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Full Review for Silent Hill 2 by j p w

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Earlier I reviewed silent hill 4 and in case you don't know I love the Silent hill games. So I now think I should review the other games and for you now I'm going to review silent hill 2 and look out for my review on silent hill 3 to once I've done it, also don't forget my review on number 4. I hope my reviews pursuade you to buy these games .



When silent hill 2 first came out I thought the graphics were brilliant. But since numbers 3 and 4 came out they started to look toned down from what they used to look like because 3 and 4's graphics were so much better. But the graphics to this game are still rather good espesially for when the game was made, the ps2 was in it's early stages when it came out and graphics werent as good on games back then so I had to give it a well deservrd 7 on this catagory.



Im very sorry but only a 5 on this one because back then silent hills did'nt really have the freakey sounds like they do now on the 3rd and 4th installments because when they made number 2 the creators thought they could make it scary by just making it silent.



Just standerd silent hill gameplay I don't really have any problems in this catagory apart from you can't power up your swings of the meelee weapons in this installment of the series but apart from that it's silent hill gameplay and I love it like I mentioned in the number 4 review.



This game will last guaranteed it takes quite a long time to get to the end because the mysteries can be quite hard to work out and it took me a long time to complete also this game will have you returning to your ps2 to play it for a long time because you will wanna complete it.



I used to think this game was the best ever until the new silent hill's came out but it is still alot of fun to complete again and again and I think this is the 3rd best one of the series but it is still very good buy this game it will probably be less than 10 now.

Final Score: 72%

Review by: j p w

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