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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kingdom Hearts II Pack Shot

Kingdom Hearts II


Synthesis Materials List

by Kouli

-- Kingdom Hearts II --
-- Synthesis Materials List --
-- By Ken "Kouli/Ice" Zhao (kenzhao99@yahoo.com) --
-- Version 0.2 --


<Beforehand Words>

This Synthesis Materials List is based on the JP version of "Kingdom Hearts II"
that is released on December 22nd, 2005.

The focus of this document is to show where to get each Synthesis Material.


<Update Logs>

\December 28th~29th, 2005/
- Version 0.1, completed the list

\January 1st, 2006/
- Version 0.2, added in few details


<Synthesis Materials List>

First up, the list of materials, same order as in the Moogle's Item Synthesis.
Most names are based on the English version of Kingdom Hearts, plus few guesses
from me. There are 12 of them that I considered as tentative translations which
I think they will change to something else in the English Version of Kingdom
Hearts II.

Blaze Shard     - Blaze Goo
Blaze Gem       - Blaze Crystal
Frost Shard     - Frost Goo
Frost Gem       - Frost Crystal
Thunder Shard   - Thunder Goo
Thunder Gem     - Thunder Crystal
Lucid Shard     - Lucid Goo
Lucid Gem       - Lucid Crystal
Power Shard     - Power Goo
Power Gem       - Power Crystal
Wriggling Shard - Wriggling Goo     (tentative translations)
Wriggling Gem   - Wriggling Crystal (tentative translations)
Ravine Shard    - Ravine Goo        (tentative translations)
Ravine Gem      - Ravine Crystal    (tentative translations) 
Twilight Shard  - Twilight Goo
Twilight Gem    - Twilight Crystal
Mythril Shard   - Mythril Goo
Mythril Gem     - Mythril Crystal
Bright Shard    - Bright Goo
Bright Gem      - Bright Crystal
Suffusive Shard - Suffusive Goo     (tentative translations)
Suffusive Gem   - Suffusive Cystal  (tentative translations)
Mystery Shard   - Mystery Goo
Mystery Gem     - Mystery Crystal
Orichal         - Orichalcum


<The Obtainments>

Enemies in the game drop most of the materials.

