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Pokemon Diamond

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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by mega mew

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I think this game would be the best out of all the Pokemon games, because you can do all the contests, underground, and much more. So I think you should buy this game! Nintendo has all ways made the best games. So I think it would be a great game for you I recamend it to you because I have it and I love it! What you can do is trade or battle over Wi-Fi or trade over the GTS, or you can chat with people on voice chat when you are on wi-fi, you can do contests with people, and go to the underground and steal flags. You can catch Pokemon, and have fun in the game, so if you are thinking about Pokemon Diamond you should go on and buy it because all that I have listed has given you many things of what you can do! What I have listed is not all though, there is a lot more to tell you what fun the game is so I shal tell you a little more. You can raise your Pokemon from eggs if you get some eggs, you also raise your starter up strong and make it ready for all Pokemon battles. So I really do recomed this game to you!



The graphcs on this game are really good because you can see clearly all the town with the game eyys' and because when you are having a Pokemon battle you can see the moves when the use them. Also the pokewatch has also good graphics although it is on the bottom screen all the time, but the graphics are great!



The music on this game is great, because it always changes into a different sound in each town, and then when you are entering a battle it changes into a kind of a misic sound where you fell like it's saying will he make it or will he not, so the music is great.



I do not really get what they mean by gameplay reveiw so I am just typing so I can submit this for you to read, but please do read my review if you will but I will tell you some Pokemon Picachu, todadil, Mew, mewtwo, treeco, and deoxys and that is the end.



This game will last a long time if you like videogames and you have wi-fi because you can battle and ttrade people at Japan even and because you can cht over wi-fi with people, and go to the underground and dig then go and do contests and more so thank you for reading this.



The Total over all I would say it is ausem, because I own the game game and I usualy get bored with most game after a month but this one I keep playing, so I recamend this game to you if you will buy it. So if you are looking for a game to buy I am telling you that this is the best game to buy, because all I have listed is some of the reasons but if you want even more information after reading mine, please read some of the others and check nintendo.com because it lists a lot about each game, but please become a member of supercheats.com and ask mor questions about Pokemon Diamond and join the teams and ask poeple about the game and read about Pokemon diamond, but please finish reading my reveiw, so please also read my introduction because I am tring to help you pick the right game, and I still recamend to you Pokemon diamond, because of all it's feachers. One is that it goes dark when your cloak is at night and when you time is set in the morning it is light on your game, so that is all I will tell you all the rest you must find out when you buy the game.

Final Score: 100%

Review by: mega mew

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