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618 miles thompson 22nd May 2007 90% Read Review
814 Xeta 29th Feb 2008 88% Read Review
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Review for Tekken Dark resurrection psp Added 17 Oct 2010, ID #3662
I think that this game is one of the best psp fighting games. First of all, there are loads of different modes to play. Here are the best ones:

Story mode: Play as a character from a big list and go thorugh 9 stages. If you finish them, you will unlock a movie sequence for that particular character.

Tekken bowling: Who loves bowling? The tekken characters do! If you can't be bothered to fight anyone, or if you just want a break from losing, just play tekken bowling. To unlock it, you need to complete story mode a few times. It is really fun to play. You just need to aim the ball and then, well, bowl! Its just like normal bowling, Strikes, spares, doubles and turkeys. It is so cool!

Tekken dojo: The best mode saved till last. On this mode, you pick your character first(Don't you always?!?). Then off you go! On this mode, your sort of on a quest. You fight lots of people and you get a rank. When your rank is high enough, you can fight stronger enemies. Eventually, you will move on to another dojo and so on. It is really fun, and you can save your progress too.

This tekken game is really awesome. You can also customise your favourite people. Overall, I give this game a 9/10. The reason why I didn't give it a 10 is because it is easy to get frustrated. When you keep losing, you feel like throwing your psp across the room (Well, sometimes!). But don't let this stop you from buying it (Don't worry, my psp is still in perfect condition, lol). Get this game if you like fast fighting, awesome tekken games. and get
Tekken: Dark Resurrection - Review Added 22 Sep 2006, ID #821
The worlds most popular fighting game is back, and it sure has rocked the world of portable gaming. The graphics are top class. The gameplay is top class. The sound is top class. To cut a long story short... The game is top class! Loads of new characters, places and features appear in the game with something to suit fans of all types of gaming. There is even an unlockable Tekken Bowl feature which allows you to play 10 pin bowling with your favourite Tekken characters.
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