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Awesome Team #2 cheat for Mario Strikers Charged


Awesome Team #2

Here's another awesome team from yours truly :

Capitan : Yoshi

Why : If you've seen my Mario team , Yoshi's shot is just like Mario's , but what really shows his usefulness is his Super - Item .
It turns him into an egg , making him untouchable by any tackle or item , only breaking after 10 approx. Seconds , shooting , or hitting the goalie , on which it breaks on touch.
Use this to shoot the ball in the goal (Simply crushing all defensive players near you , then breaking out early and shooting with the same strategy as Mario).

Upper Sidekick : Shy Guy

Shy Guy's shot is exactly like Yoshi's or Mario's , but his Skill-shot is the biggest reason to put him on the team.
Unlike other Skill-shots , the shot not only KO's the goalie , but also Shy Guy and anyone in the blast range , and leaving the ball in front of the goal.
As long as Shy Guy doesn't hit an electrified wall , he always gets up first , and since the ball is in front of the goal , he can just knock it in.
One caution - as with all balanced players , when you charge up their shot all the way , there's a 50% chance it goes too high , giving the goalie (Not to mention the defenders) time to recover and get the ball.
NEVER shoot the ball at full power when this situation occurs , and I assure you it's a goal for Mario's old enemy and friend.

Lower Sidekick : Dry Bones

Why : I've said it time and time again , and I'll say it again here : Dry Bones is the best player in the game.
See Dry Bones on my Mario team for why.

Defensive Sidekick : Monty Mole

Why : Possibly the best defensive player in the whole game , Monty Mole combines a large tackle with a powerful shot.
His only weakness - He's SLOW.
Nintendo is really weird with Monty Mole.
In Mario Tennis he's slow , in Mario Superstar Baseball he's fast , and in Mario Strikers Charged he's slow again.
If monty mole was fast though , everyone would have two of him on their team (Instead he is rarely found on teams today).
His Deke is pretty good , as it's hard to predict and most of the time I find meyself tackling him too early when he pops up , or too late when he goes down.
His Skill-shot is an automatic goal from a certain area (Around the beginning of the goalie's box)

Coming soon - Awesome team #3

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