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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Pack Shot

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Cheats for Wii

We have 4 cheats on Wii
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Fight EX Characters in Arcade and M.O.M ModesAdded 15 Sep 2009, ID #3144
At the 'Main' menu highlight Arcade or M.O.M and then hold the 'Dust' button and start playing. If you play with the optionš'Shortcut' off the text will be purple while you hold the button.

Unlock EX Characters in Survival ModeAdded 31 Jul 2009, ID #2981
When you beat the indicated Survival level the corresponding EX character will become unlocked. Justice and Kliff have no EX form.

Unlock EX Anji:
Beat Survival level 20 (Black EX Anji)

Unlock EX Venom:
Beat Survival level 40 (Black EX Venom)

Unlock EX Faust:
Beat Survival level 60 (Black EX Faust)

Unlock EX Baiken:
Beat Survival level 80 (Black EX Baiken)

Unlock EX Bridget:
Beat Survival level 100 (Black EX Bridget)

Unlock EX Potemkin:
Beat Survival level 120 (Black EX Potemkin)

Unlock EX Ky:
Beat Survival level 140 (Black EX Ky)

Unlock EX Testament:
Beat Survival level 160 (Black EX Testament)

Unlock EX Millia:
Beat Survival level 180 (Black EX Millia)

Unlock EX Zappa:
Beat Survival level 200 (Black EX Zappa)

Unlock EX Chipp:
Beat Survival level 220 (Black EX Chipp)

Unlock EX Eddie:
Beat Survival level 240 (Black EX Eddie)

Unlock EX Axl:
Beat Survival level 260 (Black EX Axl)

Unlock EX Slayer:
Beat Survival level 280 (Black EX Slayer)

Unlock EX Jam:
Beat Survival level 300 (Black EX Jam)

Unlock EX May:
Beat Survival level 320 (Black EX May)

Unlock EX Johnny:
Beat Survival level 340 (Black EX Johnny)

Unlock EX Dizzy:
Beat Survival level 360 (Black EX Dizzy)

Unlock EX Robo-Ky:
Beat Survival level 380 (Black EX Robo-Ky)

Unlock EX I-no:
Beat Survival level 400 (Black EX I-no)

Unlock EX Order-Sol.
Beat Survival level 420 (Black EX Order-Sol)

Unlock EX Sol.
Beat Survival level 440 (Black EX Sol)

Unlock EX A.B.A.:
Beat Survival level 460 (Black EX A.B.A.)
Unlock ALL EX Characters, GG Generations Mode, and Special OptioAdded 31 Jul 2009, ID #2980
When you have completed ALL 30 missions in Mission mode these features will become available options.
Unlock CharactersAdded 31 Jul 2009, ID #2979
Complete the indicated amount of missions in Mission mode or complete the characters Story mode to unlock them.

Unlock Kliff
Complete over 10 missions in Mission mode or alternately complete Kliff's Story mode.

Unlock Justice:
Complete over 20 missions in Mission mode or alternately complete Justice's Story mode.

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