast 2GB and have a wii go on the internet find letterbomb you may need some details from your wii , enter the capcha, Download and extract it. Put your SD card in and boot.elf put that on you're SD card, take it out put your SD crd inside the wii the you will get a channel where there I blue water on it, click on it on our wii and find Mario Kart Wii, Now it's all hacking find the cheats online and you can go really fast in anything or keep getting items like infinite mushroom boostet

Added 22 Apr 2012, ID #5083, by CEO ProblemSaver

Shy Guy Beach left elbow cleaner glitch

You can do this off of any tree. This glitch is easier to do with Funky Kong and the Spear. Make sure his elbow is at the tree. Boost is optional. Then, get enough speed and there you have it. Left elbow cleaner. Make sure you do this off of a tree. Not useful for Time Trials. Just a for fun glitch.

Added 8 Apr 2012, ID #5067, by redhotridemkw6266

An easy way to get Birdo and many more things.

Go on the Time Trials. Do a Time Trial for each race in the Mushroom, Flower, Star, Shell, and Banana Cups. Then, turn off your Wii after you have gone back to the title page. Turn it back on and go to your profile (the one you did all of this on), and it will say all of the things you've unlocked. Good luck!

Added 23 Dec 2011, ID #4886, by Guest

A Quick Drafting boost!

Ok,to get a small boost while racing, get directly behind someone on a long straight road. You also cannot turn while doing this trick. If you do it correctly, you will see several blue streaks that fly behind you. Keep driving straight, and you will see a blue force field in front of you. You will then get a small boost!

Added 19 Nov 2011, ID #4827, by OMEGA CALEB

Quick (Boost) at beginning of a Race!

When the countdown starts, wait until the "2" begins to disappear, then (hold 2) to get a boost at the start of the race.
When the timer to begin the race just starts, (hold 1 + 2). As soon as it is about to say "Go" , release both buttons and (press 2) as you would normally do to start the race. If you did it correctly you will get a quick boost that will usually put you in first place in the 50cc and 100cc class.

Added 19 Nov 2011, ID #4826, by OMEGA CALEB

Invisible kart or bike

When you do the cheat for the same character in multiplayer, when you are at the course selecting screen the second and third(maybe) karts are invisible!they are floating in a sitting position!

Added 19 Jul 2011, ID #4590, by MultiHenry999
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