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Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Full Review for Super Mario Galaxy 2 by Pokemonhacker68

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Ah, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Super Mario Galaxy's sequel and one of the funnest games ever to be on wii. It's challenging and never gets old. The galaxies are creative and not to mention the cast of characters is perfect: Mario, Luigi, Toads, Peach, Lunas, Rosalina, Yoshis, and Lubba.



The graphics are wonderful for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Its bright, and the graphics never get blurry or crudely hard to see. And if you have an HD TV your playing on, perfect! Nintendo did really good on the graphics, and I had no trouble seeing the pictures.



The sound! Creative, 8-bit, remixed, classical and just awesome! The sounds were just great. The jumping, the music, and everything nice ;).
To be honest, the sounds CAN get a little annoying sometimes. Some can be the tune to the place. And some music is remixed (e.g. Throwback galaxy's music)



The gameplay is just great! The planets, the music, and you can just enjoy it! You can go HOURS without getting a star - and you wont be bored! Heck, it's just epic! Theres ALWAYS something to do! Super Mario Galaxy 2 will keep you busy with it's epic gameplay!



This game will last you quite a while. There is 121 stars, and Spoiler:

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Plus with all the starbits and stuff you get, you always have something to do! Getting starbits for hungry lunas, getting hidden stars, or racing your luigi ghosts in the galaxies, this game is packed with lastabillity.



Overall, this game was pretty good. There's a few glitches but they don't ever matter that much.

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Lastabillity: 9/10

Overall, I have to rate this game a 10. Sure, like I said earlier there is some glitches and annoying sounds and stuff, but this game is epic and I like it so much.

Overall: 10/10

Final Score: 96%

Review by: Pokemonhacker68

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