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Follow the dark path or use the light

Timesplitters 3: Future Perfect: FAQ/ Walkthrough

by Percy Boi

.-----. _                            .-.   _  .-.  .-.
`-. .-':_;                           : :  :_;.' `..' `.
  : :  .-.,-.,-.,-. .--.  .--. .---. : :  .-.`. .'`. .'.--. .--.  .--.
  : :  : :: ,. ,. :' '_.'`._-.': .; `: :_ : : : :  : :' '_.': ..'`._-.'
  :_;  :_;:_;:_;:_;`.__.'`.__.': ._.'`.__;:_; :_;  :_;`.__.':_;  `.__.'
                               : :
.---.      .-.                    .---.            .--.          .-.
: .--'    .' `.                   : .; :          : .-'         .' `.
: `;.-..-.`. .'.-..-..--.  .--.   :  _.'.--. .--. : `;.--.  .--.`. .'
: : : :; : : : : :; :: ..'' '_.'  : :  ' '_.': ..': :' '_.''  ..': :
:_; `.__.' :_; `.__.':_;  `.__.'  :_;  `.__.':_;  :_;`.__.'`.__.':_;

July 2006: copyright protected
Timesplitters 3: Future Perfect ON PS2
FAQ Walkthrough by Percy boi: Percy Boi and all FAQ'S, reviews, database and
codes on Copyright protected by Josh Pearce
[email protected] (please note, if you add me to your chat room I will
delete you immediately, so donít bother!)
Timesplitters 3: Future Perfect: FAQ/ Walkthrough Final Version
NOTE: This FAQ contains Spoilers!!

Let's start the show, yeah?!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
/Version History  \
Note: I only update big errors in my work, never anything tiny like FAQ,
review Etc history! I also feel that my guide should expand it self to the
best of my ability but because of the difficult time I have had lately (exams,
revision etc) version history will be holed up as I have other things on my
list of things to do but every second spare from my life will go to this FAQ,
just busy sorry!!

(Guides of mine will be classed as Final but thatís because all areas of the
walkthrough are completed to MY maximum, anything else added is someone elseís
work (they will be credited for) so I wonít bother noticing little bits like
spelling mistakes or small glitches in walkthrough etc just update them in

NOTE: This guide will not contain a FAQ section because of the simple reason
that I have none, so there, if I get emails I post them here, not rocket
science is it?

March: 1.0: Finished the basic guide requirements

March: 1.1: Spell Checked and finished the enemies guide, story mode and the
arcade league! (NOTE: Unlockables and Challenges! Will be updated next issue)

April: 1.3: Added challenges, Unlockables

May: 1.5: Added Easter eggs, survival guide and weapons FAQ.

May: 2.0: Weapons FAQ completion, declared Easter egg section completed even
though will add to it in secret, Story Mode and Arcade/Challenge Section, any
small mistakes or new strategies for this will be added in a secret.

May/June: Half-Final: Decided to jump straight into the final, Completed enemy
guide, the customisation of Hellfireís arcade/challenge contribution
walkthroughs, added and completed arcade powerups guide/arcade mode guide,
added chracter/ Statistics and player progress section.

Next update Final: N/A really, finished everything, I will now update any
other sections in secret like mistakes, the Arcade Awards for example, I will
also finish the chracter guide.

(Decided not to add mapmaker guide but I do believe Bisected8 (contributor)
has made one, which is found on, but I am sorry I canít be of
help on that subject.)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
/Introduction to the game \
TIMESPLITTERS Future Perfect: Known as the emperor, the president and the king
of PS2 FPS. To anything else before, this is God. Anyway, Timesplitters is
quite a challenging game but at the same point addictive and fun. But in
previous times I am been hugging FAQs for help to beat Time splitters 1 and 2
so I thought this time round I would do my own FAQ to spread my wrath of
terror, sorry I mean guide skills like butter on bread across the lands, or
across the Internet. Itís just a pity I had a fight with that fortuneteller
friends with that guy, errrmmmm you know who I meanÖ he always wore a shirt,
oh forget it. Hope you enjoy!

This guide is the key to winning and is the victory of anything in this game
like story mode, arcade league, challenges, arcade mode, enemies, weapons and
anything else you can think of, (Note: Guide does not contain Mapmaker or
online guide as I do not have online abilities and I am very inexperienced in
Mapmaker, this may be added in later versions of the Walkthrough but this now
looks doubtful I am afraid.) At this current time I am extremely busy with
exams, revision, coursework and any after school clubs so please understand
that versions updates and email will take longer than usual but I will
eventually reply and update my work to your expectations, just have patience
with me.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
/Words of Notice\
I have some things to say about this walkthrough. Firstly, if
this has affected you in anyway then email me, if it has helped, enraged or
anything else to you then I want to hear about it. If you spot a mistake, chat
or even thank me for helping you in such a difficult moment then lets talk you
loonies. Secondly, if you would like to use my information in this walkthrough
then I expect credit in the FAQ made and an email about it. I would not want
to give you a booking in court for copyright now would I?

Note: Do not send me a Virus, threatening emails, asking me to become your
'buddyí or telling me to post something that has nothing to do with this guide
what so ever?! But I will reply to either request to post my guide or anything
thatís in my guide that you think isnít explained too clear accept a question
like Why are the Time splitters Pink? Why the hell should I know?

That's pretty clear isnít it?

'It's Time To Split?'

_ _ _ _ _ _

1) Introductions

2) Contents: What you are reading now dumbass!

3) Controls


4) FAQ/Walkthrough Introduction /COMPLETED\

5) Story Mode /COMPLETED\

6) Arcade Modes, Awards, Powerups and Leagues guides /COMPLETED\

7) Challenges FAQ /COMPLETED\


9) Weapons FAQ /COMPLETED\

10) Chracter Guides/Progress section/My Statistics Section /COMPLETED\

11) Easter eggs and Film Jokes /COMPLETED\

12) Unlockables /COMPLETED\

13) How do I survive in the Time splitter world? /COMPLETED\

14) FAQ

15) /End of Guide\

Note: These are default controls!

Menu Controls
X= Activate
O= View Player's Progress
Up and Down= Highlight Menu Item
Triangle= Back/Cancel

Player Controls
Move/Strafe: Left Analog Stick
Look/Turn: Right Analog Stick
Throw Grenade: L1
Aim: L2
Melee Attack: R1
Fire: R2
Crouch: Square
Manual Reload/ Leave Fixed Weapon: Triangle
Activate (Enter Unlocked Door): X
Change Weapon: directional button (left and right)
Toggle Weapon Subtype (Zoom in if in Aim mode): Directional button (Up)
Change Grenades (Zoom Out if in Aim mode): Directional button (Down)
Pause/ Access in-game Options: Start Button

Vehicle Control
Forward: X
Backwards: Square
R2/L2: Weapon fire (optional)
Move: Direction (left/right)

FAQ/ Walkthrough Introductions
This guide is like a Life walkthrough to Timesplitters 3, featuring anything
and everything to do with the game. I am a big fan of timesplitters and this
is my first proper full FAQ/ Walkthrough, I hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: This is set to easy difficulty and the Main Objective is the one you get
at the very beginning of the level, there are checkpoints in between each
section of the levels and these are shown a simple paragraph! (This contains

Story Mode: Level 1     2401
Time To Split

STORY SO FAR: After escaping from the Time Splitter Space Station with the 9
Time Crystals Cortez is preparing to land at a Time Splitter Infested Earth,
but suddenly the TIMESPLITTER Mother Ship fires a heat-seeking rocket at your
pod. The pod must now make an emergency landing in Time Splitter Territory.

Main OBJECTIVE: Make it back to the base with the TIME Crystals.
Objectives: Use the gun emplacement to defend yourself from a Time splitter
attack, defend the rebel base.

Walkthrough: Follow the men until you reach the wings of your ship where black
hooded assassins will attack you. Take them down with your sci-fi handgun and
take their ammo. Next, cross the cliffs by walking along one of the wings on
the left. Some more assassins will attack you from the distant; simplify duck
between one of the boulders on the left or right for a perfect shot and cover
from them. Carry on moving once they have been eliminating until you reach a
Transportation bridge, here many assassins will attack you, you can kill about
3 quarters of them by shooting the barrels underneath the bridge.

Once there all dead carry on until you reach a cut scene where 2 guards have
you pinned down on a balcony, just shoot one of the two barrels behind them
with your newly polished sniper to take them down. Next carry on around the
cliffs and you will encounter 2 Splitters for the very first time. These guys
are pretty hard to kill, if you want to know how to kill them check the
enemyís section. Once you have took down these pests you will come to a Gun
Emplacement where a whole bunch of Splitters arrive. Use the emplacement to
nail down the Splitters that appear from the path you arrived from, the path
ahead and the cliffs to the right. If you canít see any Splitters its probably
because they have turned invisible so your best option is to make out the
outline of them, once there dead carry on into a big plain of sand where
several Timesplitters will attack, duck behind the sandbags near the Base
Gates and attack the Splitters with your Plasma Rifle once about 8 are dead
the gates are open so make a run for them, once you enter them the level ends.

AWARDS: Anya and The General (please note, you donít unlock both characters at
once, you unlock one of them depending on what difficulty you have selected on
Story mode, this applies for all unlockables in Story Mode so wonít be

Story Mode: Level 2     1924
Scotland The Brave

Story So Far: After escaping the Timesplitters and making it back to base,
Cortez is told he must go back in time to 1928 Scotland to search a Island
which had a lot of Time Travel Energy just before it was destroyed by the
British Navy. On the Island he must find the key to the Time Crystals and
Splitter creation and do whatever it takes to stop it. After a rough ride in
the Time Travel Machine, Cortez takes a drop in the sea and is picked up by
Captain Ash, a British Soldier, who has business on the Island as well and is
searching for his assistant who is in captive there. Then Cortez takes down a
sniper in one of the castle towers with the signal gun; unfortunately you have
to search the Island while the Castle is getting bombed, not great really?
Once you hit the beach Cortez and Captain Ash make a promise to help each
other! Time to Search the Island! As the Captain would say ĎIts Going to get a
bit hairy from hear on?í

Main Objective: Investigate the Island
Objectives: Protect Captain Ash, Escape the trap, locate the Time crystal-
mining site, gain entry to the meeting hall, destroy the enemy tank, access
the underground areas of the castle and help rescue Captain Ashís assistant.

Walkthrough: From the pier you can examine your boat to find the flare gun on
the floor then follow Ash up the path (NOTE: All your sidekicks must be
protected, if they die then you fail the mission, this is always an issue so I
wonít mention it again). Shoot the 3 men in the radio outpost and grab the
sniper then proceed up the path until you find a few men hiding behind a brick
wall and a dude on a gun emplacement. A plane will bomb the Emplacement but
you must take down the guys behind the brick wall and on the balcony above the
door in the distant with your sniper, then enter the brick huts to find some
goodies. Once you are ready, enter the door in the distance. Some Guards will
lock the doors on you as soon as you enter the room so you best find the
controls. Head up the stairs found at the other side of the room and nail the
guards with your machine gun, head past the crane controls and go left into
the room and press the lever to open the exit to this room. Quickly run to the
crane controls again and pick up the machine gun turret that has opened on the
boat by pressing X, then dropping the turret on the deck by letting it go.
Head back down the stairs and go through the exit and down the hill to the

Throw a grenade through the window of the garage to take down 2 of the 3
guards then shoot the other one with your machine gun. You now have a choice,
to drive the truck or to let Ash drive it and you shoot. I would choose to
shoot really because Captain Ash is a pretty pathetic shot and you are fully
open to attacks. Once you have followed the path to the bridge use your Uplink
to pull down the bridge again then carry on up the path to the Castle Entrance
shooting the guards on the balconies and behind the doors. Then grab the TNT
from the Truck Wreck and attach it to the door on the left to blow it up, make
sure Ash is well away from the door and is crouching in a corner of the wall
before blowing the door out.

Once Inside nail the guards pouring down the steps then go up them yourself
and nail the guards coming out of the rooms. Ash will then ditch you for a
while and stay in one of the rooms signalling the fleet. Carry on and enter
the next room to encounter yourself in a Time Loop (This means that your
future self entered a time portal and met yourself in a Time Loop risking a
Time Paradox, in the Future you will have to protect your future self and past
self when in trouble from different dangers, this will be noted in future
levels). Your Future Self will give you a key to the door ahead of you. Go
through it and laugh or just nail the drunken guard in the cellar then Ash
will start the elevator for you then head off again.

Then enter the corridor taking down the guards in the various bedrooms until
you come to one with a door next to the bed. Enter this door and listen in on
the conversation of a strange time travelling foe. Then he will head off
through the fireplace leaving you to take down the men in the room with your
machine gun.

