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Unlock Minikit Characters cheat for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars


Unlock Minikit Characters

When you have collected ALL 10 minikit pieces in the indicated level the corresponding character will become unlocked for purchase at the Minikit Room.

Unlock Admiral Ackbar:
Gungun General

Unlock Boba Fett:
Grievous Intrigue

Unlock Captain Antilles:
Innocents of Ryloth

Unlock Chewbacca:
The Zillo Beast

Unlock Clone Shadow Trooper:
Blue Shadow Virus

Unlock Darth Maul:

Unlock Darth Sidious:
Geonosian Arena

Unlock Darth Vader:
Legacy of Terror

Unlock Darth Vader (Battle Damaged):

Unlock Greedo:
The Hidden Enemy

Unlock Han Solo:
Duel of the Droids

Unlock Imperial Guard:
Castle of Doom

Unlock Lando Calrissian:
Shadow of Malevolence

Unlock Luke Skywalker:
Weapons Factory

Unlock Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode IV):
Jedi Crash

Unlock Princess Leia:
Battle of Geonosis

Unlock Qui-Gon Jinn:
Storm over Ryloth

Unlock Rebel Commando:
Lair of Grievous

Unlock Stormtrooper:
Liberty on Ryloth

Unlock Tusken Raider:
Hostage Crisis

Unlock Vader's Apprentice:
Defenders of Peace

Unlock Wedge Antilles:
Destroy Malevolence

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HELP!!! My son is playing and when he was trying to purchase the pilot Luke Skywalker he shot him and killed him. He then tried to close the game and saved it. when he went back he didn't have luke and he doesn't know where to find him. Anyone please give me advice as to how to find this character! Thanks

Added 27th Aug 2014, ID #441496

cheating is bad @Guest
earn characters yourself
only cheat for clone troopers
there amazing

Added 16th Jun 2014, ID #400837

I can't get these codes to work! Are you sure they're valid?

Added 13th Aug 2013, ID #304566

how do u unlock bossk the bounty hunter

Added 19th Nov 2012, ID #210294

you are mean

Added 4th May 2012, ID #139314

APRIL FOOLS ps its today~! :^0

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128398

Note to self: Savage Opress is a terrible shot.

Note to self: Savage Opress is a terrible shot.

"Note to self: Savage Opress is a terrible shot.
That’s it! Out of my way! I am picking up my chair right now and attaching it over here by the cannon controls. Now these useless hunks of plastic will see how a REAL flick-missile marksman gets the job done.

Okay, that shot didn’t count. I was just testing the range.

That one didn’t count, either. One of the droids was humming while I was aiming.
No, no, I missed that last one on purpose. I just wanted to make the Republic fools in the
escape pod think they might have the slightest chance to get away.

WHO BUILT THIS CANNON?! I think they left a piece out!

Fine! This isn’t as easy as it looks. Look, we’ll just get them when they land on the surface.

CURRENT MOOD: Annoyed at giggling battle droids. I CAN HEAR YOU BACK THERE!"

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128388

"Boy, the General sounds mad. Sure am glad I’m not on the command deck. Last time I was up there, they had me building cannons all day. I hate that! Found a pretty cool leftover piece afterwards, though. Guess it was an extra. I call it my “Lucky Brick”.

So hey, here’s a joke I heard from a bounty hunter the other week:

How many battle droids does it take to build a bridge across a really long, deep chasm?

As many as you can dismantle and stick together!

Yeah, I don’t get it either. But I love jokes.

You know what I hate, though?


CURRENT MOOD: Suspenseful"

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128384

I enjoy lego Star Wars 3, thank you for the cheats, they help alot!

Added 12th Jan 2012, ID #105244


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