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Follow the dark path or use the light

Timesplitters Future Perfect Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 2
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox   GameCube

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UnlockablesAdded 17 Apr 2008, ID #29830
Complete the following tasks in the indicated level to unlock the corresponding character or feature in the game.

Unlock Nobby Peters:
Beat Arcade Level 'Toy Soldiers'.

Unlock Deadwina:
Beat Arcade Level 'I like the Dead People'.

Unlock The Master:
Beat-Arcade Level 'Divine Immolation'.

Unlock Dozer:
Beat Arcade Level 'Lip Up Fatty'.

Unlock Venus:
Beat Arcade Level 'Bag Slag'.

Unlock Vlad the Installer:
Beat Arcade Level 'Big Game Hunt'.

Unlock Booty Guard:
Beat Arcade Level 'Zany Zeppeling'.

Unlock Nurse Sputum:
Beat Arcade Level 'Missile Bunker'.

Unlock Hans:
Beat Arcade Level 'Freak Unique'.

Unlock Neophyte Constance:
Beat Arcade Level 'Freak Unique'.

Unlock Leo Krupps:
Beat Arcade Level 'Rumble in the Jungle'.

Unlock Captain Ed Shivers:
Beat Arcade Level 'Pirate Gold'.

Unlock Jacque de la Morte:
Beat Arcade Level 'Vamping in Venice'.

Unlock Snowman:
Beat Arcade Level 'Damn Cold Out Here'.

Unlock Leonid:
Beat Arcade Level 'Commanding Will Kill You'.

Unlock Koozer Mox:
Beat Arcade Level 'Dead Weight'.

Unlock Prometheus SK/8:
Beat Arcade Level 'Virtual Brutality'.

Unlock Fergal Stack:
Beat Arcade Level 'Virtual Brutality'.

Unlock Aztec Warrior:
Beat 'Super Smashing Great' Challenge, 'Avec Le Brique'.

Unlock Paintball Cheat:
Beat 'Super Smashing Great' Challenge, 'Absolutely Potty'.

Unlock Brick Weapon:
Beat 'Super Smashing Great' Challenge, 'Queen of Hearts'.

Unlock Carrion Carcass:
Beat 'Behead the Undead' Challenge, 'Rare or Well Done'?

Unlock Tin-Legs Tommy:
Beat 'Behead the Undead' Challenge, 'Boxing Clever'.

Unlock Rotating Heads:
Beat 'Behead the Undead' Challenge, 'Brain Drain'.

Unlock Brains:
Beat 'Behead the Undead' Challenge, 'Brain Drain'.

Unlock Anya and The General:
Beat the first Story mission on the Hard difficulty setting.

Unlock Zombie Monkey:
Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold in 'Brain Drain' Challenge.

Unlock Karma Crow:
Beat last Story mission on the Hard difficulty setting.

Unlock Timesplitter:
Beat level 12 on the Easy difficulty setting.

Unlock Time Assasin:
Beat level 12 on the Normal difficulty setting.

Unlock Henchman Harry Tipper:
Beat level 3 on the Easy difficulty setting.

Unlock Henchman Cortez:
Beat level 3 on the Normal difficulty setting.

Unlock Monkey Gun:
Complete 'Electro Chimp Discomatic' challenge.

Unlock Bricks:
Complete 'Dont Loose Your Bottle' challenge.

Unlock Viola:
Beat 'Cut-Out Shoot-Out' Challenge, 'Hart Attack'.

Unlock Badass Cyborg:
Beat 'Cut-Out Shoot-Out' Challenge 'Balls of Steel'.

Unlock Cardboard Characters:
Beat 'Cut-Out Shoot-Out' Challenge, 'Hart Attack'.

Unlock Goddard:
Beat 'Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge', 'Come Hell or High Water'.

Unlock Cascade Cheat:
Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold in Zone Control Arcade League.

Unlock Dr. Peabody:
Get ALL Golds in Amateur League.

Unlock Human SoundsAdded 17 Apr 2008, ID #29829
When you Complete the 'Cats Out of The Bag' challenge with Bronze, Silver or Gold this feature will become unlocked.
Walk through a wallAdded 22 Mar 2008, ID #29572
Same as my last cheat, but with any weapon set you want. This time, both people get in the jeep, and drive by one of the large pillars. It works on about half of the. Pull up right next to it. Then, have the passenger and driver both get out. One of you will be inside the pillar. (*note-The walls inside the pillar are not solid!)
SkylandAdded 22 Mar 2008, ID #29571
Alright, first go to multiplayer mode ( This cheat requires two real people).
Once you choose your guys, set the only weapon as remote mines (all five slots).
Then,once your at feild select,choose the arctic level (the one with the dam).
Now,get one person to flip the jeep over. Now, have the person who didn't flip the jeep over load random places on the bottom with remote mines. Now you flip the jeep over,and have the person who didn't put the remote mines on get in. Now,the person who set the mines blow it up (make sure you're on the same team!)The person on the jeep wil stay in it until they get to this weird glitched place. Now,right when you get to the glitched place,get out of the jeep.
If you followed the instructions, you'll be in Skyland!
MMG (mapmaker memory glitch)Added 2 May 2007, ID #26369
When you make a map and run out of space, save the map and exit mapmaker, reset your ps2, open mapmaker and then load the map from the mapmaker screen. Delete every item and then some tiles. Now add some more tiles (preferably the ones you just deleted, and 5 or 6 more) and switch to items. You should be able to lay a lot of items whithout taking up space.(if it dosent, repeat the last 2 steps) When it starts to take up space, switch to tiles and do the same. When that starts taking it up, switch to items. Keep doing this till it dosen't work any more. (note, this glitch was discovered by biohazard, mapmaking extraudinaire)
Mapmaker 'citizens'Added 1 May 2007, ID #26364
To get an enemy to just stand there on a level, create a "spawn and attack" enemy with one spawn. Put them in a closed space with only one door (it dosent work with more).start the door as locked and make some story logic to unlock it. By the time you open the door when playing, it will be frozen (it only takes a few seconds to freeze it) and can effectively be used as a citizen or allie.

Or you could give any robot (exept robot louis stevenson)a baseball bat and they will tap themselves on the head.
Clue (the board game) reference.Added 21 Jun 2006, ID #21691
In the Mansion of Madness, in the library, up the stairs, Jo-Beth Cassie says, "I'm guessing Prof. Plum, in the library, eaten by zombie." to the scientist lying next to the door you go through.
Defeating the TankAdded 6 Apr 2005, ID #14206
Keep out of the tank's line of fire when you are at the ramp and use the Telekinetic Glove to take the ammunition when it spawns. The best weapon against the tank are the rockets.

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