Head through the door next to the fire place and you will encounter your past
self where you can give him the key to the cellar again (I hope you
understand?!) Go into the kitchen and take down the guys in there and then
continue up the stairs into more bedrooms with more goodies and guards in
there. Carry on through the corridor until you reach the cam room where you
can take down the guards and enter the jail cells where Ash is trying to think
of ways to get out his Jungle Queen assistant. Go into the other cell and
place holes in the oil barrel and wait for the oil to seep under the lantern
on the ceiling where you can shoot it down blasting the wall open so Ashís
Assistant can escape easily. Carry on down the corridor (Unfortunately you
wonít see Ash again (ĎCheerioí). Grab the goodies off the table and play some
famous tunes on the piano then exit through the door where you will encounter
your first ever Boss!

Boss: Tank, This is pretty easy because its your first boss, grab a TNT found
in one of the rooms then set your machine gun to grenade mode by pressing up.
Fire at the tank to stall it for about 10 seconds then attach a TNT to the
back to take it down, easy peasy? Go down the elevator the tank came from to
find the secret lair of the castle then go through the door in front of the
bridge to end this level!

Awards: The Jungle Queen, Warrant Officer Cain

Story Mode: Level 3     1969
The Russian Connection

Story So Far: This Strange Time Traveller unfortunaly got away but luckily
left a clue to where he headed (A Train Depot 1969) to catch up with his old
friend: the evil Khallos! Cortez makes another crash landing at the Depot and
meets up with Austin Powersís wannabe Harry Tipper who is tracking Khallos
down to find his partner who has been kidnapped. Khallos plans to bomb America
to start another World War but has been promised eternal life from the time
Traveller who is from the Union of Ultra Science who wants a small army in
return to become even more powerful! Time to Follow Khallos and the Time
Traveller to find out more!!

Main Objective: Catch Khallosís Train
Objectives: Find the time traveller, rendezvous at the water tower, protect
Tipper, Deactivate the electricity, Gain access to sector 3, restore main
power, restore starter motor, and start water turbines.

Walkthrough: Snipe the Guard in the hut with your silenced pistol then the 2
guards who storm out of the house as well. You can enter the house and nail
the 2 guards who want to wear female clothes, to earn a piece of armour. Carry
on around the corner and enter the sewer system and wait for Tipper to smash
down the cage so you can continue, you will break up with Tipper for a bit so
just go up the steps and silence snipe the guard.

Then go around the corner and snipe about 5 others just wandering around the
courtyard, pick up there machine guns and nail the 2 guards who come riding
around the corner in a jeep. Pick up their guns as well and kill several
guards coming out of the power station, which is found near a ton of brown
boxes on the right, then turn off the power by pressing the switch inside. Go
through the Gate, which is found next to the tower.

Harry will then tell you to cover him while he steals some uniforms from the
barracks. Climb the ladder and steal the sniper and ammo from the sleeping
guard then turn left and you should see Harry in a rusty garage and tons of
guards piling in from different locations, nail them with the scope and shoot
the barrels to help take them down just donít shoot any barrels near Tipper or
he will be dead! After you have shot the guards down, Tipper will now sneak
through another hole where he will appear by the Barracks Door where more men
chump out on him so give him cover again, when he makes it to the door you can
head off. Walk down the plank into the Staff Quarters and nail the guards on
the stairs then enter the rooms to grab goodies, finally go through the ground
floor to meet Tipper with the baggy clothes. (Note: For some reason the guards
think Tipper is a woman but who has ever seen a woman with a moustache?
Anyone, come on put your hand up!!)

The Gates will open for you so then just walk through then walk to the stairs,
go up first and through the door to meet a mechanic, beat him up to grab a
security pass then go back downstairs and go passed the engine, water turbines
and then go to the controls to the turbines and turn them on, go back to the
engine and turn that on then go back to the mechanic and turn that machine on
then go back to tipper to turn on the power again! Now you can put your gun
out again and cause havoc. Nail the guards on the catwalk above and around you
and enter the blast door ahead.

Kill the guards ahead then go down the stairs on the right killing everyone
you meet. Go left to find more troops and to find the prison quarters as well
packed full of goodies and 2 prisoners (a cute monkey imported from Africa on
one of the trains and a cocky girl scout trying to sell cookies), Tipper will
stay there while you go and find the train. Carry on around the silo until you
come to 3 blast doors. The One on the right wall, right side just has tons of
guards in so just ignore it, the one on the right, left wall contains a
missile shell, which you must use your uplink on to take to the other blast
door and fire at.

Go through the cracked door and kill Khallosís Body Guards then go down the
stairs to encounter the Time Travelling Foe who unfortunately escapes again,
kill the 2 guards then go through the blast door to finish the level!

Awards: Henchman Cortez, Swinging Tipper

Story Mode: Level 4    1969
The Khallosís Express

Story So Far: After Missing the Train, Cortez has to result to using Lever
Powered Carriages to reach the Train, he makes it to the train eventually and
finds Tipper already there nailing some guards, time to find Khallosís, maybe
he has some clues to the Time Traveller.

Main Objective: Find Khallos
Objective: Prevent the missile launch, destroy the helicopters, deactivate the
gas room, and stop the train.

Walkthrough: You got to get to the front of the Train to stop it before it
runs over Tipperís Partner!!! Donít worry thereís no time limit!! Letís
Go up the stairs and take the sniper on the carriage ahead down then climb the
ladder and from here take down the guards patrolling the carriage ahead, once
all 4 are down continue to that carriage inside the first you will find a gun
emplacement with a grunt on it, just shoot one of the barrels to the right of
him to bring him down and head inside to the communications carriage and kill
the unsuspecting guards.

Carry on through a passenger carriage eliminating more men until you reach
another opened carriage where a helicopter has got you pinned down, quickly
head to the controls of a heat seek rocket on the other side of the carriage
to keep him occupied.

Head up the ladder and kill the 2 guards who appear out of the left vents.
Then drop down onto another open carriage and kill the 3 guards patrolling
around. Then the helicopter is back for more. TIME LOOP: A Future Cortez will
appear on another Train at the other side of the tracks, you must defend him
from guards coming from both carriages, this is quite easy because when the
guards appear you have plenty of time to kill them before harming your Future
self. Once he has taken down the helicopter carry on through the carriage
ahead. In here you will find Ammo heaven where you can stock up fully on all
weapons and health/armour, nice!

Leave the wagon and climb the ladder, a cut scene will begin where you jump to
the train your future self was on and through a time portal! Once the scene
has ended kill the troops in the carriage then pick up the rockets and heat
seekers then head outside, TIME LOOP: You are now protecting your past self
from the helicopter while he protects you from the guards (this is even
easier, when you get a target just fire all your rockets at once to bring it
down). Once its down go back to watch a cut scene of you jumping back to the
original train.

Run through another passenger cart full of men then you can meet up with
Harry. Nail the guys who are stupid enough to jump to the train then continue
to the next carriage. Go through Khallosís personal cartridge full of cheeky
gadgets and drunken men then go upstairs to Khallosís Office. He then appears
and locks you in a room filling with gas.

Just run to the door to his office and use your temporal uplink to open the
door of Khallosís office but unfortunately Khallosís has also got away for
now! Press the switch in his office then go back downstairs and kill the
guards who come out of the locked carriage. Then run passed the missile
killing the guards, now its time to disarm it. Take control of the controls in
the small room ahead of the missile. Here you must turn the cogs to connect
the wires to their inputs and outputs (Note: this is easy but they will
gradually get harder and harder). You must connect two wires on different
sides of the board by turning the different sections so they pass straight
through to the other side, unfortunately you do have a Time limit on this bit
and unlike the others it is random, my tip is donít think the easy route, if
the left side of A needs to be connected to the right side of D you will most
likely have to go through E, I, M, N, O, P, L, H and back to D for it connect.

PLEASE NOTE: You may encounter a problem where the cogs wont move at all,
please look at my FAQís for more information.

Once disarmed you must continue up the ladder ahead until you meet your next
Boss 2: Khallos

He is on a jetpack flying around the carriage roof while he fires blue orbs at
you and then bashes into you, its quite dangerous actually. Use your double
machine gun to take down about 3 quarters of health then your tactical gauge
to see him off. Then just carry on forward to the front controls and press X
on the lever to end the level.

Awards: Elite Henchwoman, Kitten Celeste,

Story Mode: Level 5      1994
Mansion of Madness

Story So Far: After stopping the train about 100 feet away from Kitten
(Tipperís Partner) Cortez is given another clue to the time traveller because
in 1994 a mansion owned by The Brotherhood of Ultra Science had lots of Time
Travel Energy being deposited from it just before it burnt down. Once Cortez
arrives at the mansion it appears that the mansion is haunted with zombies and
ghosts! A Teenager (Jo Beth) has followed you into the mansion to catch some
pictures of the zombies for a dare! Pretty stupid dare if you ask me!!

Main Objective: Investigate the Mansion/Attic
Objectives: Rescue the scientist, defeat any creatures and find the lab

Main Walkthrough: Enter the front door and a strange bolt of lightning will
cause a tree to fall on the door and lock you in. Then you will see a poor
scientist be crushed to death by the chandelier above. Pick up the
Flamethrower on the floor and flame the black spirits to pieces, then go
through the door on the right and grab the goodies out of the closet then
continue to the games room and pick up the revolver and baseball bat.

(Note: Preserve your ammo, zombies unarmed can be killed with a gun hit or
baseball whack but zombies which have a shotgun should be taken down
immediately with a one touch head shot. This will not be told again). Once you
have taken down the zombies carry on through the next room and wait by the
door until the room is set alight by the ghost, then pull out a gun and kill
the flaming zombies (Note: Ghosts cannot be killed until you find the ghost
gun so just stay away) Head through the door on the right into the garden and
stay on the patio until Dr Marty is eaten by the mutated worms then run on the
grass and equip your flamethrower then burn the 6 worms when they surface,
once there dead the Doctor in the tree will come down and tell you not to go
in attic so obviously you best check it out! Donít worry about the Doctor
because you will catch up with him on the next level.

Go back into the room before and head into the next room to stock up on a
double barrel hunting shotgun and some goodies then continue through 2 doors
until you enter the Dining Room where about 8 zombies will fall of the
balconies above 1 by 1, about 3 of them have shotguns, 3 unarmed and 2 have
baseball bats. Once they are all dead the MooseHaunter will turn up and smash
down at wall. Its time for Boss 3!
Boss 3: Moose Haunter has blades on his arms and will slice and dice you up if
you donít keep moving; the head is his weakness so aim your shotgun there.
GLITCH: If you enter the hole in the wall he smashed through then he canít
reach you and he is open to attacks so thatís your best bet. Once he is down
carry on through the next door to watch a zombie chase a doctor down the
stairs. You can watch the Doctor get eaten if you want or you can protect him,
ever way is fine. Go up the steps to find 2 doors, the one on the left heads
to the balconies above the dining room where you can find some zombies and
ammo, once you have you picked up the ammo and killed the zombies go through
the door on the right to come to a corridor fill of bedrooms and bathrooms.
Clear all the rooms out and search them for goodies then continue down the
next corridor to see a doctor getting eaten alive by zombie bugs then they
start approaching you.

Quickly pull out your flamethrower again and walk slowly backwards burning the
hundreds of bugs approaching you under the floorboards, ceilings and walls,
the bugs are deadly so if there close run backwards, once there all dead
continue killing zombies and picking up goodies until you reach the library
and then head upstairs to the attic to see a big bunch of zombies (unarmed and
armed) having a party. Behead them and watch out for the black spirits and
ghosts then continue through the attic corridors until you reach a number of
libraries packed with 3 shotgun zombies. Kill them then go to the door,
unfortunately you will fall through the floorboards below and land in the
storage quarters where a man tells you thereís a secret passage to a lab
sanctuary in the kitchen and the Time Traveller who created this madness is
still down there.

To reach the kitchen you must cross the courtyard. Fill on goodies then go
outside to the courtyard where you will meetÖ
Boss 4: Princess/Part 1. He will come out of the well and either burn you with
his flame breath or stomp you with its hands. Fire your shotgun at his head
and rotate around the well dodging his hands and flame for simple victory. Or
you can follow Willie Robinsonís email, here it is:

 I'm writing this to you since you're one of the guides that updated most
"recently", and seem more promising to update again before the others. It's
concerning Princess1, boss for Mansion of Madness. I've read the other guides,
and no one seems to mention there's a pseudo-camping spot where you can stand
and Princess can't swipe you; swipes that cause more damage in the long run than
the other two attacks.
Facing the entrance/exit, on the far left side, and large piece of the rubble
will stand upright. It's not enough cover to avoid the flames or the fireballs,
but it stops the swipes cold. You can camp there until the eye opens and plug
it, or until P starts using one of the two fire attacks. The fireballs are
laughably dodgable, just as long as you don't linger out of the spot for too
long. The flames can be avoided slightly by just running close to the well and
in a counter-clockwise motion. I "discovered" this on Hard mode and only got
away with roughly 1/3 damage (bit late on outrunning the flames a couple of

Then Jo Beth will open the door for you letting you into the kitchen. A chef
will awaiting you with a butcher knife so give him something to cut up and
nail him. Then the cooler room will open packed full of Cow Zombie Carcass.
Use your revolver to shoot them in the stomach to take them down then go
through the cooler room to enter the secret ladder going down to the Secret
Lab to end this level.

