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Spiritomb cheat for Pokemon Diamond


When you have put the odd keystone on the broken stone tower and turned it into the Hallowed Tower you need to talk to 32 people in the underground (hikers not included). Then touch the Hallowed tower and press the A button and spiritomb will appear.

Added by: Sanzano
Oct 19th 2007, ID#5196


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Sep 29th 2013 Guest
you could get one from cynthia after completeing the game in X and Y. but i bet hardly any of you have x or y. (complete pokedex) (not nationaldex)
ID #311735
Aug 19th 2013 Guest
i have arceaus and ho-oh
ID #305647
Aug 17th 2013 thekiller1234
i know something how to get all pokemon (you need wifi for it)so you just have to get wi-fi connection and must get Auto-obtain dns on no
than primary dns you must have the numbers 204-45-29-54
if you go to gts building and want to trade you will obtain automatic pokemons like dialga and palkia

good luck
ID #305319
Aug 17th 2013 Guest
i know something how to get all pokemon (you need wifi for it)so you just have to get wi-fi connection and must get Auto-obtain dns on no
than primary dns you must have the numbers 204-45-29-54
if you go to gts building and want to trade you will obtain automatic pokemons like dialga and palkia
ID #305318
May 21st 2013 Guest
WHAat!!! i needz help
ID #284361
Mar 17th 2013 Guest
i got a level 100 dialga and level 100 rachu level 95 starrapter and a level 88 pikachu level 77 snorlax level 100 mew two level 85 red gyaradose and last but not lest my partener level 100 pickach
ID #264449
Oct 21st 2012 Ninja Pokemon trainer
there is an easier way you and your friend goes to your base he waits outside by your base, you talk to them and greet them then block the door and decorate come out and poof do it 32 times and spiritomb is yours you dont have to decorate just chose the second option
ID #199391
Aug 27th 2012 Blue Gardevoir
ID #180778
Jul 18th 2012 pokemon_master_girl^_^
How can you go underground?I press A but nothing happened.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #165709
May 23rd 2012 Guest
ID #144619
May 13th 2012 Guest
id rather cheat
ID #141770
Mar 31st 2012 Guest
i am the best pokemon trainer in the world
ID #127761
Mar 14th 2012 Guest
No other way to do it the hard work is worth it.
ID #122984
Feb 24th 2012 Guest
how do you find all the rare pokemon by taking one step in the grassand do you need a action replay for it?
ID #117906
Dec 25th 2011 Guest
do you know how to evolve combee?
i will show you first catch a female combee and then
lv till it becomes the level 21 then it will evolve
ID #98599
Dec 5th 2011 Purrloin
I have found that you can, indeed, use the same person over and over again. Much easier than getting rid of a Bad Egg....though I haven't had one since the GBA games
ID #92986
Nov 1st 2011 skeletor44
spiritomb is only obtainable by putting the odd keystone in the hallowed tower and talking to 32 people in the underground. it doesn't have to be Different people though. just go out and then go back in and talk to the same person 32 times. there's also a very slim chance of finding one using the Pokewalker, but you have to be in the very last route that can be unlocked without using an event, i.e 100,000 watts collected. goodluck.
ID #84473
Oct 24th 2011 Guest
well, my friend cloned 7 arcues
ID #82566
Oct 24th 2011 Guest
my friend's spritomb is lvl. 100 and can't be attacked by others unless it's super effective atttacks, he cloned 1 of them using cheats..
ID #82562
Oct 7th 2011 Guest
U freaken broke my game the spiritomb looks different it is light blue and has purple and it stayed in on the first try it knows the move special rend is it soppose to do that
ID #78885
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
can you go in and out of the underground 32 times just talking to one person?
ID #64775
Jul 21st 2011 Guest
Does it have to be EXACLTY 32 or can it be more?
ID #59922
Jul 5th 2011 Guest
Is it 32 DIFFERENT peeps???
ID #55109
Jun 26th 2011 Guest
i cant even find all 32 people
ID #52551
Jun 21st 2011 Guest
how do you even go underground
ID #51031
Jun 17th 2011 Guest
i need to complete the pokedex
ID #49993
May 24th 2011 Guest
how much MONEY is action replay ill be back in 5/??/11
ID #44757
May 18th 2011 Guest
I have the codes to make Arceus, Celebi, Groudon, Palkia, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Raikou, Suicune, and Mew appear i the wild by just holding select and walking in a patch of grass. If anyone would like the codes Email me at [email protected]
ID #43720
May 15th 2011 Guest
it's really helpful
ID #43236
Apr 3rd 2011 Guest
32 PEOple on wireless?
ID #35538
Mar 31st 2011 Guest
ID #34980
Mar 19th 2011 Guest
Where is Fullmoon Island
ID #33201
Mar 12th 2011 Guest
were is the hallowtower
ID #32316
Jan 29th 2011 Guest
what is hallowied tower
ID #27273
Jan 29th 2011 Guest
I got it. the cheat worked great.
ID #27179
Dec 30th 2010 Guest
get cresselia from fullmoon island , it will flee so track it down using marking map
ID #23294
Dec 27th 2010 Guest
R u Sirius that's crazy ! 32people I rather use the poke modifier to get regegigas, mew ,mew2 ,spirtoumb ,and arcias.

ID #22637
Dec 19th 2010 dplymire
ID #21567
Oct 17th 2010 Guest
ID #15441
Oct 17th 2010 Guest
where do you find the odd stone?
ID #15406
Oct 16th 2010 root beer 5
i need cheats
ID #15378
Oct 3rd 2010 Pokeball King10
i need more cheats so fricken bad u
ID #14337
Sep 24th 2010 Guest
this is so crapin hard
ID #13480
Aug 15th 2010 mewtwo4life
ID #9007
Aug 11th 2010 Guest
That makes no freakin' sense.
ID #8492
Jul 23rd 2010 Guest
i have no idea how to do the cheat
ID #5684
Jun 27th 2010 Guest
is there another way itz hard so um ................. HELP ME PLEASE>................Smile)

ID #2085
Jun 18th 2010 Guest
any other way? I need help too
ID #988
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