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Alien Code FAQ

by Groff



System: PSP

Written By: William Engroff  AKA: Groff, or (on Gamefaqs) Beebopbooty

Contact: [email protected]

Version 1.2

Version History:

Version 1.0 Finally finished this Faq. 10/16/08
Version 1.1 Changed the layout 10/16/08
Version 1.2 Added some Info 10/25/08

Written: October 16, 2008


Secret Agent Clank, it's logo, and all characters, story and other game
content, are the property of their respective companies and is subject to
their respective copyrights and/or trademarks.  The writter of this guide
has no affiliation with the creators, developers, distributors, etc... of
this game. All referances to copyrighted or trademarked materials, etc..
are for descriptive purposes only. This guide is the work and possesion of
the writer but was written for free and public use to help my fellow players.
Please do not use this material for purposes other than game play assistance
without my consent.  Otherwise, please enjoy!! and I hope it is useful to you.


The alien codes are symbols found in all Clank only missions of the game.
When you read the code, there will be a name to the code with a humorous 
story. I have included the names of all codes as well as the order in which
they are found in the level. Ex. Code 1, 2, or 3 --code name--. There are
three codes per mission. The codes can only be found after acquiring the
sunglasses in the Boltaire Museum during challenge mode play.  After acquiring
all codes you can then go to a secret world in the game.
--------Notes For finding Alien Codes:-------

1: After all codes have been found in a mission, it will say, "All
alien codes collected on this stage".  After all have been found in the
game, it will tell you you have found them all. You can immediately
go to the bonus world.  You don't have to beat the boss again.

2: To use the sunglasses, equip them and press select. Zoom with R1 and L1.
Like the. Holo Monicle. When it says, "Alien Code discovered" (you may
need to zoom or center the code), press (O) and it will download and you
can then read a humorous story.

3: Codes have a blue glow to them so they stand out against the environment.

4: You can use the sunglasses while in disguise.  Remember, your energy guage
still goes down while using them.

--------Notes For Challenge Mode Play:-------

The challenge mode is basically the same as the normal mode except the enemies
hit harder and can take more damage.  You can get upgrades (called Proto 
Upgrades) for all your weapons including Ratchet weapons.  You can also get
a new fighting move for Clank. I recommend the following for survival in
Challenge Mode:

1: Try to get your bolt multiplier up as much as possible by killing without
taking damage yourself.  Upgrades are expensive. You will need as many bolts
as you can get.

2: Unless you just want to play missions over and over getting bolts so you
can get every upgrade and weapon possible, save your bolts for the weapons 
you use most often. Don't be tempted to go for the cheap stuff. I went for
the Proto upgrades for the Tie-A-Rangs, Cuff-Link Bombs, and Tanglevine
Carnations first.

3: It is not necessary to go for the Ratchet upgrades and the Ryno weapon
to beat the Ratchet Challenges. But it would help, of course. Remember, 
you only have to beat the first challenge in each set of challenges.

4: If things get to difficult, you can always sneak as much as possible.

5: Be sure to save plenty of bolts for the final battle, if you choose to
fight the final boss again in challenge mode. You may need to buy ammo
during this fight.


---- Boltaire Museum ----

<< Code 1: >> --The Legends-- 

Right after you pick up the sunglasses, look in front of you on the wall 
to the right of the first guard you see.

<< Code 2: >> --Ronn's Secret-- 

In the room with the giant statue, look above the weapons vendor booth 
(right wall after entering the room) 

<< Code 3: >> --Ben's Secret--

In the last room. When you enter the room, there are crates on your left.
Go to the other side of the crates and the code will be on the side of a 

---- Asynica Rooftops ---- (Asynica)

<< Code 1: >> --Jhairo's Secret--

After the rooftop where the ninjas pop out of skylights, go across the 
bridge and stand on the Omni Key lock.  Look back across the bridge.  It 
is on the side of the building, just below the bridge.

<< Code 2: >> --Gilbert's Secret--

After the last set of floating police vehicles, go across the bridge and
look at the wall under the first police vehicle.

<< Code 3: >> --Ricardo's Secret--

From the same place as the second code, look down as far as you can at the
side of the post under the bridge.

---- Azcotal Alley -------- (Rionosis)

------ NOTE: -------	

Unless you just like a challenge, it may be best to wait until the chase 
with the Kingpin ends and then backtrack to find the codes before exiting 
the level.

<< Code 1: >> --Jon's Secret-- 

On the wall opposite the second disguise stand.