Awards: Arthur Aching, Gaston Boucher

Story Level: Level 6   1994
What Lies Below

Story So Far: By the looks of it, the lab sanctuary has been overtaken by
zombies as well unfortunately. But if the Time Traveller is down here then you
must go down there and find out who he is no matter what!

Main Objective: Find the identity of the Time Traveller
Objectives: Defend Jo Beth, kill the creature and escape the catacombs.

Walkthrough: Pick up the goodies in the cellar and continue through the
corridor and you will see your Jo Beth Friend fall down a hole. Continue and
you will then fall down a hole. Here you will encounter zombies who look like
Jo Beth, so before shooting make sure they are who you think they are. If your
crosshair on your gun turns red when facing a Jo Beth look a like it means
they are a zombie so just take notice. Continue through the tunnel to find the
real Jo Beth hanging by her feet in the air with zombies trying to pick at her
so you must defend her from zombies. Keep them of her by shooting the heads of
the zombies taking notice not to shoot Jo Beth, once all 10 zombies are dead
Jo Beth will fall to the ground and you can continue searching the lab with
her. Get the ammo under the stairs then continue up the stairs then down the
next to find the Doctor who hid in the tree getting devoured by 2 Zombies.

Kill the 2 zombies then kill the doctor before he turns into a zombie as well.
Open the door by unlocking it on the computer then go down various stairs
nailing the electronic zombies just by shooting them really. You will then
enter a room filled with 3 beds and a small vent above each one, Jo Beth will
then attempt to hack the computer to open the locked door but she needs
protection from the zombies who become pouring out of the vents, donít worry
they arenít armed. Once there all dead pick up the key weapon (Harpoon Gun)
which is they to killing the Boss later in the level. Continue down the
corridor and use the computers for information and to torture the zombie and
doctor in the cells.

Continue through the corridor to find the Feeder (The Guy who feeds Princess)
teach him to get better pets, then you will encounter The Time Traveller who
pushes you down a hole into a mine cart and then ties Jo Beth up. Get out a
gun and shoot each zombie who approaches your cart in the stomach for them to
explode. TIME LOOP: Your Future self will now appear and tells you to protect
him from the zombies while he protects you from the ghosts with his ghost gun.
This can be hard so listen up, stay just in front of your future self and
donít let him get to far away from you. Always check behind you to see if any
sneaky zombies are hurting your future self. Once you have reached the end of
the tunnel your Future Self goes left and you go right to find the Ghost Gun
and some goodies. Follow this Tunnel to nail some ghosts and to meet up with
your Past Self. TIME LOOP: You are now the Ghost Killer and your Past Self is
protecting you from the zombies. Use my strategy for the previous Time Loop
but this time kill the ghosts. Go right this time and drop down the hole to
meet up with Boss 5: Princess Part 2

The Big Monster is back again, she has got the same attack as before but there
are also bats this time pecking at you. But you only have a minute before the
monster picks up Jo Beth and eats her (this means you fail the mission) so
bring our your dust catching Harpoon Gun and aim for the barrel in its mouth
when he opens it to scream or to breath fire. Once the barrel blows the
monster will go straight back to hell. Then take the elevator upstairs to find
Jo Beth. Then go back to the room you fell through last time and go through
the door there to find the diary of Jacob Crow (the mysterious Time Traveller)
who then sets the computer to blow up the entire mansion in one minute. Go
through the numerous doors full of Zombies you passed through before and you
will eventually come to another elevator. Go Up it to End the Level!

Awards: Dr Lancet, Jo Barf Creepy

Story Mode: Level 7     2052
Breaking and Entering

The Story So Far: U-Genix was a company founded by Jacob Crow nearly 60 years
after the mansion incident meaning Crow must of used his Time Device to jump
further into the Future to carry on sick experiments unfortunately. Cortez
lands on top of the headquarters of U-Genix and sees Agency Secret Agent Amy
also sneaking into the headquarters searching for crow for unknown reasons.

Main Objective: Find Evidence in Crowís Office
Objectives: Penetrate rooftop security, Protect Intruder, activate fire
suppression unit, help the intruder gain access to crows floor and his
computer unit and reach the lift.

Walkthrough: Use your uplink to pick up the gun across the roof then use it to
shoot the guard. Press Up on the gun to see security cameras, guns etc then
take them down with your laser, go down the steps and make sure there are no
robots nearby then make a run left, around the corner to the control room with
a cam above the door. Kill the engineer in the control room and take the
goodies and disable the security keys on cameras, robots, guns etc and open
the door to gain access inside and off the roof from a door at the other side
of the roof. (NOTE: Use the Mag Charger on every new room you enter to make
sure there are no cameras, gattaling guns etc, this will go without warning

Shoot the panel down on the stairs to crosswire the lasers then go down the
stairs and kill the guard then, go downstairs and use your uplink to crosswire
the lasers then continue through the next corridors killing guards and
disabling security. Then head into the control room and collect the SFL 500
gun and man the computer to protect Amy from the security that pile in through
the door, make sure Amy is never open to attacks from the guards and always
scan the room for any sneaky guards hiding around. Once the guards are dead,
log out of the computer and go through the door she has opened for you.

Go down the steps, checking for cameras etc then follow the robot around the
corner making sure he doesnít see you, then disable it on the computer on the
left wall and enable the cleaning robot (I love this little guy) it will then
open the doors for you allowing you to set the fire alarm off by blasting a
gas canister in the closet. Enter the new door the mechanic has opened for you
and kill the swat teams who come bursting through the windows by hiding behind
the tables with your machine gun, to kill the robot throw a time grenade and
come from your post and blast it down before time returns.

Then check the ladies room for some goodies. Carry on down the corridor to
meet up with Amy from the Agency. She will lead you to an office of one of
Crowís executive and tells you to protect her for a minute while she hacks
into the computer. Some guards will come through the window behind and a few
others accompanied by a robot from the door. Once theyíre all dead go back to
the elevator where you met Amy and go down one floor to Crowís Personal floor
and head right towards his office.

On the way you will encounter several soldiers and robots so take caution.
Once you reach his computer Amy will tell you that another secret lab is
underneath the building and theyíre experimenting for eternal life. Head back
to the elevator and kill the guards and robots with your grenades and machine
gun. Once you reach the elevator you will end the level!

Awards: Inceptor and Jack Sprocket

Story Mode: Level 8     2052
U Genius- U Genix

The Story so Far: The Lab below is doing illegal and sick operations beneath
the city and it is known that Jacob Crow is still here. He is key to the
crystals and Splitters but how is he linked? You best ask him at Gun Point!

Main OBJECTIVE: Find Crow
Objectives: Obtain an ID Card for employees, advance past the security with
Amy, pass through the sterilization unit, kill hostiles and destroy crowís
security droids. There is also an objective to complete the time loop section
if in 1 player mode.

Walkthrough: At the bottom of the elevator follow the corridor until you
encounter some spider bots, take them down then go left and kill some more
then go right and into the showers to take a access card from one of the
cubicle shelves. Then go back and go right to steal a uniform, injector, key
card and some armour. Then go back to the beginning where you encountered some
spider bots and go right to enter the labs.

2 Guards wonít let you inside so go up the spiral steps and take control of
the rail bot on the computer and kill the 2 guards then press the red button
opposite the computer to open the door.

Follow the corridor nailing or just in disguise strolling passed the guards
until you reach the sterilization showers. Kill one of the doctors and kill
the security that arrives then enter the showers once Amy has hacked them.
Then wait for Amy to get changed and get sterilized then go through the doors
with rotating green lights above it to enter another room full of scientists
and guards.

Eliminate them then continue through the corridors until you reach 2 injured
doctors who give you an injector to take down the mutants (it takes one shot
of the injector to kill a mutant, check the enemy section to find out more).
Continue through the corridor and enter the lab and take down the guards while
Amy uses are acrobatic skills to nail some others. Go up the stairs and kill
some more guards then enter the next lab while Amy stays behind to clear
things up.

In the next few rooms you will encounter mutants and soldiers having a battle
so let them fire then kill any survivors (with your machine gun or Injector
depending on mutant or guard), once you reach the room where you can hear Crow
making a speech on the radio, kill the guards and then open the closets below
down the stairs for some goodies before continuing to the operating room to
find a few mutants and soldiers battling it out, eliminate them all then go
through the next door to find another operating room packed full of mutants,
eliminate them for the last time then go through the door for the biggest and
most confusing

TIME LOOP: Right this is one is the most difficult time loop of all, you have
to do another wire connection (3 actually) and then shoot down the security
with about 4 other Cortez loops. First you must hack a computer with a minute
to do it in, I think there are about 36 cogs to rotate, with 2 wires to
connect, the blue starts from the top of the table and ends at the bottom the
route must go right, down, down, left, left, left, down then left and the
green starts at the left and finishes at the bottom so go up, right, down,
right, down, down then left and finally down. Now you must do another bigger
tally with 3 wires this time. The blue wire starts at the left then at it
finishes at the bottom (go up, up, right, right, up, right, right down, left
down, down left, left down, down.) The red starts on the right and finishes at
the bottom (go down, down, left, down, down, down, left, left, left, down to
get to it) and the green wire starts at the top and finishes at the right by
means of going down, down, right, down, down, right, right, right, down, right
to do this one. Then take down the securities as the other Cortezís hack the
PCS. Then you will face the final and hardest hack. This 3 wired hack is a big
COM so listen up. The red starts at the top and ends at the left in this slick
combo by means of down, down, left, left, left, left, down, down, down, down,
left, up, left, up, up, up, left. The blue starts at the top and finishes at
the bottom by going down, down, down, right, right, right, up, up, up, right
down, down, down, down left, down, down, down. The green finishes at the right
coming from the left by means of right, right, right, down, down, down, down,
right, right, right. Then take down security and head through the door to Amy!

Head through the next door to a shielding Crow, who unleashes 4 space pods,
use your pistol or SBP to take them down and end the level!

Awards: Dr Amy, Dr Cortez

Story Mode: Level 9        2243
Machine Wars

The Story so Far: Unfortunately Crow got away again for, like the forth time
and has travelled to 2243 to create the Time Splitter army and to find the
Crystals with the technology they have. Humans new he had to be stopped but
crow and his robot army got to powerful so a war has broken about between
them, Cortez has hacked into a battle robot R-110 and is now at his command.
Now itís no messing, Get inside Crowís Facility Site immediately! Itís all a
bit Terminator style if you ask me!

Main Objective: Locate the Ultra Net Labs
Objectives: Reach the tank, gain access to the processing facility and obtain
a cybernetic security implant.

Walkthrough: Go round the corners and attack the bots then pick up the
grenades and chuck one at the big robot and take down the women guards coming
from the ruined building on the right. Then make your way towards the tank.

TIME LOOP: You will now encounter your Future Self who tells you to drive and
he will take control of the laser gun and take down the space pods. You need
to steer the tank up the bank then take it left down the street, use your
missile gun to take down the tank then turn right and take down the blockade
then go through the underground tunnel and run over the robots then use the
launcher to destroy the other tank (the Tanks has very poor steering, please
try and cope with it, I know its crap, but shit happens) and the blockades.

Then you will automatically leave the tank and your Future self will take your
robot and head for the Facility Gates and he tells you to go down that vent to
get a security clearance. Drop down the vent and shoot down the robots out of
window then continue down the corridor and jump down the hole in the wall.
Carry on shooting robots and guards then head up the bank and along the
balcony killing robots and using your plasma grenades and Auto rifle until you
come to a door, wait for one of the Humans to hack it for you then clear the
room full of enemies and enter the implantation security clearance room.

This will fully clear your health but leave you enough to stay alive, but
donít worry you can pick up some health once you leave the room. Run through
the exit and sprint along the balcony eliminating the robots and hiding behind
the boxes to find some goodies and a sci-fi sniper, you can use this to take
down the 2 gattaling guns found on each pillar across the other side of the
courtyard plus the robots you have got a clear shot of down below. Drop off
the balcony and drop into the sewer gutter, nail more robots and climb up the
other side of the gutter then go left killing even more enemies as you run
along a building ruin. Then head through the door around the corner to meet up
with your past self.

