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Pokemon Diamond

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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by Gamemaster23

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Well, another ordinary Pokemon game made. Except this time, it has Wi-Fi compatibility and more Pokemon. It's very good actually. You get to catch new Pokemon, trade across the world using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and more. There are new things that weren't in previous Pokemon games such as new ablitities, new moves, and new battle rules. Also, some of the attacks look different and sound different. You can even migrate your old GBA Pokemon to your game once you complete your Sinnoh PokeDex.



The graphics are great! Now buildings are in 3-D and some other things as well. The 3-D graphics also changed how some moves look. One bad thing is that your character walks and runs slower than precious games because of 3-D. Aside from that, the graphics aren't bad.



The sound? Well, the moves sound great. And as usual again, when you walk in different terrain, you sound different when you move. Besides that, the weather conditions sound more realistic now. When you throw out a PokeBall, that sounds more realistic as well.



The gameplay isn't bad...........but not too good either. The storyline is sorta flat and you can beat the game in about a couple of days (Or weeks. Depends how good you are.). Anyways, the game is good. It's interesting at some points. One thing is that you're going to get p***** when you walk or run because you walk extremely slow.



The game lasts long. That is, until you beat it (as in beat the elite four and complete the battle tower). Once you beat the game, you can try to complete your PokeDex you keep you occupied or try to level up your Pokemon to lvl. 100. But it won't last THAT long.



The game's fun. Because of the new features added, you'll be occupied more than ever. If you have Wi-Fi, then you'll be able to push the game to it's full potential. But if you don't, well, it'll still be fun. The game is fun no matter what you judge it on. The only problem is that you're going to have a harder time to complete your PokeDex.

Final Score: 70%

Review by: Gamemaster23

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