<< Code 2: >> --The 3 Jason's Secret--

In the left wall, just before the fountain where the Kingpin stopped when 
you were chasing him, there is a room with crates in it.  Look at the archway
above the entrance to this room.

<< Code 3:>> --Travis' Secret--

Just before the door that exits the level, go to the right and look up 
at the bird statue on the top of the exit. It is on one of it's wings.

---- Gondola Ascent ------- (Rionosis)

<< Code 1: >> --Leviticus' Secret--

After exiting the gondolas, at the beginning of the level, look across
where the gondolas are passing. You will see it on the opposite wall at
gondola level. You can only see it when there is a space between gondolas.

<< Code 2: >> --Carl's Secret--

After you cross the first room of gondolas, look back at the entrance to
this room. It is just below the entrance.

<< Code 3: >> --Jess' Secret--

Just after the second code. If you go down the path between the crushing
cylinders, it is on the wall at the end of this path.

---- High Rollers Casino -- (Le Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino)

<< Code 1: >> ---Colin's Secret-- 

In the starting room, cross the room and go to the top of the balcony.
Standing to the right of the guard, look back towards the entrance.  Then
look to the upper left corner of the room.  It is hard to see.  You may 
have to zoom in and scan around that corner. It was to the left of a 
chandelier from where I was standing. And to the left of a curving outwards
section of wall.

<< Code 2: >> --Shane's Secret-- 

On the back side of the bar where waitresses get drinks. After the room 
with the card table and gamblers.

<< Code 3: >> --The Ping Pong Secret--

In the room where the generators are that you have to blow up.  As you
come in this room, there are two guards on your left. The code is behind
the guard that is closest to the wall.

---- Venantonio Labs ------ (Venantonio)

<< Code 1: >> --Gerard's Secret--

At the beginning of the level, turn around and jump up on to the landing
site.  Looking across the water at the wall, you will see it next to a pipe.

<< Code 2: >> --Alex's Secret-- 

In the second room of floating platforms.  It is under one of the floating
platforms.  You have to wait for it to rise.

<< Code 3: >> --Haroon's secret--

At the Omni Key locked door that is after the final two doors you cut
open and before the last room of floating platforms, turn around when facing
this door, and it will be on the post between the two doors you cut open.

---- Galactic Bolt reserve- (Fort Sprocket)

<< Code 1: >> --Avery's Secret-- 

Stand on the balcony overlooking the first large control area with the 
steam vents. Look to the left of the steam vents and you will see it on
a window near where the little building is.

<< Code 2: >> --Lesley's Secret-- 

In the room with the big elevator, stand in front of the elevator and look
up the shaft.  It is on the wall near the top of the shaft.

<< Code 3: >> --Dave's Secret-- 

In The large circular room. You have to make your way around the outside
edge of this room. After you jump over the last set of crates, turn around
and look up. It is on the back of a monitor.

---- Spaceship Graveyard --

<< Code 1: >> --Matt's Secret-- 

In the area with the platforms that have turrets and lots of biomines,
jump to the third platform. Turn around and you will see it on the side
of the second platform.

<< Code 2: >> --Ken's Secret-- 

Go up the elevator leaving the room with the spinning blades. It is on the 
opposite side of a large crate that is on your left shortly after you leave
the elevator.

<< Code 3: >> --Jared's Secret-- 

In the tunnel with the large fast growing mines, jump to the third platform.
Facing down the tunnel, double jump and glide down the left wall.  Land in
the room you will see. It is on the wall to your left in this room.

---- Hydrano -------------- (Underwater Hideout)

<< Code 1: >> --Vessup's Secret-- 

When you open the door to the second room (first with fish),look straight
across the room to the opposite wall.

<< Code 2: >> --Adam's Secret-- 

When you open the door to the room after the first tunnel with homing mines,
look straight across the room to the opposite wall.

<< Code 3: >> --Jeff's Secret-- 

When you open the door to the room that is after the second tunnel with homing
mines,look straight across the room to the opposite wall. Boy! they just gave
up trying to hide them, didn't they?

You have all the codes! Go to Case files, Special missions,
and select The HIG Treehouse. There is a special code to this
area but I could not get it to work for me so I will not
include it here unless I can figure it out later.  You can
find the cheat code on


I would like to thank Gamefaqs and all the Gamefaqs community for all the
tidbits of game info I have searched out here over the years. It has
definately help me through some tough and frustrating places in the games
I have played.