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Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time Pack Shot

Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time

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Full Review for Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time by S|iPkNoTFreak

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Hello there, I am S|ipknotFreak. Today, cos school is boring, I am writing this review for everyone to read. I have actually completed Zelda: Ocarina of time many times. I have even taken Manocheese's Uber Challenge Guide (can't get past the dam gerudo valley as a kid trick) =(



Hmm, the graphics in this game, compared to other games on N64 are outstanding.
Even though there is still glitchness of the graphics processor (Z target and see through walls) it is highly developed. The use of textures and colours can be quite confronting for the first time player, (compare super smash Bros to this game)



The use of sound can be quite suitable to the surronding events, but also can getting extremly boring with the walking. No music at night time either, whats with that..
But even so, the soundtrack for bosses, and some of the Ocarina songs is quite exciting.



Fast. Slow. Medium. There is no telling how fast or intense the battles are going to be,(unless you have finshed the game multiple times) Fast paced VS many enemys, depends on reaction time. Slow when running (power walking :D) can get on many peoples nerves when trekking along Hyrule Field. I mean really, Gets dark before you can make it to hyrule castle from The lost woods.



If you don't follow a guide or walkthrough, this game has a very long lastability. With many sub-quests to go on (Masks, Gold Skulltula etc) it can be very entertaining for first time players. I'm betting mostly all people their first time took a fair while.



This game, is probably second to only Internet compatable games. (counter strike) It has one of the more longer type of storylines and some puzzles which are actually FUN to complete. I give it a 10 because after completeing the game 100%, it is one of the single best creations ever made by Nintendo (the zelda series I mean) WELL DONE NINTENDO!!
P.S (Majoras mask is quite complicated compared to this game. I totally suck at it :P)

Final Score: 84%

Review by: S|iPkNoTFreak
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