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How to promote your character's status(or whatever it's called) cheat for Tekken 6


How to promote your character's status(or whatever it's called)

This is quite easy actually.. All you have to do, is go to practice mode and select any character you wish, then practice their moves and memorize, not all though, only the effective ones.. Then, keep practicing and practicing until you think you're good enough, do different kinds of modes then when you're ready, select ghost battle and choose ANY character you want, then soon, you're character will earn promotions quickly..
P.S. Im not sure about this but just try :D
P.P.S I was able to get my character LILI to Marauder by doing this often , so good luck

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Added 31st May 2015, ID #563959

i have take jack 6 to rank dragon lord

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492598

Bah! i don't think this gonna work. My status is Tekken Lord in 1 day.

Adam Aik
Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #405621

oh cmon.. you guys got no losses? that means your playing in a newbie difficulty right?

Added 7th Sep 2013, ID #308712

oh cmon.. you guys have no losses? that means ur playing in a newbie difficulty right?

Added 7th Sep 2013, ID #308710

I just started playing 2 days ago. i didnt know any moves but still i got lars to Champion

Added 6th Sep 2013, ID #308466

my yoshimitsu is asura now but cant beat anyone they are kicking my ass

Added 1st Aug 2013, ID #301907

My Bob is now Legend

Added 30th May 2013, ID #286584

mine is kyu

Added 6th May 2013, ID #280753

im Jack 6 and i have 467wins and 3loses

Added 20th Apr 2013, ID #275848

i have jack 6 that is champion with 151 wins and 0 lose

Added 25th Feb 2013, ID #258482

My Kazuya, Bob and Law is Tekken God. Now I'm working at Paul to Tekken God. My Paul is Yaksa now.

Added 20th Jan 2013, ID #244447

My Kazuya is Vindicator now

Added 14th Jan 2013, ID #242531

these are my ranks of the ff characters
Bob Alisa and Jin-Fujin
Steve Feng and Wang- Raksasa
Lili Baek Julia Bruce and Anna-Tekken God
The rest are Tekken Emperor except LMY
Leo Miguel and Yoshimitsu- Juggernaut

Added 15th Dec 2012, ID #221634

my devil jin,bob,kazuya,and lars are all tekken god now...hahaha LOL XD

Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #188283

my jin is a tekken emperor

Added 31st Aug 2012, ID #181759

my devil gin hasa teken god now and Iwill win about 30 000,000,000 Iwill not lose in every character Iwill defeat(^^^)

Added 16th Jul 2012, ID #164704

i like alisa and jack 5 they are my first two tekken god

Added 26th May 2012, ID #145770

my jack6 is tekken god my law is tekken emperor my lars is fujin my jin is brawler

Added 25th May 2012, ID #145379

i really,really,really,like alisa,lili and zafina..,.
they are all juggernut!

Added 21st May 2012, ID #143982

All my characters are tekken god and no lose

Added 16th May 2012, ID #142524

I earn a promotion faster and im a tekken god in 1 battle in ghost mode by king KING IS DABEZT 8D

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #135805

i got my Jiz kazama tekken god with 406 wins ad 19 lost.. xD

Added 19th Apr 2012, ID #134981

my azazel in tekken 6 is tekken lord

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134606

Xiaoyu is a Fujin for me. I've been perfecting her moves right since Tekken 3. For those who want to get her ranked up, I would suggest learning some combos. Xiaoyu is very fast, and a hard hitting combo could be very deadly.

Added 11th Mar 2012, ID #122090

My characters Jin, Lars and Devil Jin are Tekken God. Somehow I managed to reach this rank while my analog stick in my PSP is drifting by itself. It chooses me some wrong characters to rank. So I decide to rank them up...

Added 8th Mar 2012, ID #121300


Added 19th Feb 2012, ID #116411

my all characters are all tekken god

Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #107461

All of you is weak

Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #98654

Alisa And Lili Are mY FaVorITE CharaCTERS.

Added 25th Dec 2011, ID #98383

My Nina (SHREYAS) is rajin

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #96986

hehehe... I promote LILI to Tekken God, BOB is next in fact his already an Asura... Tsk3x

Added 18th Dec 2011, ID #96263

Oh man ! My Law is still in Brawler !!! xD

Added 14th Dec 2011, ID #94985

My Leo Is Now Marauder

Added 29th Nov 2011, ID #91326

you dont really have to practice, you just gotta keep playing, if you go to ghost battle and continusly fight people with the same rank as you, without loosing. if you think your gonna loose, just pause it and go to main menu, then go fight again, (keep your percentage up), but up untill the green ones, maurauder, brawler, rogue. up untill those, it only take 4 wins to get a ranking match, then after that, it takes 8, untill you get to tekken god, that seemed like it took 20 or so. if the ranking match dosent come, then just quit and go back into it, it should be the 1st or second one.

Added 14th Nov 2011, ID #87383

i know the one hot of jack-6(gigaton punch) and miguel(burla) it was in the command list

Added 8th Nov 2011, ID #85964

i like alyssa and lili

Added 2nd Nov 2011, ID #84573

by the way my miguel (the spanish guy) is already also tekken god

Added 17th Oct 2011, ID #80985

Simply master blocking and some combos/aerial combos and always fight an opponent with a rank higher by one to you. (e.g If you're ranked 4th dan, you should fight Mentor Ranked enemies to have more chances of having ranking matches) :3

Added 23rd Jul 2011, ID #60437

I got my LILI to tekken god, but it was hard!!!

Added 18th Jul 2011, ID #58947


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