Blaze Shard - Hammer Body, Miniz Bomb, Flare Glove
Blaze Goo - Tornado Step, Aiming Canon, Crimson Jazz, Loudness
Blaze Gem - Fat Bandit, Flare Glove
Blaze Crystal - Crimson Jazz, Loudness
Frost Shard - Lance Soldier, Hook Bat, Ice Cube, Mud Dog
Frost Goo - Aeroplane, Hot Rod
Frost Gem - Fortune Teller, Ice Cube
Frost Crystal - Living Bourne
Thunder Shard - Rapid Thruster, Volt Tower
Thunder Goo - Mouldrill, Emerald Blues
Thunder Gem - Armor Knight, Surveillance
Thunder Crystal - Erazer, Terminator, Armor Knight
Lucid Shard - Trick Ghost, Mud Dog
Lucid Goo - Wright Knight, Graveyard, Toy Soldier
Lucid Gem - Book Master, Magna Loader
Lucid Crystal - Neo Shadow, Night Walker
Power Shard - Large Body, Creep Plant
Power Goo - Luna Bandit, Silver Lock
Power Gem - Aerial Knocker, Shaman, Living Bourne
Power Crystal - Morning Star
Wriggling Shard - Soldier, Shadow, Night Walker
Wriggling Goo - Air Pirate, Wright Knight, Assault Rider, Night Walker
Wriggling Gem - Lance Soldier, Sword Statue, Axe Statue
Wriggling Crystal - Air Pirate
Ravine Shard - Creeper, Dragoon
Ravine Goo - Sniper
Ravine Gem - Samurai, Dragoon
Ravine Crystal - Berserker
Twilight Shard - Dusk, Gambler
Twilight Goo - Dancer
Twilight Gem - Assassin
Twilight Crystal - Sorcerer
Mythril Shard - Through Synthesis or Item Boxes in various Worlds
Mythril Goo - Through Synthesis or Item Boxes in various Worlds
            - To Synthesis this, make Mythril Shard and with Mystery Gem
Mythril Gem - Through Synthesis or Item Boxes in various Worlds
              - Moogle's Level MUST be Level 8 in order to Synthesis this
Mythril Crystal - Through Synthesis or Item Boxes in various Worlds
                - To Synthesis this, make Mythril Gem and with Mystery Gem
Bright Shard - Soldier, Hook Bat, Emerald Blues, Bulk Vendor
Bright Goo - Assault Rider, Aiming Canon, Mouldrill, Air Plane, Hot Rod,
             Emerald Blues, Bulk Vendor
Bright Gem - Surveillance, Bulk Vendor
Bright Crystal - Bulk Vendor, Loudness, Air Pirate, Erazer, Neo Shadow
Suffusive Shard - Sword Statue, Axe Statue, Night Walker, Volt Tower
Suffusive Goo - Lance Soldier, Hammer Body, Trick Ghost
Suffusive Gem - Emerald Blues, Fortune Teller, Terminator
Suffusive Cystal - Shaman, Book Master
Mystery Shard - Assault Rider, Fortune Teller, Creeper
              - Item Box in Agrabah
              - Collect List, Obtain 50 or more materials
              - Collect List, obtain all Rank C materials
Mystery Goo - Crimson Jazz, Morning Star
            - Item Box in Pride Land
            - Collect List, Obtain 100 or more materials
            - Collect List, obtain all Rank B materials
Mystery Gem - Dragoon, Sniper, Dancer, Gambler
            - Collect List, Obtain 250 or more materials
            - Collect List, obtain all kinds of Twilight materials
            - Collect List, obtain all Rank A materials
Mystery Crystal - Berserker, Sorcerer, Samurai, Assassin
                - Collect List, Obtain 500 or more materials
                - Collect List, obtain all kinds of Ravine materials
                - Collect List, obtain all Rank S materials
Orichal - Bulk Vendor, Through Item Boxes in various Worlds
        - Collect List, obtain 45 kinds of materials
        - Collect List, Obtain 1000 or more materials
Orichalcum - You can only get 7 of them in the game:
             - Clear Atlantica
             - Clear 100 Acre Wood
             - Item Box in The World That Never Was
               - The Brink Of Despair (by the second save point of this World)
             - Clear Goddess of Destiny Cup in the UnderWorld Tournament in
               Olympus Coliseum
             - Item Box in Twilight Town
               - Sunset Terrace (need to jump on the bar/train to spot it)
             - Item Box in Sapce Paranoids
               - Central Computer Area (before the fight with Sark and MCP)
             - A Collect List Bonus, you MUST obtain ALL kinds of materials to
               get this


<Locations Of Various Heartlesses & NoBodies>

If some enemies don't show up in some worlds yet, that means they either only
show up in the worlds at early stage of the game, or they won't show up til the
later part of the game. Either way, you can always wait til the end & get them


Dusk: All Worlds
Creeper: Hollow Bastion, The World That Never Was
Dragoon: Beast's Castle, Twilight Town, Mysterious Tower, The World That Never
Samurai: Mysterious Tower, The World That Never Was
Sniper: Twilight Town, The World That Never Was
Dancer: Twilight Town, Mysterious Tower, The World That Never Was
Berserker: Twilight Town, Mysterious Tower, The World That Never Was
Gambler: Twilight Town, Mysterious Tower, The World That Never Was
Sorcerer: The World That Never Was


