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You can purchase new abilities using the Coins that you collect through gameplay. These should allow you to stay alive for longer, get a higher score, and so earn more Coins to buy future upgrades. There are many abilities: Coin Value, Shield Duration, Coin Magnet, Boost Distance, Pickup Spawn, Power Meter, Save Me, Head Start, and Score Multiplyer. There are five levels to upgrade through of each. More details on some of these are below:

Coin Value:
This doubles the value of Coins once you have passed 1,500 metres. In that way, it still provides an incentive for staying alive long enough so that people are not just spamming the start of play for Coins, but is a welcome boost nonetheless. You can imagine how much difference this would make if you max-out this upgrade.
Cost: 250 Coins

Shield Duration:
This upgrade increases the duration of your Shield by 25%. This is the amount of time it lasts before disappearing naturally. It will still be knocked out if you hit something (or are hit by something) that would otherwise have killed you.
Cost: 250 Coins

Coin Magnet:
You can increase the duration of the Coin Magnet by 25% with this ability. The Coin Magnet draws coins towards you without you having to alter your path to get them. This can be important to maximizing the number of coins you are picking up over a given distance.
Cost: 1,000 Coins

Boost Distance:
This ability increases the duration or distance of your Boost by 50m. This can help you to evade your pursuer should you get too close.
Cost: 1,000 Coins

Pickup Spawn:
This will spawn pickups 10% more frequently during play. Depending on what the pickup is, this can be vital in having a good run without needing to reach for the Gems.
Cost: 2,500 Coins

Save Me:
This ability will reduce the cost of using a 'Save Me' by 1 Gem. Note that you cannot make it free, the minimum you can get down to is 1 Gem. This is a good ability to use before that epic run where you expect to use lots of Gems in staying alive.
Cost: 5,000 Coins

Head Start:
This reduces the cost of using Head Start by 250 Coins. Head Start is useful for giving yourself some breathing space at the start of a run.
Cost: 5,000 Coins

Score Multiplier:
This ability will increase your Score Multiplier by 1. Having a high multiplier results in those massive scores which can help place you high up the leaderboard.
Cost: 5,000 Coins

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How many Coins Are required to fill the power meter once in temple tun 2 provided I have maxed out "the coin value" ability
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That was rubbish I wanted to know how to use a PICKUP SPAWN!!!!!!!!!!

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