TIME LOOP: This time your must shoot down the space pods, this is pretty
impossible to lose, even if you donít shoot down anything you probably still
win, once you reach the Facility Gates again you will be given the robot and
you will automatically enter the gates, kill the bot then pick up the goodies
and continue along the big plain taking down more bots then head up the stairs
killing even more bots until you come to a jeep.

Get in and follow quite a long path full of robots, pods and guns trying to
eliminate you. Never stop moving or your dead, you may get shot once but
deadly enough to kill, try to keep straight but you can try to run over bots
on the road for a laugh and to help dodge nearby guns.

Get out of the car once you reach a fence and a robot computer. Take control
of the computer and the robot will start moving automatically, then about 10
space pods will appear and start attacking the robot, face each robot and wait
for a target then fire at least 3 rockets at it to take it down, donít worry
you have infinite ammo and missiles for the robot, once all pods are down you
will automatically enter the base to end the level!

Awards: Genghis Kant, Medocari Jones

Story Mode: Level 10   2243
Something To Crow About

The Story So Far: You have entered the base undetected with your robot buddy,
its time for no messing, find and eliminate Crow and stop the creation of the
Time Splitter army at all costs!

Main Objective: Eliminate Crow and Find and Destroy the Timesplitter Army!
Objective: Deactivate the battle mech and the central power core!

Walkthrough: Go down the lift destroying the 2 space pods flying around then
enter the door R-110 opens for you when you reach the bottom.

Then kill the robot mechanic and the robots that teleport into the rooms by
the means of the yellow glow that appears, a cut scene will show data of the
TIMESPLITTER army and R-110 getting a virus that causeís him to turn into a
punk thug robot, pretty weird actually. Enter the next room and grab the
Electronic tool off the wall (this has to be used on shielded robots to
disable there defences, a robot will be defended if they have a white clear
ball around them, this will go without warning again). Go through the door on
the right to encounter your first shielded enemy, take care of him then get
the goodies on the left and take down the rolling gun on the right. Continue
following the path and use the electro tool to override the force field on the

Then continue through the next corridor killing even more bots until you come
to another shielding door, use your electro tool again on the door then go
through the curling tunnel taking down the turrets. Then go up the lift and
collect the goodies. Walk along the balconies killing more robots on other
balconies then go up the lift across the balcony leaving R-110 behind. You
will now come to the Electronic Power Sphere that powers the whole Facility.

Eliminate the space pods and press the 2 switches on the pillars either side
of the sphere then kill the teleported soldiers and bots. Go through the newly
opened door and go down the lift destroying more bots and turrets. Then, pick
up a plasma grenade from the ramps at the other side of the room and throw
them in the circular hole that rotates on the electro sphere to blow it up.
Then some turrets will come out of the locked blast door so show them off then
Boss 6: Goliath, will show his face. Throw your grenades at his legs then once
your out of them, use your auto rifle to finish him off, he is extremely
simple to defeat, just watch out for the gun turrets to make sure he goes home

Go through the blast door the boss came out of then pick up the goodies and go
through the door. Use the huge gun in the central of the room to kill all the
enemies in the window balcony then destroy the glowing power node to create a
hole to go through just underneath it. Go through the door to come to the
drainage room and take down the turrets, guards and robots by taking cover
behind the various pipes appearing around the walls then go across the balcony
and out the door to come across the Time splitter Chamber.

Kill the bots patrolling the huge room and collect the gattaling gun and
homing launcher then take down all the robots that appear then enter the door
opposite the entrance. Go up the lift to appear on a huge catwalk above the
TIMESPLITTER chamber, go left, taking down the turrets and bots then press the
control panel when going around the corner to make more bots appear and a
power node appear above the chamber on the ceiling. Take down the bots and use
your tool to kill all the Time splitters below (Crow can build more, he must
be killed).
Go left or right and follow the end balcony and go down the lift and follow
the corridor to enter the courtyard of Crowís palace.

Kill the space pods then walk up to the bridge and equip yourself with your
electro tool, now you must fire your electro tool at the right energy node at
each section of the bridge long enough to cross! Once you reach the door, kill
the robot butlers and collect the goodies then go up the stairs and through
the door straight ahead to meet Boss 7: Splitter Crow Part 1. Pick out your
mini gun or homing launcher and shoot down the circles around its weapons to
hurt Crow then when the circles disappear you have destroyed that weapon (he
has laser guns, gattaling guns, rocket launcher and also shits walking bombs
that follow you around the room! Use the pillars for cover and also keep
moving, using your grenades and best weapons. Once all his weapons are down
take down the big circle on his ass and he will collapse. You have just
finished quite a tough Boss and Level!

Awards: Goliath SD/9, Private Jones

Story Mode: Level 11   1924
You take the High Road

The Story So Far: So Crow is a third human, third Robot and a third Splitter,
It appears he is indestructible but fortunately has gave away a clue to the
Splitter key that may cost him his life he says ĎWe have been mining for the
crystals under the Island for a whileí, this means the crystals are underneath
the Island not on it, so Cortez must go back to 1924 and catch a sub
underneath the Island with R-110, but Crow isnít going to go down easy either,
itís a race against time or Crow or whatever really!

Main Objective: Find the Time Crystals
Objectives: Activate the drilling machine

Walkthrough: Leave the Sub and the door will open in front automatically open,
kill the men then go up the stairs and turn around then press the button to
access the control room, in there press the button and collect the goodies
then go back to the corridor and continue right to the door. Turn the valve to
turn the door right.

Then R-110 will fall down the pipe leaving you to fend for yourself, follow
the corridor killing the guards and ignoring the stairs until you come to a
dead end, press the switch here then go back and down the stairs. Kill the
Scubas and pick up the harpoon gun and continue though the corridor until you
come to the warehouse. Kill the guards there and follow the path through the
boxes killing guards and weak robots then follow it until you reach the

Kill the men below and on the other side of the bridge picking up all the
goodies there is.

Then go down the spiral stairs opposite the entrance to the next village
street to find even more guards awaiting you above on the balconies and on the
streets across you.

Go through the next-door then go right and up the stairs to a balcony above.
Killing more men then go through a door on the balcony leading to the mining
section. Go left or right to find 2 rooms exactly the same and press the 2
switches when you go down each stairs next to the engines then go in the
control room then into the drilling room on the other side of the control room
to meet up with R-110. Kill the drunken mechanic and go down to the bottom of
the hole in the elevator then through the 2 doors leading out of the drill
elevator causing to end the shortest level there is!

Awards: Time Assassin Cortez, Robot Louis Stevenson

Story Mode: Level 12   2401
The Hooded Man

The Story so Far: On the way to the Time Crystals, Cortez comes across a band
of Time Assassins bent on travelling back time and murdering you. So travel
forward in time to 2401 to take him down. Luckily Cortez disguises himself as
an assassin (Leaving R-110 to wait there for a while) and tags a long as well
to foil their plans of murdering his future self. I hope you understand whatís
going on!?

Main Objective: Protect your Future Self from the Assassins

Walkthrough: This level is a sort of huge Time Loop of the first and it
follows your future self-taking the route of the first level while you follow
a different route via the Cliffside. At different points of the level you must
defend your Future self below by sniping the enemies who he encounters,
remember though, if you get hurt he gets hurt and vice versa! From the
beginning go up the cliff side and take down the sniper on the left and take
his ammo then continue up the Cliffside until you come to the wing bridge like
in the first level.

Take down the guards below and on the cliffs opposite you and wait until
Future Cortez carries on with the journey, go down a passage to the left then
take down more guards. When you come to the bridge take down the men below it
by shooting the barrels etc then man the gun emplacement on top of the bridge
for Boss 8: The Time splitter Mother ship, all you need to do is fire the gun
emplacement at the non moving ship at the right point so all the missiles it
fires come right into your line of fire, so you arenít wasting time taking
them down. Once itís down continue across the bridge and go right to collect
some goodies then go left and take down the guards and wait for the future
Cortez to take down the snipers in the window.

Then protect Future Cortez from the splitters by guarding his back as he goes
up the path. Once he has gone, continue up the corridor killing splitters then
head up the lift to the final stage of the level. Here you will see Cortez
below you on the plains getting attacked by Splitters, use the sniper and auto
rifle to take the invisible splitters down, once he has reached the grey blast
door the mission is over!

Awards: Berserker Splitter, Time assassin

Story Mode: Level 13   1924
The Final Level: Future Perfect

The Story So Far: The Assassins failed, so its time to destroy all this Time
Travel business by destroying the crystal and ending this madness, Cortez
comes back to 1924 and meets up with R-110 again and they decide to search the
complex and destroy the crystals.

Objective: Destroy the Crystals

Walkthrough: Go down the stairs and eliminate the guards on the circular
balcony and below you patrolling the courtyard, drop down off the balcony and
kill any men patrolling the outside circle of the courtyard then kill the men
who come storming out of the cellar floor. Go down here killing the miners and
pick up the crystals and then go back to the centre courtyard, to meet the
Final Boss: Crow Part 2!!!!
Pick up the grenades for your machine gun and nail the circles on his weapons
like before, once your out of grenades use your machine gun bullets, once half
of his life has gone he will destroy R-110, No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that
little guy!!!! He is asking for it now!!!! You then go back in time to before
crow arrived to meet another Cortez and R-110 again, few!! Pick up more
grenades for your gun then when crow appears do the same again until he dies.
Congratulations: You have won Story Mode!!!!!

Awards: Mad Old Crow, Corporal Hart

End Story: Cortez wedges the crystals into the time machine engine and places
the machine on full power destroying the crystals forever. Cortez and R-110
then go back to headquarters and find that everything involving time travel
has disappeared. R-110 goes back home and earth turns from a sandy dump to a
beautiful heaven. The END!! HOORAY!!!!

You have completed Story Mode!!

Arcade Mode
This is a sort of custom game mode where you can create your own little party
game if you like, full of weapons, bots, characters, levels modes and much
more to choose from, there are 14 game modes to choose from they areÖ

Death Match: The Traditional shoot em up where players are all on there own
and must kill each other to get points, the first one to the targeted points
wins and is the most original and simple game mode there is.

Team Death Match: Exactly like Death Match in every way accept for the fact
its not everyman for himself but your teams of any numbers and sizes, this is
very popular if there are lots of bots and players in the game.

Capture The Bag: There are usually two teams of any size, which are at
different sides of the arena/level in there own base. There they have a bag of
there own colour and the idea is to stop the other team from taking your bag
and bringing it back to thereís and they are trying to do the same. You get a
point for getting the enemies bag back to yours and the team who gets to the
required points first wins.

Bag Tag: There as many players as you like and there is one bag in the level.
When someone picks it up his or her timer increases up and when they lose the
bag, the timer stops, everyone wants the bag and the person who keeps the bag
for the longest (whoeverís Timer is the highest at the end of the Time set

Elimination: Just like death match but every player starts with the same
amount of lives, when they die they lose a life, when they lose all there
lives they are eliminated out of the game until the game ends. The Winner is
the only remaining player left.

Shrink: Just like Death match but when you die you go smaller and smaller
making it harder for other players to shoot you, but if you kill people you
grow back to normal size, person with most points wins.

Vampire: Like Death match but your health will decrease rapidly during game
play, to keep it up you have to kill opponents, person with most points wins.

Thief: Kills donít count but the coins that appear when an opponents dies do,
the person with the most coins wins. (Note: If you kill someone another
opponents can steal the coin he drops)

Virus: Just like tag but the opponent who starts as Ďití must tag everyone so
the virus spreads. The winner is the person who is the only one left without
the virus!

Zones: There are 5/6 circles around the level, when you walk over it that
circles is yours and you must keep taking over circles to get more points
while defending your already owned circles. The more zones you or your team
has the more points you get every 15 seconds. The first person that reaches
the targeted points wins.

Assault: This is like a Story Level, which you can customize; you win only if
you complete your objectives. If you die you are just spawned from where you
completed your last objective.

Gladiator: One person starts as the gladiator and can be seen by if they have
a yellow glow coming from there bodies and only the gladiator can score. To
become the Gladiator you have to kill him then kill everyone else to gain
points, the person who reaches the targeted score wins.

Monkey Assistant: This is just like Death Match but every 30 seconds 3 monkeys
appear in the arena and are slaves to the person in last place, they hunt and
kill the first placed opponent and kill anyone else who gets in there way.
Once first place is dead they disappear and come back another 30 seconds
later. The Monkeys kills go to last place; the monkeys will come if you hear a
triumphant drum/trumpet being played.

