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Full Review for The Incredible Hulk by aser

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Ok I'm going to be reviewing the incredible hulk videogame for the, this is quite a good game even if it does have some problems, I like this game quite a lot, I like going around and smashing up the city and knocking people out and then doing a missions then going back to destroy the city again.



The graphics on this game on ground level are quite good, everything you hit or collide with reacts to whatever you just did, for example if you throw a person at a car it will be destroyed, the graphics on top of buildings however are not as good all you can see is a few buildings and the rest is faded.



The sound affects in this game are quite good they sound realistic but there's no music in this game apart from on missions and after you complete a mission and this music only lasts a few seconds. There music is also very simple, it repeats it's self quite a lot.



The free roam in this game is good you can destroy everything you can see and pick most things up and use them to destroy other things, you can destroy cars and buildings and other things like subways and then use the subway to go somewhere else in the city, the missions are quite simple all you have to do destroy buildings, defeat enemies and bosses, some of the missions are based on the movie.



The storyline is quite long in this game and when you complete it you can do things like collect comic book covers that are hidden around the city and get landmark souvenirs be smashing down a landmark, or you can go around completing fleets(objective to do around the city, things like get 25 cars stuck in a building), if you complete some of these things you can unlock thing like secret characters.



This is a quite good game overall, even if it does have a few faults, the free roam in this game is the best part, the missions are quite fun, even if they are simple, the graphics in game need to be improved but that doesn't stop the game from being fun.

Final Score: 70%

Review by: aser

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