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Pokemon Diamond

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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by Poke_Brent

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This happens to be my first review. I am reviewing Pokemon Diamond. A cool little game where you control your trainer, and try to become the greatest trainer in the world. This game is the 4th generation game that follows the storyline, because all the little games like Pokemon ranger and pinball don't.



Graphics in this Nintendo DS game aren't the greatest, but compared to all the other Pokemon games in the series (excluding it's almost clone brother Pokemon Pearl) they are the best. The graphics change at about 6:00 am into morning, I think around 12:00 it turns to day, and 5:00 pm it turns dusk, and at 8:00 pm night. It is very cool, and if you enter the right time at the beginning you will think it is, too.



Sound effects are pretty cool, if you bump into something it makes a weird noise but otherwise those are good. The music is pretty enjoyable, but won't take the place of your iPod or Zune or anything like that. The music changes when you reach different routes and towns and go in houses, and even when you fight enemies or wild Pokemon. Music even changes when you get on a bike.



Game play is alright, too, Basic controls for any Pokemon game, except they switch you up a little with the "start" menu. Now I guess you can call it the "X" menu. Storyline is worth following, and you use the touch screen more than you would think in a Pokemon game. When you get into a battle, make sure you have plenty of potions or you will have to start from the last Pokemon center you reached. That is the only annoying thing about the game play, that and the fact your walking speed is equivalent to that of a sloth's.



You will be playing this for a VERY long time unless you are impatient, or buy an action replay, because they ruin the fun. Leveling up your Pokemon will be a task, but the story can be finished within a day or two of nonstop play. But, if you play it every once in a while, the story will be over in about a week, or so you think. The story does NOT end after you obtain a spot in the hall of fame, because there is PLENTY to do. Like obtain a national dex, transfer Pokemon from your 3rd-gen games like sapphire and ruby, complete the national dex, and go to different Nintendo events to catch the legendary Pokemon. All that will get you a game lasting a very long time, and every minute is fun (if you like Pokemon).



Overall, this game is a blast. A must buy for any Pokemon fan. If you have kids around 6-10 they will probably enjoy this too, I am still enjoying this game and I'm in my teens. If you get this for your kids (safest bet is the little kids, mind you, many teens do not like this game) then they will love it.

Final Score: 90%

Review by: Poke_Brent

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