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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by poke8111

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This game is great for Pokemon lovers it introduces a new way to play using the syles and the mic. But the basics are still the same, you still have to train your Pokemon and as always it take long. The game also has 107 new Pokemon and you can transport Pokemon from the GBA to the Pokemon diamond of Pokemon pearl game.



The graphics are great for a Pokemon game. It has 3-D sort of graphics and because of that some of the puzzles are more challenging. When you go traveling you can see the entire tree(s) and how it moves a little as if the wind was blowing or so. In some of the puzzles like in the 6th gym or so there are people hiding behide trees and because of the graphics there not so easy to find.



It has ok sounds and music not like real music or music from game like halo just regular music like in the old seris of GBA games. But it still sounds good when your out catching Pokemon and battling. Like when you are going to battle a legendary Pokemon the music changes to a more excited and more eerie sound.



The game play is different from the other Pokemon games. It has the battling opions in different locations for when you are battling which is more easier and faster.It also has a new feature called poke tech which makes the game a lot easier. Some of the items it has are a watch, a tracker for the ammount of steps you took, a calculator and much more.



The game last very long but the story mode doesn't take that long to beat, it depends on how long you play per day.I beat the elite four in 1 week so but I played about 4 hours a day. But the main part of the game is very long which is compeleting the pokedex.It took me about 1 year and a half trying to complete the pokedex so ya it takes long.



Overall this game is pretty good game to buy compared to the other Pokemon games. It lasts long,entertaining,mind boggiling, ok musics, and great graphics. But the main thing that people like about the game is all the new kinds of Pokemon that has been "discovered".They all look creppy,cool,cute, and just to powerfull. So next time you go to a video game store think of getting pokemon diamond or pokemon pearl they are all great games.

Final Score: 48%

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