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How to Marry Gray cheat for Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl


How to Marry Gray

Start a new game to make the following procedure easier. Give Gray an ore (a mineral from the mine) every day at 11 a.m. At the blacksmith shop (make it a routine). He prefers silver and junk ore but any ore will do. If you do this every day and attend the heart events his heart colour will change every season. Keep doing this and towards the end of spring while mining in the lower levels you will find Gray there walking around. When you talk to him he will say something similar to 'I'm just mining for some Silver Ore...' If you have one and then give it to him he will tell you that he will treasure it. Continue with your normal day and give him another ore on that same day and he will talk to you differently and his heart colour will change to light blue. Keep doing this routine in the morning every day and he will quickly fall in love with you.

Added by: Sanzano Feb 16th 2011, ID#3875 and get
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i cant find gray at the mine in the end of spring. he has blue heart. what should i do

Added 9th Jul 2015, ID #582255

Oh cool! :3 Gray's already light blue-colored heart before I saw this :3 xD

Added 10th Sep 2014, ID #446341

how to marry with gray

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #420632

Blue feather is only available in harvest moon boy and NOT in girl.. the bachelors will give them to u when they reached the red heart level...

Added 30th Apr 2014, ID #380194

can any 1 plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me grays on purple heart with me how to change i never saw him in the spring mine never ever.........[spoiler][/spoiler]

Added 16th Apr 2014, ID #375501

where should i found the ore???

Added 4th Aug 2013, ID #302466

In the mine near the waterfall (hot spring)

Added 3rd May 2015, ID #551465

How to get the blue feather in girl version , aaarrrrrggggg , I'm confused , just wait for Gray give me a blue feather or.... I have to buy a blue feather but when I go to the supermarket there isn't a blue feather but gray's heart is getting red , please give me an answer its so hard to play . THANK YOU

Added 21st May 2013, ID #284257

no! why cliff is gone out of the townnn!

Added 6th May 2013, ID #280567

i have a blue heart but i gave all i can but still, Mary married gray!!! oh how bad :( but i already have rick! plsss help me to reach the red heart!

Added 6th May 2013, ID #280566

gray has a yellow heart. i give him ores a lot but it wont change. help me to make gray orange heart

Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #271336

I want to marry Gray because he is so cute and handsome

Added 6th Apr 2013, ID #270953

I dont wanna get married in harvest moon back to nature girl version cause the game will end after ur married and it will be boring!

i just got married in boy version XX

Added 17th Mar 2013, ID #264473

If Gray hasn't propose and hes in the red heart go to the blacksmith and you'll see him and his granfather...and his grandfather will say to gray he done a good job and he will say your his inspiration and if you wait he'll go to your farm and give the blue feather....the end

this is Dorothy Joy Peralta

Added 13th Mar 2013, ID #263201

Hey...i already finished it and i got married to gray so ask me anything about changing his heart color...or just add me at facebook...Dorothy Joy Peralta...i'll tell you every thing

Added 10th Feb 2013, ID #252555

gray almost has the red heart...but its taking to long
how can i make it fast i found the windmill but what will he do there?

Added 19th Jan 2013, ID #244032

i really wann get married by gray

Added 4th Jan 2013, ID #236929

Why popuri Leave the Village ?

Added 21st Oct 2012, ID #199099

where can I find windmill or how can I get it?

Added 14th May 2012, ID #142221

I earned 200k plus in one season. I just plant sweet potato and i hire sprites.

Added 1st May 2012, ID #138493

i want to get a lot of money how will i get more money than 100 thousand because that is always what i get i want to put it in millions?

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #133970

Hi, I just was wondering if there is a moon view event with gray.. always that day only see cliff at top of mountain.., gray its in orange heart, XD also cliff but ;w; )/ I wish had that event with Gray~

Added 22nd Jan 2012, ID #108342

Gray heart is orage and it doesnt want to be RED what should i do i give him like 18 ores a DAY

Added 6th Jan 2012, ID #103275

harvestchick you need a 30 recipes first

Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #98690

Ahhhhhhhhhh............... Do you want me to tell all of your answers???

Just Go To........

Added 31st Oct 2011, ID #84230

You have to buy the blue father andgive it to him, he would never propouse to you

Added 29th Jul 2011, ID #62366

cliff is already red heart but he doesnt propose me. and the orange heart event i didnt get it.... how was it???? i need your suppose.

a. should i make him to be orange heart again
b. waiting his propose.
c. or..........

Added 29th Mar 2011, ID #34704

what if grey is already in red heart and the red heart event is still not happening when i ask is it bound to happen(i already got the maximum house expansion and i also have a hot house)??,just asking if someone or any one knows

Added 18th Mar 2011, ID #33147

this cheat is not to good, b'cause, how we can stay giving gray an ore EVERYDAY, and until next season...
and if we dont remember we have to give gray an ore?? how is it?? THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT ^^

Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #29615


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