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Pokemon Diamond

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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by namethatsnotinuse

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OK. When Pokemon Diamond was first announced I wasn't too fussed about getting it. Gradually, though, as it got closer to the release date I started to really want to get it (after seeing some screenshots). So, about a week or so after it came out I decided to get it, hoping that it was great. So did it exceed my expectations?...



A lot better than in the other Pokemon games. I like how the buildings are 3d and how some of the new environments look. But lets not get carried away, compared with a lot of PSP games the graphics are relatively poor, although that's more to do with the DS' graphical capability.



People have said that the music on Diamond is really good, but personally I have never really liked the music in any Pokemon game and find this on one no different. The music in battles are ok, but outside of battle I find the music a bit annoying, although it gained points as I quite like the remixed style Pokemon centre music!



This is where Pokemon Diamond will sell, as the gameplay is Awesome! I've always found that Pokemon games have had a bit of a slow and boring start- not this one! The battles are improved with the fact that in some parts of the game you will have have to battle with another character in the game, against another two characters in the game. I also think that there is a lot more things to do and places to go while you're not battling Gym Leaders and winning Gym Badges and trying to see and catch all the Pokemon.



Pokemon Diamond will have you gripped for hours, days, weeks and months with it's intense battles and great story, and I haven't stopped playing it since I bought it as I can't tear my face away from the screen! (That's what my mum said anyway!- LOL)



If you're looking for an adventure game with a great story that will keep you entertained for ages, then Pokemon Diamond is definately for you. Great starter Pokemon, great Wi-Fi options, great battles and a great legendary Pokemon, not to mention the things I've mentioned previously in this review- Pokemon Diamond definitely exceeds my expectations!


Final Score: 82%


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