These are all the modes available; at the end of each game you play you will
be given some awards (3 max at a time). There are over 50+ (59) awards
available and you see them in the player progress section. Now, the arcade
awards are not my work and are the full awards of work of HELLFIRE X (A
contributor on GameFAQS) So thank you Hellfire X!!

(Note: Hellfire has not yet completed this section so will update as his work
progresses and I cannot take any credit at all for his work and his kind
attitude towards accepting my mail. I have now decided to add my own knowledge
of the awards guide as well.)
 _ _ _ _ _
/Finished \
(There are 59 awards in the game!)

Most Lethal         - Took the largest number of kills for the match

Most Professional   - Showed best tactical usage of weapons

Longest Spree       - Got the most kills in a row without dying

Brain Surgeon       - Get a large number of headshots

Decapitator         - Got the most zombie decapitations

AC -10 Award        - Hoarded the armour pickups

Hypochondriac       - Hoarded the med-kits

Hoarder             - Picked up the most weapons

Most Frantic        - Moved the furthest throughout the match

Most Sneaky         - Used cover the most effectively

Most Useless        - Donít do anything in the game donít even move

Best Equipped       - Spent the most time equipped with the strongest weapons

Underequipped       - Spent the most time armed with the weakest weapons

Most Manic          - Moved the most in the match

Longest Innings     - Had the longest time between deaths

Shortest Innings    - Went the shortest amount of time between deaths

Survivor            - Spent a good deal of time on critical health

Most Flammable      - Spent the most time on fire

Most Damaging       - Dealt the most overall damage in the match

Most Effective      - Took the highest hit/kill ratio

Marksmanship        - Complete the match with a very high accuracy

I Hit Dead People   - Shot the most dead bodies

Pathetic Shot       - Complete the match with a vast number of missed shots

Lemming Award       - Killed yourself a lot

Glass Jaw           - Get killed a lot by being hit with melee attacks

Where's The Health? - Constantly had med-kits snatched from under your nose

Where's The Armour? - Constantly had armour snatched from under your nose

Bully               - Constantly killed the same opponent over and over again

Victim              - Make sure a certain bot kills you the most in a match

Unlucky To Lose     - Lost the lead in a match right at the very end

Fists Of Fury       - Used unarmed melee attacks a lot during the match

Fists Of Steel      - Smacked off a large number of zombie heads using a robotic

Vandal              - Wrecked loads of breakable objects in the level

Traitor             - Constantly killed your own team mates

Sniper              - Spent the whole match sniping from long range

Dodger              - Evaded enemy fire the most effectively

Weapons Expert      - Obtained at least one kill with each weapon in the match

Most Outgunned      - Constantly took on opponents while armed with inferior

Most Cowardly       - Spent the most time the furthest distance from opponents

Sloth               - Spent the whole match walking/ moving very slowly

Most Losses         - Died the most during the match

Multi Kill          - Killed three or more opponents in quick succession

Most Peaceful       - Went the whole match without firing

Bag Man             - Spent the most amount of time with the bag (CTB only)

Most Dishonourable  - Constantly shot your opponents in the back

Ricochet King       - Took a lot of kills using ricochet shots

Smasher Award       - Statistic award. Break 500 panes of glass

Cartographer        - Explore your personal map made on mapmaker.

Back peddler        - Walked backwards a lot

Sidestepper         - Strafed a lot

Ledge Hopper        - Be in the air the most, jump of balconies to things below.

Porter              - Was the only person to score in a Capture The Bag match

Trigger Happy       - Fired the most during the game

Golden Oldie Award  - Statistic award. Spend a set time playing as classic
                      characters from the original TimeSplitters

Insomniac Award     - Statistic award. Clocked 2 hours of insomnia time

Beheader Award      - Statistic award. Knocked a total of 200 zombie heads off

Persistence Award   - Play the game for 50 hours overall

Traveller Award     - Travel more than 515 miles overall

Smasher Award       - Smash a ton of glass (500 overall)

Brutality Award     - Thanks to Sillent Sniper and his strategy here to get
the award. It is simple really. Here is his quote: ĎThe brutality award is
given to the person that that has a tiny little gun and is running circles
around someone with a big bad gun just to irritate him, that is how I got it
anywayí. If this does not work then I apoligize.
 _ _ _ _ _
There are 4 powerups available in Arcade Custom; they will either make your
game play easier for about a minute or 2, or make it hell for the opponents.
1)	Green Power up: This one makes you smaller to the other characters so
they canít shoot you; they may take you down with a launcher or a lucky
shot though.
2)	Red Power up: Does twice the damage with your weapon than normal, plain
and simple. My Favourite!
3)	Blue Power up: Makes your speed double, making it easier to get away
from enemies, a bit cowardly accept for virus and flame tag mode.
4)	Yellow Power Up: Makes you invisible like the Timesplitters but somehow
enemies still see you. Annoying, it isnít a power up, just a change of

Those are da powerups.

Arcade League: Amateur League
This is a section of the game where 27 arcade matches must be completed to
unlock more characters etc. To find out which arcade unlocks which thing then
go down to the unlockable section.

One Gun Fun Section
Level 1: Rockets 101
Platinum: 1st with 20 kills
Gold: 1st with 18 kill
Sliver: 1st with 16 kills
Bronze 1st
Information: You are Captain Ash, in a death match with a rocket launcher to
keep you company in the Zeppelin Level! Now, this is quite hard so pay
attention, with the rocket launcher you best aim at the opponents legs to take
them down as quick as possible with no fuss and always pick up ammo from the
people you kill. The rockets can be homing so keep moving around the level and
never standing still in a battle. Always look for the room with the most
enemies inside to pick up points fast. Use your radar and be wary because
thereís usually one character that can always beat you to first place. Good

Level 2: A Big Game Hunt
Platinum: 1st and 50 kills
Gold: 1st and 35 kills
Sliver: 1st and 25 kills
Bronze: 1st and 15 kills
Information: Siberia awaits Leonid to take down the Moose Haunters in this
team death match. So with your trusty sniper rifle pick up all ammo possible
then sniper down the mooseís on the other side of the level, always keep
moving then occasionally stop and snipe a quick head shot into the mooseís.
Check all around the level opposite you and take them down, the radar is
pretty useless here, it gives you an idea where they are but not much.
Remember to search all the buildings to see if there is any mooseís lurking.

Level 3: Divine Immolation
Platinum: 1st and 20 kills
Gold: 1st with 18 kill
Sliver: 1st with 15 kills
Bronze 1st
Information: The Flare Guns X2 need a polishing as The Master waits to kick
some ass in the Temple as this Death Match kicks off!!  Easy Really, just pick
up the flares and nail anyone around, you are given too much time to win this
so just get it out the way off with and carry on!! Really, itís that easy, I
donít think it even needs a Walkthrough.

Night Sticking Section
Level 1: Commuting will Kill You
Platinum: 1st in 2 minutes and 20 seconds
Gold: 1st in 2 minutes 40 seconds
Sliver: 1st in 3 minutes 40 seconds
Bronze: 1st
Information: The weapons available for this Subway Elimination are grenades, a
tactical 12 gauge and the Pistol 9mm as you play as Jack Sprocket. Use your
tactical 12 gauge as a must in this small level, remember to keep it loaded
full and always take down the opponent with the biggest lives. Blast everyone
to hell and if you go into the control room you can look out for opponents on
the subway tracks then pull the levers on the controls to knock em down, Speed
is the key here so just be fast in sending the opponents down. If you
encounter a bunch of opponents at a time, why not use your grenades to send
them packing!!

Level 2: A Toy Soldier
Platinum: 1st with 30 kills
Gold: 1st with 28 kills
Sliver: 1st with 20 kills
Bronze: 1st
Information: In this shrink Vietnam match you will play as the very capable
General and you will be equipped with a LX-18 X2, Proximity Mines, a flare
gun, some grenades and not forgetting the classic Tactical 12 Gauge. First you
can booby trap the doors of the level with your mines then bring out different
weapons depending on the different sizes of your opponents, if small the flare
gun but if medium the LX-18 X2 or the Gauge, this is one hell of a level so
just do your best to get gold. You gotta be real lucky get Platinum but like
most arcades you got to keep tryin!!

Level 3: Its Dam Cold in here
Platinum: 37 points in 2 minutes 45
Gold: 37 points in 3 Minutes
Sliver: 37 Points in 3 minutes 30 seconds
Bronze: 37 Points
Note: Of course on all arcade leagues you have to come first!!!
This Zones mission in Siberia can be either beautiful sailing or stormy
cruising (easy or hard) for you (Crispin the fire zombie) so you got to be on
your feet, there on many approaches to do this level and I find all of them
fine. You can either rush between each zone reclaiming them as you go a long
in the jeep hidden on the ice somewhere running over snowmen on the way,
ignoring your weapon choice of Magcharger, sci-fi and vintage rifle, flare gun
and heat seeker or you could take a position in a bunker with a view of all
the zones and pick off the snowmen who come attracting to each one. But it is
up to your Team to pick up the zones so you may be lucky or may be unlucky,
either way its difficult.

On the Take Section
Level 1: Vamping in Venice
Platinum: 1st in 2 minutes
Gold: 1st in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: 1st in 3 minutes
Bronze: 1st overall
Information: As the title suggest, this is a Vampire level in Venice and your
character is Jacque de la Morte in this one-shot kill level with the Harpoon
Gun. This is one fast paced level; the level is small and has lots of corners
so just be careful you donít bump into any opponents unexpectingly because
they will put you down in an instant. The Radar is a lifeline so doesnít wait
for enemies to come to you, but you go to them to keep your Vampire Meter up.

Level 2: Pirate Gold
Platinum: 12 points in 1 minute 50 seconds
Gold: 12 points in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: 12 points in 3 minutes
Bronze: 12 points
Information: This Temple Thief level can be quite a handful for you (Captain
Ed Shivers). Your weapon choice is rocket launcher, heat seeker, Timed Mines,
Flares and a Ghost Gun. Remember you have to pick up the coins the opponents
drop not the deaths so donít use long distance kills because the other players
will steal the coin the time you reach there. Try to take down all the players
in the room at once so you can collect all the coins without any thieves
about!! Try to be a thief yourself and steal some coins also donít hang around
for opponents to come to you! This is one tough cookie to crack!!

Level 3: A Virtual Brutality
Platinum: Complete the assault in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Gold: Complete the assault in 4 minutes
Sliver: Complete the assault in 6 minutes
Bronze: Complete the assault in 11 minutes
Information: This one is more of a Walkthrough not guide to platinum, in this
VR Assault level as INSETICK SD/12 you get a weapon choice of the sci fi
sniper, handgun, auto rifle, rocket launcher or grenades. To win this youíve
got to ignore enemies as killing them will just waste your pretty low time and
you have got to know where you are going in this level as wandering the level
will waste time and probably get your killed. So here is the guide to the

Walkthrough: Pick up the sniper then take out the two turrets in front, then
move through the main door and you should find a red cube, hold X on it until
the bar is full to open the door. Go left or right with the handgun then go
left if you went right and vice versa! Do the same to this red cube then go
down the corridor on the right to come to another cube, do the same to this
red cube! Then go through a door that opened between the two cubes to find. Go
Left nailing the turrets then go up the hill and right destroying the two
turrets between even another the red cube. You know what to do with this cube.
A new door opens by the hill you came up from, go inside then go down one of
the ramps and use your auto rifle to take down the generator. Go through the
newly opened door opposite the generator. Follow the corridor into the main
core thatís shaped like a monkey surprisingly! Lob a grenade through the mouth
of the monkey to blow it up and end the level! Revise this a few times then
keep trying to win platinum, you have completed the Amateur Arcade League!

Arcade League Honorary League
So you have been promoted to medium or Honorary League as I call it, can you
handle the pressure, I think so?!

Dead Weight Section

Level 1: A Pox of Mox
Platinum: 36 points in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Gold: 36 points in 3 minutes
Sliver: 36 points in 3 minutes 30 seconds
Bronze: 36 points overall
Information: This is sort of average to win really for you (Gretel) as the
weapons selections say it all (Sci fi handgun, sniper, time dispersion gun
grenades and the plasma auto rifle). You will start at the same area nearly
every time (the red rectangular room). Collect the zone then leave and collect
the zone on the right then leave and go outside to the space port collecting
the zone by the exit then kill the Mox messing around outside, kill them all
then go down the steps and collect your fourth zone, all the mox will come out
of the blast door here, take them down and came them back from entering the
Port and stealing your 4 zones. You should win this level no probs as long as
you keep them back and away from the zones which to reach to must go through

Level 2: A Rumble In the Jungle
Platinum: I think its 1st in 3 minutes 15 seconds
Gold: 1st in 3 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: 1st in 4 minutes
Bronze: 1st
Information: Another Elimination match awaits you (Leo Krupps) but this time
you are in Vietnam equipped with Timed mines, proximity mines, a single and a
double flare gun, heat seekers and grenades. You need to get the double flare
guns as soon as possible for a start then to enter the central beach where the
spawns are most likely to appear, you can get on the emplacement and take down
enemies in the water but you are fully open to an attack behind with some
oneís flare gun, booby trap the doors just to give you a boost of luck. This
is where lucky charms really needed to be used to grab Platinum. Forget 4
leafed clovers and horseshoes; you need a double flare gun at all costs.

