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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 5 Pack Shot

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 5

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Card Packs cheat for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 5


Card Packs

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Card Pack will become available for purchase.

Row 1

1. Monsters for Dummies (80 DP):
Available by default.

2. Spells for Dummies (80 DP):
Available by default.

3. Traps for Dummies (80 DP):
Available by default.

4. Applied Monsters (100 DP):
30% cards from Monster for Dummies.

5. Applied Spells (100 DP):
30% cards from Spells for Dummies.

6. Applied Traps (100 DP):
30% cards from Traps for Dummies.

7. Master of Monsters (120 DP):
50% cards from Applied Monsters.

8. Master of Spells (120 DP):
50% cards from Applied Spells.

9. Master of Traps (120 DP):
50% cards from Applied Traps.

10. Ultimate Monsters (150 DP):
70% cards from Master of Monsters.

Row 2

11. Deluxe Spells (150 DP):
70% cards from Master of Spells.

12. Supreme Traps (150 DP):
70% cards from Master of Traps.

13. Power Brawlers (180 DP):
cards focusing on Battle Damage (partner with Poncho Yusei, Jack, Crow, Akiza, D. A Luna, Carly, Vizor, Yliasters, Fake Jack).

14. Typecast Performance (180 DP):
Protection, cards not destroyed by battle (partner with Yusei, Leo, Luna, Mina, Lazar).

15. Rule the Field (180 DP):
Field control (Skill Drain, Jinzo, Rai-Oh, etc) (partner with Crow, Leo, Luna, Lazar, Yliasters).

16. Special Relativity Fracture Theory (180 DP):
Special win cards (partner with Kalin, Dueluca).

17. Burn Bright Red (180 DP):
Burn cards and Counter Traps (partner with D. A Akiza, Luna, Mina, Sherry).

18. Spicy Stream (180 DP):
Spirit, Gemini, Toon, Union, Machinas (partner with Akiza, KENYoU).

19. Beauty in Simplicity (180 DP):
Normal Monster, Ojama (partner with Carly).

20. Crossover Session (180 DP):
Fusion cards (partner with Ryusei (5Cs), Yuma, other generic duelists).

Row 3

21. Boy on the Podium (180 DP):
E-Heroes (partner with Ryusei (5Cs), Yuma, other generic duelists).

22. Ancient Rituals (180 DP):
Ritual Monsters (partner with Wisteria).

23. Responsive Sympathy (180 DP):
Synchro Monsters, Assault Mode (partner with Yusei, Poncho Yusei, Jack, D. A. Akiza, Leo, D. A. Leo, Trudge, Vizor, Sherry, Kalin, Fake Jack).

24. Comprehensive Full Contact (250 DP):
Cards from packs 13 to 23 and Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (have over 50% completion for pack 13 to 23).

25. Wings, Talons, Scales and Fangs (150 DP):
Dragons (partner with Jack, Fake Jack, King Jyaku, Masha).

26. Set of Wonders (150 DP):
Magicians (partner with D. A Akiza, Carly, Lazar).

27. The Ever Present Dark Side (150 DP):
Fiends (partner with Mina, Kalin, Nadia).

28. Those Who Remind Silent (150 DP):
Zombies (partner with Lara).

29. Frontline Survivors (150 DP):
Warriors (partner with Yusei, Trudge, Sherry).

30. Mechanism Menagerie (150 DP):
Machines (partner with Poncho Yusei, Leo, Vizor, Yliasters).

31. Angels on the Tip of a Needle (150 DP):
Fairies (partner with Luna or other generic Duelists).

32. Once a Beast, Always a Beast (150 DP):
Beasts, Beast-Warriors, Winged Beasts (partner with Crow).

33. Gardening in the Wild (150 DP):
Insects, Plants, Rocks (partner with Akiza).

34. Cold-Blooded Price (150 DP):
Dinosaurs, Reptiles (partner with Moses).

35. The Edge of the World (150 DP):
Fish, Sea Serpents, Aqua, Pyro, Thunder (partner with Fish/Aqua/Thunder user).

36. The Origin of Species (200 DP):
cards from 25-35 + Solidarity + Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (have over 50% completion for packs 25 to 35).

37. The Truth's Within Me (120 DP):
DARK cards (available on Monday).

38. I'm on Fire (120 DP):
FIRE cards (available on Tuesday).

39. In My Element (120 DP):
WATER cards (available on Wednesday).

40. Butterfly Effect (120 DP):
WIND cards (available of Thursday).

Row 5

41. Shade of Light (120 DP):
LIGHT cards (available on Friday).

42. I Walk the Earth (120 DP):
EARTH cards (available on Saturday).

43. A Little Bit of Everything (150 DP):
cards from 37-42 + Ally of Justice Catastor (available on Sunday).

44. No Means No (300 DP):
Limited cards (Over 70% completion for packs 37 to 42).

45. Totally Taboo (250 DP):
Forbidden cards (Over 90% completion for pack 44).

46. Wonder in Simplicity (50 DP):
Normal Monsters (available by default).

47. Unknown (300 DP):
'Cute' cards (give ALL 5 gold figures to shop owner).

48. High Noon Constellation (1146 DP):
Konami cards (unlocked by cheat code).

49. Clustering Bonds, Take Flight (150 DP):
Yusei's cards, including Stardust Dragon (partner with Yusei).

50. Rapid Enforcement (150 DP):
Infernity and Scraps (partner with Poncho Yusei/Kalin).

Row 6

51. Proud Spirit (150 DP):
Jack's cards including Red Dragon Archfiend (partner with Jack.

52. Soaring Blackwings (150 DP):
Blackwings (partner with Crow.

53. The Secret Flower Garden (150 DP):
Akiza's cards (plants and Psychics) (partner with Akiza.

54. The Twins (150 DP):
Leo/Luna's cards (Morphtronics, Watts, Batterymen) (partner with Leo/Luna.

55. Unforgivable Sun (150 DP):
Security cards, Iron Chain, Tech Genus (partner with Trudge, Vizor, Securities.

56. Flowers on All Sides (150 DP):
Carly/Sherry/Mina's cards (allure Queen, Dark Lucius, Gagagigo, Dark Grepher, etc) (partner with Carly, Mina, Sherry.

57. Triangle Fixer (150 DP):
Yliaster and Dark Signer's cards (partner with the Yliasters.

58. Super Polymerization Overdrive (200 DP):
Yugi/Jaden's cards (have over 30% completion for pack 49-57).

59. Generation Gap (300 DP):
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 2, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 3 original cards (UMD Recognition).

60. Black Checkers (500 DP):
Super/Ultra Rares from pack 1-59 (have over 70% completion from pack 1-59).

Added by: Sanzano Nov 12th 2010, ID#3717



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Jun 29th 2012 Guest
what are the best for dragons
ID #158289
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
Rental machine card how to get finished it?
ID #157494
Jun 1st 2012 Guest
can u unlock the lst two without umb reconization
ID #147784
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
who r th yliasters?
ID #115343
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