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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by DragonEx

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Pokemon Diamond sets place in the new region of Sinnoh. With new Pokemon, evolutions, trainers, and ways to play... This is the best of the Pokemon Saga to date! With new rivals to battle, it makes Pokemon a lot harder. And, with Wi-Fi... You will NEVER have to go to your pals house just to trade or fight!



B/R/Y/G/S/C all had 2-D. R/S/FR/LG/E all were increased in the 3-D graphics. In Pokemon Diamond... 3-D is redefined! In some areas you get a floor look of the place and trust me... THE GRAPHICS ARE THE BEST! And with a few cutscenes... This is really cool! The graphics are cool! I give the graphics of Diamond a 10 out of 10!



Three letters... OMG! The sounds are enhanced greatly! Route music sounds better and with legendary Pokemon here... The music sounds AWESOME! Easily the best music of any of the Pokemon games! Elite Four and Champion have good music, but I do thing they could have done better. But, how can Diamond go without it? I give the Sound a 10 out of 10!



The storyline is looooooong! I mean it! It can take you up to a week at the max. But, it's worth it! The storyline is very good! With all three starters being used in D/P, it is a heck of a lot better! You have a rival who is headstrong and quick and an assistant who works with Proffesor Rowan. All three of you searching to complete the pokedex and saving the world as well! If this thing would let me, this section of the game would get an 20 or a 30. But, alas... I give it a perfect 10!



Ok. I have to be serious now. After you defeat the Champion, there are plenty of side quests to keep you busy. But, when it's all over... All you can do left it to collect all of the ribbons for contests and such and completing your pokedex. Afterwards, you can try to level all of your Pokemon to 100 and create the perfect team in Wi-Fi. All together, this is really good! And you can always start back over and have more challenges in store! I give Lastability a 10 out of 10!



Three words.... GET POKEMON DIAMOND! I mean it! With the awesome storyline, new Pokemon, new trainers, new rivals, and new challenges... This makes Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl one of the greatest games of all time, if not the best! Overall, Pokemon Diamond gets a perfect 10 out of 10!

Final Score: 100%

Review by: DragonEx
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