Level 3: A Freak Unique
Platinum: 30 kills 2 minutes 40 seconds (Thank You Thomas)
Gold: 30 kills 3 minutes
Sliver: 30 kills in 3 minutes 45 seconds
Bronze: 30 overall
Information: This is a Team Death Match in the subway but unfortunately you
havenít got a team, youíre on your own I am afraid, talk about Hans being a
Billie no mates! You have got a choice of a machine gun, a few grenades and a
Tactical 12 gauge. You need the gauge to get kills and to get them fast so try
to at least shoot the men in the neck or head to send them down. Clear all men
out at each Teamís base. Donít let the other team kill each other or your
missing vital points and wasting time to getting platinum. This one is tricky,
not like a crossword, more like at 100-year-old puzzle if you catch me drift.

A Fever Pitch Section
Level 1: Welcome to Outbreak Hotel!!
Platinum: Survive for 3 minutes
Gold: Survive for 2 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: Survive for 1 minute 30 seconds
Bronze: Survive for 1 minute
Introduction: In this Hotel level you get use the Kruger 9mm X2, Ghost Gun,
Grenades, Proximity Mines. This is a virus level, thereís only 2 so donít
really get used to it, Virus is my favourite game mode and I enjoy it to bits,
my friends canít be me at it because I am the champ. There are two ways to
winning this, you can either camp out somewhere in the corner of the arena
with a weapon handy killing anyone who approaches you, tagged or not (This is
called the soldier method). My method is to simple, follow a character until
they get caught then run away and follow another until everyone is caught (The
Chicken Method) its not as cool as the soldier method but its just as
effective follow either one to get platinum.

Level 2: Missile Bunker
Platinum: Survive for 3 minutes
Gold: Survive for 2 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: Survive for 1 minute 30 seconds
Bronze: Survive for 1 minute
Information: Another Virus Mission but this time in the Bunker with Nurse
Tourniquet equipped with pistol 9mm X2, mini gun, soviet rifle, grenades and a
mag charger. Just follow my guide to Outbreak Hotel; if you follow the soldier
method then a good place to hide is a top the black balcony above one of the
rooms with a mini gun handy facing the entrance. If you do over run by viruses
then jump off the balcony and do the chicken method for ultimate victory.

Level 3: Bag Slag!!
Platinum: Hold the bag for 3 minutes 10 seconds
Gold: Hold the bag for 3 minutes
Sliver: Hold the bag for 2 minutes 30 seconds
Bronze: Hold the bag for 1 minute 30 seconds
Information: This bag tag level set in the Big Tipper Disco as Anya is pretty
easy and you donít even need to use the weapons like Machine Gun, remote
mines, Baseball Bat, Rocket Launcher, Grenades and Shotgun just grab the bag
from the balcony below then go around the outside of the level like a race lap
just keeping to any route you know until you reach Platinum. This can be easy,
just learn to run away!

Mode Madness Section
Level 1: I Like The Dead People
Platinum: 1st with 40 kills
Gold: 1st with 32 kills
Sliver: 1st with 12 kills
Bronze: 1st
Information: This shrink match in the hotel, with Edwina equipped a machine
gun and machine gun X2, you also get a soviet rifle and a bag of grenades for
keeps. Use your machine gun X2 to take down anyone of any size and rush to any
big room of opponents to claim the most points, pretty original really this

Level 2: Zany Zeppelins
Platinum: I have no clue at all?!!
Gold: 1st with 20 kills
Sliver: 1st with 12 kills
Bronze: 1st
Information: This debut Gladiator match in the Zeppelin as Khallos is a toughie
one. You donít have good weapons; you have some garbage combinations like the
Kruger X2, Mag Charger, Shotgun and Remote Mines. I had real trouble with this
guide and needed the very capable helping hands of gamefaqs contributor Hellfire
X let him explain. (PLEASE NOTE, This is around the basics of Hellfire Xís
walkthrough, but in my own words)
A toughie this one! You are in a crap arena and pretty crap weapons. If you do
manage to get the Gladiator you are probably dead in seconds! Use your pistols
and stay away from big groups, perhaps take one down then run off, and repeat,
you can use your mines for a sneaky kill now and then, luck is needed and the
gladiators to play poorly to stop them racking up there points. Thanks Hellfire!

Level 3: Lip Up fatty
Platinum: Complete the assault in 4 minutes
Gold: Complete the assault in 5 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: Complete the assault in 7 minutes
Bronze: Complete the assault in 10 minutes
Information: Another assault but this time in the Mars prison and this time
your Mordecai Jones equipped with some very nice weapons, like sci-fi handgun,
rocket launcher, timed mines, plasma grenades, sci-fi sniper and the very cool
plasma auto rifle! Some people class this as a tough level to get Platinum on
but I seem to dominate it every time. I just run through the level doing the
objectives as fast as I can just running from any enemies in the way. I pick
up everything I need then continue, I seem to find this quite simple. Run up
the hill until you reach the base, pick up the timed mines by the gate and
take down the turrets in the centre of the plain then go left and place the
mines on the glowing box, the wall will blast open. Take down the opponents in
here then go into the small alcove computer and hold X then carry on forward
and do it on the next one. Destroy the turrets and take down all of the
opponents here, it does help if your team are on good terms and are giving you
cover, you are either lucky or unlucky to have them, itís a selective!!
Continue round the corner and go left into the barracks. Carry on through the
doors, taking down turrets then go up the ramp and out of the door, then cross
across the walkway into another door and deactivate another computer here.
Leave this room and go right and through this door, go through some various
doors until you reach the prison section, search all of the small cells to
find the fat floating Dozer, then just blast him one to complete the mission.
I did this mission no problem, I think you can?!

Arcade League: Elite League
The Final league eh? Give it a go, itís tough but I think you could crack it!

Smash N Grab Section
Level 1: Screw Loose
Platinum: 25 points in 3 minutes
Gold: 25 points in 3 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: 25 points in 4 minutes
Bronze: 25 points
Information: This Thief level in the Mars Prison again is a pain in the ass!!
The Prison officer gets to play with the same weapons before like the sci-fi
handgun, rocket launcher, timed mines, plasma grenades, sci-fi sniper and the
very cool plasma auto rifle! This is so difficult that I can only manage a
pathetic sliver!! The Monkeys are fast so when you can one of them, one of
there friends turn up and steals the important coin available giving them
points, they have a habitat of stealing powerups as well, like invisible
powerups, speedups and max power powerups. Which makes them even more
dangerous. Try to stay away from anymore than 3 of them at a time because itís
like feeding a dog cat food. It wonít work!! Just try to do your best and get
a bit of luck as well.

Level 2: O shoal O Mio!!!
Platinum: 40 kills in 1 minute 40 seconds
Gold: 40 kills in 2 minutes
Sliver: 40 kills in 2 minutes 20 seconds
Bronze: 40 kills
Information: This is a joke right! I late night at the office for the
developers I think, itís a draft this one! You are the deep diver in this team
death match in Venice equipped with some Very nice, machine guns, tactical 12
gauge, Soviet rifle and Timed Mines. The Shoalís canít take literally any
attacks you give, just pick up the tactical 12 gauge and storm towards the
shoalís and give them some!! You could hang around wait for them come to you
but either way is fine. Just be careful from sneaky attacks by them and always
keep your gun high on ammo. The worst you can do here is a gold really!

Level 3: Astro Jocks
Platinum: 1st in 2 minutes
Gold: 1st in 2 minutes 15 seconds
Sliver: 1st in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Bronze: 1st
Information: This elimination is sooo tough I canít really think of a strategy
as you play as Candi Skyler through this spaceport mission. Dispersion Gun and
Plasma Grenades are available. The Dispersion Gun is crappy and useless, and
it seems opponents donít attack each other very often, my best on this level
is sliver but its all down to luck, you could try using the levels windows to
peep into other rooms to get extra kills or hiding somewhere and killing
opponents as they stumble across you, this one is just a geniusís game!!

Group Therapy Section
Level 1: Zone Control
Platinum: 35 points in 2 minutes in 45 seconds
Gold: 35 points in 3 minutes
Sliver: 35 points in 3 minute in 15 second
Bronze: 35 points
Information: This zone level in the VR course as Goliath SD/9 can either be a
walk in the park or a stroll in the lake if you catch me drift! Your weapons
are the plasma auto rifle, dispersion gun and the quite nice SBP 500, I do
think the plasma grenades are also available but I am not sure! I donít really
have a strategy for this one; I usually have a good team squad when playing
this level so they are quick to pick up the zones. All I did was guard one of
the zones found next to a ramp on a roof and let my teams do the work. Pretty
lucky me, blow away any enemies even if they arenít approaching you!

Level 2: Front Loaded
Platinum: 10 kills in 1 minute 50 seconds
Gold: 10 kills in 2 minutes 10 seconds
Sliver: 10 kills in 2 minutes 50 seconds
Bronze: 10 kills
Information: You are Kitten Celeste in this one on one death match in the
Disco!! In this death match you are only acquired with a double machine gun to
take the opponent down. You have no radar so wait on the Dance floor always
moving around it, collect the nearby ammo and take down any sign of movement
around the walkways. This is easy enough, I got a gold, and I think you can

Level 3: Old Baggers
Platinum: Win with 5 captures
Gold: Win with 4 captures
Sliver: Win with 3 captures
Bronze: Win with 2 captures
Information: The only capture the bag mission there is. This is a bunker level
as braces, you get to create havoc and pain with some nice weapons like the
pistol 9mm X2, Soviet Rifle, Grenades, Proximity Mines and a Mag Charger. This
one is an average; the opposing team has the same abilities all the way so you
have got to be crafty. First play this level so you know the route to get to
there bag and back to yours. This level is has a advantage, because of the
corridors its hard for the enemies to shoot you in the back, donít hang around
when you got the bag because you are unarmed and open to attacks, just keep
and you should manage 5 bags just about!

Retro Chique Section
Level 1: The Dead, The Bad and The Silly
Platinum: 30 kills in 2 minutes 10 seconds
Gold: 30 kills in 2 minutes 25 seconds
Sliver: 30 kills in 3 minutes
Bronze: 30 kills
Information: This Mexican Mission team death match, as sheriff skull face is a
classic in this shootout equipped with grenades, shotguns, revolvers, flare
guns, vintage rifles and heat seekers.  Go outside and pick up the shotgun,
then hide in one if huts and wait for one of the enemies to come towards yer!
Never fall to sleep (lose concentration) or youíre an easy target for the
enemies because they always spawn outside around the huts. Stay away from the
heat seekers and place some headshots for ultimate perfection.

Level 2: Ninja Garden
Platinum: 1st in 24 kills
Gold: 1st in 20 kills
Sliver: 1st in 17 kills
Bronze: 1st
Information: This Chinese Monkey Assistant mission is a corker of a level, you
are the Chinese Chef equipped with the spicy Machine Gun X2, tactical 12
gauge, grenades, injector and the pistol 9mm X2! Kill the Animals as pure
usual but stay away from the Zombie chef Gaston, he is a pleb and quite hard
to take down, the monkeys will most certainly come after you most of the time,
so try to survive there 30 seconds attack and then mow down the sender, which
is probably one of the animals. Use your radar and always be on guard, luck
needs a bit of a shove here!

Level 3: Sock it to them!
Platinum: Complete the assault in 1 minute
Gold: Complete the assault in 1 minute 50 seconds
Sliver: Complete the assault in 2 minutes 40 seconds
Bronze: Complete the assault in 4 minutes
Information: The final level is the easiest assault out of the 3; this one is
set in the training ground as you play as Mr Sockey, grenades, timed mines,
rocket launcher, machine gun, soviet rifle and tactical 12 gauge await you so
lets do it!! Go outside and find some mines and grenades then ignore all the
turrets and enemies and pick up the medi pack behind one of the machinegun
turrets, go into the waterfall gorge then up to the enemy camp, plant mines on
the 2 turrets (one on each building) then mine all the barrels which are found
on roofs, behind buildings and behind treeís around the level, thereís about
5. Then head into their control room and plant mines on the computers or throw
grenades at them, once there all blown you have completed the level and the
arcade league!!