Shadow: All Worlds
Soldier: All Worlds
Large Body: Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum
Silver Lock: Agrabah, Pride Land
Emerald Blues: Halloween Town, The Land Of Dragons
Crimson Jazz: Hollow Bastion
Air Pirate: Port Royal, The Land Of Dragons
Trick Ghost: Olympus Coliseum, Hollow Bastion
Mud Dog: Olympus Coliseum, Port Royal
Hook Bat: Olympus Coliseum
Book Master: Space Paranoids, Hollow Bastion
Miniz Bomb: Disney Castle, Timeless River, Olympus Coliseum
Hammer Body: Timeless River, Port Royal
Bulk Vendor: This is one special & odd enemy. Just Reaction Command it.
             - West Hall, Beast's Castle
             - UnderWorld Caverns Entrance, Olympus Coliseum
             - Check Point, The Land Of Dragons
             - Bazaar, Agrabah
             - Candy Cane Lane, Halloween Town
Fortune Teller: Agrabah
Aiming Canon: Port Royal
Rapid Thruster: The Land Of Dragons, Timeless River, Port Royal
Mouldrill: Halloween Town, Olympus Coliseum
Lance Soldier: Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Port Royal
Morning Star: Hollow Bastion
Flare Glove: Agrabah
Ice Cube: Agrabah
Fat Bandit: Agrabah
Luna Bandit: Agrabah
Sword Statue: Beast's Castle
Wright Knight: Halloween Town
Graveyard: Halloween Town
Toy Soldier: Halloween Town
Axe Statue: Beast's Castle
Aeroplane: Timeless River
Hot Rod: Timeless River
Assault Rider: The Land Of Dragons
Night Walker: The Land Of Dragons
Magna Loader: Hollow Bastion
Volt Tower: The Land Of Dragons, Pride Land
Erazer: Space Paranoids
Terminator: Space Paranoids
Living Bourne: Pride Land
Shaman: Pride Land
Aerial Knocker: Pride Land
Tornado Step: Port Royal, Olympus Coliseum
Loudness: Olympus Coliseum
Creep Plant: Olympus Coliseum
Armor Knight: Hollow Bastion, Pride Land
Surveillance: Hollow Bastion, Port Royal
Neo Shadow: All Worlds


<Buyable Materials>

There are 24 materials that you can buy at the shops. First of all, you MUST
do the specific Collect Lists in order to have them to show up at the shops.
The Collect Lists are, with the corresponding material you can buy afterward:

- Obtain 30 or more Blaze Shards -> Blaze Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Blaze Gooes -> Blaze Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Blaze Gems -> Blaze Gem
- Obtain 30 or more Frost Shards -> Frost Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Frost Gooes -> Frost Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Frost Gems -> Frost Gem
- Obtain 30 or more Thunder Shards -> Thunder Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Thunder Gooes -> Thunder Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Thunder Gems -> Thunder Gem
- Obtain 30 or more Lucid Shards -> Lucid Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Lucid Gooes -> Lucid Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Lucid Gems -> Lucid Gem
- Obtain 30 or more Power Shards -> Power Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Power Gooes -> Power Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Power Gems -> Power Gem
- Obtain 30 or more Wriggling Shards -> Wriggling Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Wriggling Gooes -> Wriggling Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Wriggling Gems -> Wriggling Gem
- Obtain 30 or more Ravine Shards -> Ravine Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Ravine Gooes -> Ravine Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Ravine Gems -> Ravine Gem
- Obtain 30 or more Twilight Shards -> Twilight Shard
- Obtain 25 or more Twilight Gooes -> Twilight Goo
- Obtain 20 or more Twilight Gems -> Twilight Gem



- Me
- CJayC
- Disney
- Square Enix
- Buena Vista Games
- Touchstone Pictures


<Legal Words>

This document is copyrighted by Ken Zhao/Kouli. All Rights Reserved. It is for
private and personal use only. It can not be reprinted, reproduced in parts or
in its entirety in any form or shape. Since it is intended to be free, you can
not sell it, you can not give it away as prize, bonus or promotion. It can not
be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes. Further, this FAQ
can not be altered, referenced or distributed by any individual, web site,
organization, group, company, magazine, strategy guide author without my
absolute permission. This is protected by International Copyright Law, break
or violate any of these rules may resulted in severe civil and criminal

Lastly, this document along with my other ones CAN NEVER EVER be posted on this
site: www.cheatcc.com


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