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Prequel BonusAdded 1 Feb 2013, ID #4381
Enter the 'Special' menu with any character when you have a saved game file from 'Ratchet And Clank: Size Matters' on your memory stick. Then select the 'Check Size Matters Save' option go to the 'Skins' menu to access new free skins.

Unlock Zoni SkinAdded 1 Feb 2013, ID #4380
Pause the game and press Left(2), Right, Down, Up(2), X.
Skill Point UnlockablesAdded 23 Sep 2008, ID #2412
The following features in the game become unlocked when you spend the indicated number of Skill Points.

Unlock Big Headed Clank:
4 Skill Points

Unlock Big Headed Ratchet:
8 Skill Points

Unlock Mirrored Levels:
12 Skill Points

Unlock Weapon Switching:
16 Skill Points

Unlock Big Headed Enemies:
20 Skill Points

Unlock Super Bloom:
24 Skill Points

Unlock Old Timey:
26 Skill Points

Unlock Expat Exchange:
28 Skill Points

Unlock Bolt Confusion:
32 Skill Points

Unlock Pumpkin Heads:
40 Skill Points

Unlock Snowman Heads:
45 Skill Points

Unlock Kapow:
50 Skill Points

Unlock Ratchet Pack:
65 Skill Points

Unlock Hardcore Mode:
65 Skill Points
all three key cards!Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #2386
Keykard #1:on asinanica where the cop cars pop up the second time and after you get on top of the first cop car look down on the left side and you will see the (RED) KEY

keykard #2:ok the second keykard is on for sprocket go to the gadge bot challenge to open the vault to save clank wen you get to the third troly don't go foward go backward and you will see the(BLUE) KEY

keykard #3:now the third key kard on quarks fourth chapter wen you rescued the second space nuns go to the third space nuns wen you get to the end where that alien is shooting at you there are space nuns behind him look at the center of the stage hoot at it while jumping towards the center you will fly and you will get the (YELLOW) KEY.

Atcivate Chalice of PowerAdded 9 Jul 2008, ID #2267
This is done by going to the Treehouse and pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right at the area where you find the Chalice.
Unlock 'Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters' Ratchet SkinsAdded 23 Jun 2008, ID #2218
Using any character go to the 'Special' menu and select the 'Check Size Matters Save' option. If the game detects that you have a 'Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters' save file on your memory stick several free skins which won't cost you any Titanium Bolts will become unlocked and accessible at the 'Skins' menu.
Unlock Secret DisguiseAdded 2 Jan 2008, ID #1866
If you need to get about without being seen then during gameplay press Left(2), Right, Down, Up(2), X to unlock the secret disguise.

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