End of the Arcade Leagues

Challenge Mode Section
This is a different aspect of the game; Arcade League was more of missions,
which you could actually create on normal Arcade mode but challenges are
totally different, you canít (curl monkeys and race cats) on Arcade Mode can
yer! A very fun aspect of the game!

Behead the Undead Section
Level 1: A Brain Drain
Platinum: 35000 points
Gold: 25000 points
Sliver: 15000 points
Bronze: 5000 points
Information: This first challenge is based around you (Dr Lancet) trapped on
the Hotel landing with your shotgun while Zombie Monkeys and Black ghosts
attack you. This is very original and was first taken from the very first Time
splitter game. This is defiantly a classic!! You can move around the landing
of the stairs but not up them or behind them! Monkeys with shotguns spawn on
the stairs on each wave, all the others in a small corner each side of the
stairs, you have to take down the heads off the monkeys for ultimate points
(75) and try to take down a few heads in one shot for a combo! You get 50 for
killing ghosts but these donít cause much hassle. You must keep moving between
each side of the stairs reloading your gun then blasting the nearest zombie
monkeys but this method shouldnít be used until you reach wave 4! This may be
trouble for you after this point because thatís when the shotgun monkeys
appear. This isnít my strong point of the challenges so I apologize!

Level 2: Rare or Just well done?
Platinum: 50000 points
Gold: 30000 points
Sliver: 20000 points
Bronze: 10000 points
Information: The crappy injector is the only help in this Mansion of Madness
Kitchen arena for you (Gaston Boucher). This time it isnít zombie monkeys but
your old friends carrion carcass. This is an absolute disgrace of a level, its
annoying and just plain difficult. 3 darts are used to take down the fat gits
each, so once killed pick them up so you arenít losing any ammo. But once the
3 darts have entered the carcass run away before it blows up and causeís
damage by the explosion! The waves start simple and you think that this isnít
so bad but after the while it turns from heaven to hell as piles of dead cow
meat come banging through the doors causing havoc. A good pointer is to use
the two tables on each side of the room for a clear few seconds before they
get round to take one or two down, then go around the opposite side of the
table and kill some more carcass while they crawl all over the table, then go
around the next table and kill more carcass, repeat this. This may not work
every single time but giving it a try can rank you up to a higher award! But
be careful of carcassís spawning from the room floor and obstacles in the way
of your movement!

Level 3: A Boxing Clever
Platinum: 100000 points (what the heck?)
Gold: 50000 points
Sliver: 20000 points
Bronze: 5000 points
Information: This U Genius-U Genix mission in one of the labs is hard but for
some reason I enjoy it a lot. You only have your Temporal Uplink to pick up
and throw boxes at the zombie humans as you play as Cortez. (NOTE: You get 75
points for a zombie kill with a box but with a another zombieís head then you
get 100 points. Remember to keep circling the circular section the room taking
notice not to shake the left analog stick to well dropping whatever your
carrying. Remember to keep the 8 boxes in the circular section and not to
throw the box out of bounds as itís a pain in the arse getting them back in
again because of the glass frame obstacles. Try to get Perfect Waves for the
first 2 then get tough and take down the any pesky zombies from behind you
remember. You can try to use the pillars as sort of rebound shots for a combo
this is difficult, I am afraid I canít give much of a guide for this as my
best is only a sliver!

Cut Out Shootout Section

Level 1: A Hart Attack
Platinum: 1800 points
Gold: 1750 points
Sliver: 1600 points
Bronze: 1100 points
Information: You play as Corporal Hart equipped as the sci-fi handgun as you
travel through the first level of story mode shooting down cardboard shootouts
of aliens like a shooting range, you get 100 points for shooting a alien
(reduces in points every seconds) and Ė100 points for shooting the card boards
cut outs. Right, you must play through this level a number of times to find
all the locations of the card board cut outs never mind shooting them fast
enough with good accuracy and speed, this is quite a difficult section of the
challenges so this advice counts for all the 3 challenges of the section. You
have 1:30 to complete this but you must hurry up, donít hang around waiting,
but donít lose concentration and waste your time with this. I will try my best
with these challenges but any missed is trouble, (Note: Well hidden targets
decrease more slowly than obvious targets).

Walkthrough: Shoot the alien on the left above the rock then turn right and
shoot another. Shoot another on the left then shoot the one in the gap in the
rock formation, then shoot the sliding cardboard cut out then the one beneath
it. Carry on and kill 2 more in front of the rock, ignore the one the right
because itís a friendly Cortez. Carry on and the hit the one on the left then
you will reach the crashed ship. Shoot the cutouts that appear behind the
engine and on the ledge beneath the ship cross the wings. Ignore the cut out
on the left but kill the one on the right behind the wing. Ignore the friendly
target on the left but kill the one on the right. On the left is a strange
object where a friendly target will appear.  Go around it and shoot the rock
on the right, on the left is another target and a friendly one on the right.
Shoot down the 2 sliding cutouts ahead then shoot cutouts in the window
mountainside and the left and right cut outs of the 3 on the bridge ahead that
come sliding from the right, the middle is a friendly target so take note.
There only 3 targets left, continue under the bridge and go right, destroy the
target on the left and finally take down the sliding target in the sniper
bunker in the cliffs and the target underneath it to end the level!

Level 2: Come Hell or High Water
Platinum: 1800 points
Gold: 1600 points
Sliver: 1450 points
Bronze: 1150 points
Information: The next Cardboard mission is found in Venice as you play as
viola equipped with the pistol 9mm, which you can use to switch to silence
scope mode if you feel (I would recommend to get to jet your accuracy points
higher, you can get a extra 500 points by just getting good shots). This
scoring is different, 100- for hitting a tourist (friendly target), 100, 75,
50, 25 depending on the shot distance, shots used to hit it and part of cut-
out you hit. This has no time limit as you re taken by the speed of the
gondola on the river you float up on, you have to take down the targets fast
before youíre out of range to shoot.
Walkthrough: I could never do this so Hellfire X is back to give a helping hand,
XíS GUIDE, Thanks Hellfire X) You need to be accurate and fast! You move around
Venice on a boat while shooting various targets moving around windows and stand
still in lakes, perhaps the hardest cardboard challenge ever. Place the scope on
the gun and memorize the speed and locations of the cut outs by not shooting and
just paying attention to the cutouts, you canít get a good score first time so
just donít try! Lucky charms anyone? I am afraid I canít guide you on this one
because I canít seem to grasp it! Sorry!
Cheers Hellfire X (Hellfire X is a contributor on GameFAQS)

Level 3: Balls of Steel
Platinum: 1300 points
Gold: 1000 points
Sliver: 875 points
Bronze: 700 points
Information: With the Sci-Fi Sniper as R-one-o-Seven in the Story Level
ĎSomething to Crow aboutí. Steps back a couple of steps from the chemical
river and be careful of the friendly cutouts. Use your scope for faraway
targets and just the crosshair for close range ones. (Note: Target scores the
same as the last level)
Walkthrough: Shoot down the sliding left and right target slightly on the
right, another in front on you on the left, another slides all the way across
the whole room from the right so just take it down, then another in the
centre. Be careful now though because one friendly will cross with a normal so
tweak your timing. Shoot the centre target, then two targets on the right, one
right in front of you and on the one behind the right pipe. A friendly will
slide across, then after that shoots the target on the left just in front of
you. A short couple of seconds waits you between another target on the right
behind a pipe. A secret target appears at the back of the room in the centre
where you need to snipe it down to shoot it, then the final target appears
after a friendly does which is found in the centre of the room again, you have
finished this challenge section now!

Cat Driving Section
In these 3 challenges, it completely goes off the idea of shooting as you play
Khallosís cat, Strudel. His feet are on wheels and you must drive him around a
story levelís dodging obstacles, the faster time the higher award, makes
sense, just like a time trail if you catch me drift. He can topple on sharp
corners wasting time and is really light and sensitive, like juggling if you
catch me drift. You really must concentrate on driving, the first level is
more of a training level to you to get to grips with Strudel, this is quite
difficult but really quite wacky and fun so here goes.

Level 1: The Cat is out of the Bag
Platinum: Finish in 1 minute 10 seconds
Gold: Finish in 1 minute 20 seconds
Sliver: Finish in 1 minute 30 seconds
Bronze: Finish in 1 minute 40 seconds
Information: Strudelís worst nightmare is slopes and ramps, luckily this level
ainít got none so thatís a good thing, remember no shortcuts are available so
donít bother trying. Now remember, you must go through checkpoints and if you
topple then press O. This 3 lap race starts off with a sharp left then right,
then a long straight followed by another right and the temptation to cheat,
donít fall for it because it just wonít work, remember to let go of the
acceleration when turning, once around these right corners. Two easy lefts
follow then two rights and finally take a final right to finish the lap, do
three of these to finish, just remember not to fall for the annoying bug where
you get stuck between a wall and the finishing post, it can really bugger you
up, get it? Oh never mind!

Level 2: Lapin it up!
Platinum: Finish in 2 minutes
Gold: Finish in 2 minutes 15 seconds
Sliver: Finish in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Bronze: Finish in 2 minutes 45 seconds
Information: The Hardest and most sloped race of the three. This VR level is
madness. Now when you approach a slope make sure youíre straight and brake
slightly but not so much that you completely stop, same strategy as before
though. So from the start point of this 2-lap race, take a sharp right and go
quite a shallow hill, then head right and brake slightly going down the hill,
best go slow than topple and start the speed again. Turn left then the right
to meet up with another slope, climb up it going straight so you donít waste
time toppling yourself, go up to the top and straight on to a deadly costly
downwards slope, go straight again and take a difficult left, follow this and
go left again. Finish this poison level off by go down the bumpy straight
hopefully not topping you over them. Then go up the slope and left to meet the
finish line. Tough or what!

Level 3: Cats Pajamas
Platinum: Finish in 2 minutes 25 seconds
Gold: Finish in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: Finish in 2 minutes 50 seconds
Bronze: Finish in 3 minutes 10 seconds
Information: This flat track on ice is quite tricky if you donít know what
your doing. First, you will slide like, well a cat on ice so you must be
prepared to read the speeds and brake at the right time to win this one.
Second, this level is completely open so once you have gone through one
checkpoint, cut the whole track to the next ignore the track, remember to not
topple Strudel though! So there ainít much need for a checkpoints guide, near
the end of the track there is a ramp to jump across the line for so just keep
straight and at the right speed and you will be fine on this 3 lapped course
if ease if you ask me.

Super Smashing? Great! Section
This section is smashing items, windows etc as fast as possible which are
hidden around the level, carried around by characters or just sitting there.
You get to use your fists, bricks or weapons in this weird, frustrating
challenge or just mucking about mission!

Level 1: Avec la Brique (With a Brick in French)
Platinum: Smash everything in 2 minutes 40 seconds
Gold: Smash everything in 2 minutes 50 seconds
Sliver: Smash everything in 3 minutes
Bronze: Smash everything in 3 minutes 30 seconds
Information: In this first instalment of the smashing challenges you get a
brick to take down 103 objects in about 4 minutes in the Chinese restaurant as
the undead chef Gaston Boucher! Pretty difficult unless you know where every
object is off by heart, which will take a few goes if you ask me, you also
have to get to grips with the crosshair system on the bricks, aim a little
higher than your target to hit the target, and also the remember the distance
between you and the target affects the velocity of the brick, if you catch me
drift! You could just try holding R2 but I found accuracy better. But its your
choice, if you canít get the accuracy technique then just hold R2 down, both
ways are good. Here are the approximately number of smashing things in each
Kitchen: 43 plates on the selves
Dining room: 4 rows of 7 windows; upper and lower sets, 2 glass panels (one
small and one large on each), small windows on the balcony,
Reception: 18 thin windows around the roof, 5 windows on the front door
(different sizes)!

Level 2: Absolutely Potty
Platinum: Smash everything in 1 minute 40 seconds
Gold: Smash everything in 1 minute 50 seconds
Sliver: Smash everything in 2 minutes
Bronze: Smash everything in 2 minutes 30 seconds
Information: This smashing one includes Captain Ash in the temple equipped
with a tactical 12 gauge while smashing pots which monkeys are nicking around,
time added on too score if you shoot any monkeys so be careful. You have 52
pots to destroy with about 3 minutes to do it, so listen up! Remember to
reload your gun while moving to the pots and you mustnít shoot any monkeys at
all costs; remember you lose time if you do, so accuracy is essential! I canít
really give a smashing list so here is a bit of a guide, it ainít much but
itís a start, just remember to use your radar to guide you in the right
direction and use logic if you donít wonít to follow my guide, you donít want
to be wasting time searching for pots that are at different sides of the arena
so remember to clear out a room before moving out!
Guide: Go forward and destroy the 4 pots ahead, and the ones around the
corner. Go down the ramp and shoot the pot in the corner. Shoot the 2 pots in
the corridor and the pot that the cheeky monkey is carrying. Go right and
shoot the pot in the corner then fall back on yourself and carry on down the
corridor and destroy the pot by the stairs. Go down the stairs and destroy the
four pots in the corridor. Go down the corridor destroy 6 pots in pairs and
the one on its own. Head down the corridor ahead destroy the pot a monkey
carries. Pick up ammo and then head right and shoot the pot outside and pot in
the corner then head back and head left this time, follow the corridor to
shoot down six pots then you then go into the hall and shoot the pair of pots
then head left through a cave to find seven pots and a monkey one. Drop out of
the hole after following the cave and go left then head right into another
cave. Destroy the monkey pot and the pots around him then carry on and destroy
the final pots by the stairs to end this level.

