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Go Starfox ! Added 24 Dec 2005, ID #5132
This game is great ! 8.5/10

Intro 8/10-pretty good intro but is a little corney...

Grapics 9/10-good design with arwing and the landmaster, but a couple flaws can be spotted.

Sound 8.5/10-good soundtrack but Star Fox Assault\'s soundtrack won\'t be a soundtrack you will remember.

Gameplay 9.5/10-This game is great ! You can get into a tank called a landmaster,into an arwing,and you can shoot people from the ground !

Lastibilty 6.5/10-The only bad point of the game is how lomg it lasts. I beat the game in one day and was my first time playing. However Multiplayer is pretty fun.

Story 8/10-The story is about this : During a battle with Oinkeny,Team Star Fox discovered a new enemy,Aparoids. Aparoids are like these bugs that can take over a body or a machine/ Except there are a few things about the story that are \"un-explanable\"

Overall this is a good game. Good poimts and bad points,but mostly good points. And for people are asking if they think they should buy this game,the answer is simply yes. and get
Great Game Added 21 Mar 2005, ID #3545
This game is very good. It's addicting on multiplayer and you get to use weapons such as grenade launchers, machine guns, snipers, and grenades.

It's like a halo2 but starfox.

I did say you can also use vehicles on multiplayer?

You can also pick from different types of levels for multiplayer too. Very fun game.

I give this game 9 out of 10.

P.S. Has story in the game too. You also can walk around .
Star Fox is awesome Added 6 Mar 2005, ID #3436
Star Fox is fun because it has multiplayer screen player,and one player.

With Fox McCloud,Wolf Donnel,Crystal Fox,Slippy,Peppy,and Falco....the game goes on and on!

With adventurous multiplayer games and one player.

It is,I think,almost impossible to beat a star fox game in one day.

I would give this game a FOUR out of FIVE stars!....Have Fun
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