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Boss Battle - 07

This would be the boss battle against Spiritomb. You will not be able to have a type advantage against this boss, as it does not have any weaknesses. Whatever you do, don't use physical attacks. Generally, it will do little to no good! It has about 400 HP, so it is a bit strong. Be careful, because any attacks made by this boss can be devastating. Use a violent seed on yourself if you can. Throwing seeds at the enemy won't do all that much good. Good luck, and thanks for watching!

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Boss Battle - 06

This would be the boss battle against Grovyle. It is a challenging battle, but not one you have to win to progress through the game. Grovyle has about 500 HP and can deal a good bit of damage to any team that's either unprepared or underleveled. Luckily, there are plenty of Violent Seeds all throughout the previous dungeon, and that will make it a whole lot easier if you eat one before battle. Use fire type attacks if you have them. Good luck to all, and thanks for watching!


Boss Battle - 05

This would be the boss battle against Mesprit. It isn't a particularly difficult battle, so don't worry too much. Mesprit has about 300 HP, and is easily defeatable if you do like I did and use dark type attacks such as bite. If you have any trouble, use stun seeds or sleep seeds. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for watching!


Boss Battle - 04

This would be the boss battle between your group, and the enemy group consisting of Manectric (200HP) and his group of Electrike minions (45HP). This is an incredibly hard battle if you're unprepared. In Amp Plains alone, I had to level grind from level 16 to about level 26, just to be strong enough to beat this boss battle. If you have an attack that can affect more than one enemy at once, use it. You do NOT want to go up against these enemies one by one. If any of them paralyze you, it's game over. You're not making it out alive. Bring plenty of Reviver Seeds and be sure to take out the Electrike first. If needed, use a stun seed on Manectric. Good luck, and thanks for watching~


Boss Battle - 03

This would be the boss battle against Groudon. This one is not easy at all, so don't take it lightly. Groudon can lay down some serious damage, so it's best to somehow paralyze it, or use smokescreen on it so it'll enter whiffer status. Groudon has about 500 HP, so make sure you can last through a long enough battle. My fight was actually pretty pathetic, and I only won through pure dumb luck. Good luck to everyone else, and thanks for watching!


Boss Battle - 02

This would be the second boss battle you come to in the game. Still easy, so it shouldn't take you long if you're at the right level. The enemy is Drowzee (Roughly 100 HP). Do not attempt to put this enemy to sleep, as it has Insomnia. Use seeds, powerful attacks, anything to take it down. Note that orbs do not work. Good luck, and thanks for watching.


Boss Battle - 01

This is the first boss battle in the game. Enemies would be Zubat (Roughly 30 HP) and Koffing (Roughly 30 HP). Easy to defeat if attacks such as pound, scratch, and bite are used. Kill off Koffing first, as he can poison your team.

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