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Kingdom Hearts II

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Full Review for Kingdom Hearts II by ltlbuda

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Why do I totally love Kingdom Hearts Two?Well, I haven't played the other games(KH: Chain of Memories don't count) but I know the storyline of the others. Several different systems are introduced like the drive command. The controls are easy to learn and difficult to master. However...



The graphics leave a tiny bit to be desired. Why can't the whole game be like the opening and ending movie? I've seen games pull that off on the PS2 with no slowdown whatsoever. But KH2 is longer then those games, and tring that would be stupid. The game delivers a solid package in the graphics department, so that's good. Each item, armor, ring, earring, and weapon is a piece of art, and I can't complain.



I hate to say this, but KH2 fails in the sound department. The music saves this game from sounding like a tin can recording. I love the music that turns on when you fight bosses like Cerberus.But the voices for charecters stink! Well, it's only Aerith that stinks. Her squeaky voice sounds like a 3-year old girl!
At least you only need to suffer though Sora's old voice until you switch to him.



The gameplay is what this game rules at. The menu is a fantasic little way to keep everything from getting too complicated. The shortcuts also lend a hand during combat, letting you cast the right spell at the right time. I love the new drive command and the limit combo attacks. The new worlds are sweet, and I can't give anything away but the final world is awesome. Go buy this game.



The game gets stale. After about 6 months, that is. The game has loads of extras, like optional quests. A secert video is also unlocked by beating proud mode. If you know what you're doing, you can quickly beat proud mode, but it takes about 40 hours



This game, Kingdom Hearts 2 get a near perfect. The problems are few, like the camera going wonky every now and then. Sometimes, i'd just watch my HP and swing like a madman. The sweet storyline invloves a deep friendship that travels worlds (literally) and darkness made real flesh that must be stoped. Buy this game, because it should be required by law to own this game if you have a PS2.

Final Score: 90%

Review by: ltlbuda

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