Level 3: Donít Lose Your Bottle
Platinum: Smash everything in 1 minute 30 seconds
Gold: Smash everything in 1 minute 35 seconds
Sliver: Smash everything in 1 minute 45 seconds
Bronze: Smash everything in 2 minutes
Information: As Harry Tipper in the Disco Club you get to use the LX-18 X2 to
destroy all the bottles around the club, but some bottles are being drank by
henchman so you gain 5 seconds if you shoot a henchman so take notice. The
bottles are tiny so you have to make each shot accurate and worth it to do
this one. You could try activating a scope to win this one but it doesnít
really make a difference. One gun is better than two in this one so switch to
it for a better time. Smash the 3 bottles in front of you, then head right and
smash the 3 bottles by the sofas. Then carry on and shoot the bottle in the
corner and the one in the henchmanís hand. Then shoot the bottles above you on
the balcony. Go onto the dance floor and shoot the bottles out of the henchman
and womanís hands then take out the bottles on the table, make sure you miss
none of the 10! Then go to the bar and shoot the bottles there and the bottle
the henchman holds. Destroy the bottles next to the drum then go up the nearby
balcony, take the bottles on the tables above then turn left and take down the
4 bottles here and finally the one being held by the henchman, to complete
this section.

Time splitters Story Classics Section
Level 1: Queen of Harts
Platinum: Complete in 2 minutes
Gold: Complete in 2 minutes 20 seconds
Sliver: Complete in 3 minutes 30 seconds
Bronze: Complete in 6 minutes
Information: This section is just newly created levels in the aspect of Time
splitter 1 original levels. Where you storm through a level as fast as
possible looking for one item then running to the exit. Easy?! This first one
is in the Spaceport as Corporal Hart equipped with the sci-fi handgun X2,
minigun, plasma auto rifle, dispersion gun, electro tool and the sci-fi
sniper. Right letís get down to business! You must reach that red gassy steamy
room, which is rectangular shaped with that engine in the centre, I hope you
know which one to pick up the item then reach outside again. You canít move
onto the next section of the level until all the enemies are killed previously
so hurry up! Now, once you have grabbed the item Time splitters will teleport
at you but you must run away immediately back to the portal.

Level 2: Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby
Platinum: Complete in 2 minutes 20 seconds
Gold: Complete in 2 minutes 40 seconds
Sliver: Complete in 3 minutes 20 seconds
Bronze: Complete in 6 minutes
Information: This Vietnam mission as Renzo is quite a tight fit so you are
equipped with Tactical 12 Gauge, Soviet Rifle, Vintage Rifle, and Machine Gun.
Another toughie for me, Hellfire X needs to be called in because I canít make
heads or tails of this. (PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent emails this is around the
basics of Hellfire Xís, it is his walkthrough but in my own words) Take it
away!! Kill the dude and pick up the rifle. Now, go down the corridor and
corners killing enemies until you reach a gate. Head along the lake killing all
the guards, go through the next gate, killing even more men in the corners of
the corridors. Go through the madness to the bridge. Go over the bridge killing
more dudes, then go through the corridor to the gate. Pass through more
gates/corridors until you reach a gun emplacement, but donít waste time using
it; continue on until you reach the lunchbox by passing through the corridors
and gates, then head back outside to find the portals, take care not to die by
the splitters and some pesky enemies.
Thanks Hellfire X!!

Level 3: A Glimpse of Stocking
Platinum: Complete in 2 minutes 40 seconds
Gold: Complete in 3 minutes
Sliver: Complete in 4 minutes
Bronze: Complete in 6 minutes
Information: This final Classic involves the Hotel as you are quipped with the
Kruger X2 as Mr Underwood. In this one you have to kill zombies to progress
from one side of the level to the other. You must kill every zombie in the
room to open the door to the next so you must be quick. Remember that the item
is on top of the landing near the end of the level and the portal is outside
in the courtyard, be accurate and be quick. Lack of ammo means you need to
kill in about 3 shots. This is a toughie so you have got to be quick, hear it.

Monkeying Around Section
Level 1: Electro Chimp Discomatic
Platinum: Survive for 6 minutes
Gold: Survive for 4 minutes 30 seconds
Sliver: Survive for 4 minutes
Bronze: Survive for 3 minutes
Information: This first of monkey levels and a laugh and a half if you catch
me. Monkeys one by one will charge into the level (Big Tipper) and dance on
the dance floor or on a location near by, then a bar will appear next to them,
its your job to keep that bar up but not full by raying the monkey with the
electrotool if you catch my drift. As the level progresses the monkeys come
more and more. If the bar on the monkey goes to the bottom then you lose a
life, once you lose all 6 lives then you are dead. Ten monkeys at Max come
into the level, but once you find the locations of the monkeys then you are on
easy street, just make sure you donít blow up the monkeys to hard and create a
cycle so you pass through every monkey getting there energy bar back to the

Level 2: A Melon Heist
Platinum: Score 2400
Gold: Score 2000
Sliver: Score 1200
Bronze: Score 750 points
Information: This next Monkey Business level is set in the Story Level (The
Russian Connection) as you play the Elite Henchman equipped with the Vintage
Sniper as you shoot melons out of monkeys hands for 100 points but if you
snipe a monkey you lose 100 points. Remember that the monkeyís move fast so
time your gun so the monkey runs right into your crosshair. Use your radars to
know where the monkeys are. Try to get a combo of melons by shooting them down
in quick succession, this can be done by remembering the timings of the
monkeys runs and the direction they head to/come from! Platinum can never be
gotten first time so just keep practising. You may have got a little practice
from the previous Timesplitter game, thatís how I got my platinum!!!

Level 3: A Brass Monkey
Platinum: Score 3000 points
Gold: Score 2500 points
Sliver: Score 1500 points
Bronze: Score 500 points
Information: Do you know the rule of Curling? You donít!!! Oh crap!! Right
here are the basics, you push a block (or a monkey in this case) at a big
target on the ice about 100 feet away, then 2 dudes brush the ice in its path
to speed it up, you have got to knock the opponents monkeys out of the target
and get yours as close into the centre of the target for more points. You have
three attempts in each round. If you reach a high score you get to do a bonus
round. Right here is my personal guide; shoot the power meter of 1/10 of the
way then right in the middle for aim. Brush the ice like hell for about 3
quarters of the way then your opinion in brushing, if too fast donít or vice
versa, it will most likely get in the inner circle or at least knock a
opponents monkey out of the target. Please help anyone with a strategy for
this one!

Miscellaneous Challenges Section
Level 1: Cortez Canít Jump!
Platinum: Score 350 points
Gold: Score 250 points
Sliver: Score 150 points
Bronze: Score 100 points
Information: These final challenges are just a several of different ideas
thrown at by the developers. This one is basketball, while descending an
elevator you have to use the cubes on the floor to throw through hoops on the
different floors of the lift using your uplink. You have 25 cubes so make
every shot count if you want this one. Remember not to waste shots on hoops
you know you arenít scoring off. Anything that becomes higher than you then
just ignore, try aiming for the horizontal hoops coming up to you to really
rack up points, try to get some practice with the temporal uplink before
attempting this one!!

Level 2: TSUG: Timesplitter Underground
Platinum: Score 4000 points
Gold: Score: 3500 points
Sliver: Score 2000 points
Bronze: Score 1000 points
Information: In this one in the Underground equipped with the security
turrets, you must take down Splitters with your turrets for 25 points per
Splitter! Not easy is it? You control the turrets at the same time (L2 and R2
to shoot the different turrets), one with your left analog stick, the other
with the right found at both sides of the track facing each other. The only
split screen challenge is quite a toughie, here are some tipsÖ Always look for
the Splitters as they have a habitat of turning invisible and hiding behind
the pillars nearby, as the turrets are facing each other then you must look
out for each other, if you control the right turret then occasionally look up
at the left turret to see if any are attacking it. Remember that the Splitters
could easily attack you so try to pick a side to shoot for at each turret,
donít be like my friends and control one of the turrets with your foot,
idiots! Just try to keep one of the turrets alive for the longest time
possible, once ones down concentrate on the other.

Level 3: Plainly off his rocker
Platinum: Score 300 points
Gold: Score 200 points
Sliver: Score 150 points
Bronze; Score 100 points
Information: This final challenge and one of my favourites finds you (Captain
Ash) on a machine gun emplacement shooting down 25-point planes and 100-point
UFOS. You have to shoot down any plane you see and the rare UFO showing for
this platinum. The Machine isnít great for plane shooting (What is?) so your
radar is like a god all over. Take down the planes by aiming just in front of
the planes path and waiting for it to enter your line of fire, just shaking
your gun endlessly wonít work. With only a minute you canít afford to miss any
planes. The UFO is a toughie though, its fast and small but itís a must for
platinum, try to watch its path on a first attempt before restarting and
searching the skies, just donít let the hunt for the UFO take you away from
racking the plane points up!

Challenges Finished!!!!

Enemy Guide
Note: These are in order of Encountered in the Game. These enemies are not
called by their proper names because of the simple reason I am unsure what
they are called so I apologise to you.
Note: If any enemies are missed from the list please email me but I do place
some enemies into the same section like zombies if they are basically the

Time Assassin
Looks: Dressed in all black robes with a gold lock implanted on the stomach
Found: Level 1(Time to Split) Level 12(The Hooded Man)
Equipped: Sci- Fi Handgun, possibly Plasma Grenades, they hide with snipers as
Strategy: A Plasma Auto Rifle if there are several Assassins in a pack, hide
behind a obstacle for ultimate coverage but try to restrain from using Plasma
Grenades as they are fast enough to run away from the grenades small radius. A
sci-fi handgun does the job; remember to use your surroundings.

Time Splitter
Looks: Brown, white and pink Creature that has the ability to go invisible,
extremely fast and quite deadly. You can't miss it; all the soldiers will
scream Time splitter and arrrrrr! When getting eaten by one!
Found: Level 1(Time to Split) Level 12(The Hooded Man)
Equipped: Electricity Rays created in Hands (very dangerous), they also tend
to scratch you.
Strategy: Plasma Auto Rifle or any good emplacement around the level. Your
best bet is to plant a plasma grenade on it, as long as the time splitter is
not too close to you. Hiding behind an obstacle is not good use; there
electricity rays still seem to hit you from anywhere (very accurate indeed),
they are very infamous for their sneaky tactics.

Olden Soldier
Looks: Just wear blue and black navy clothes, pretty basic really.
Found: Level 2 (Scotland The Brave) Level 11 (I'll take the High Road)
Equipped: K-SMG just roams around the corridors mostly, or is planted on the
roof as a sniper keeping watch.
Strategy: K-SMG is perfect for a big gang of the soldiers but if he is
unexpecting you why not go silence with the pistol or if far way the vintage
sniper is your best bet. They are quite loud in their movement so them jumping
you surprisingly are probably very rare, but keep your eyes open for them.

Hench Man/ Hench Woman
Looks: Wears grey clothes and yellow strips down the legs the difference is
between man and woman is that woman wears a skirt with high heels but the
men's uniform covers the legs and stomach, the same really though (the men
also wear hats, the women donít).
Found: Level 3 (The Russian Connection) Level 4 (A Khallos Express)
Equipped: Machine Gun every time, they turn up when you least expect it, a
classic but quite annoying enemy in the Time splitter series.
Strategy: Silenced Pistol if Stealth is available or Machine Gun if there are
many of them, just like any other soldiers these are pretty basic enemies. Gun
em down, but donít leave yourself open to attack when separate groups of
enemies are about.

Looks: Wears a yellow safety helmet, white shorts and is always distracted by
the machines around him.
Found: Level 4 (A Khallos Express)
Equipped: A small pistol, very rarely do they use it just silence pistol him
if he is alone which is quite often, very small enemy.
Strategy: Just use any way you feel, you can punch him if you want. Heís a
Dumb ass all over.

Elite Henchman/Woman/ Khallos Personal Body Guard (2 in the game)
Looks: Wears red goggles and dresses like a normal henchman or women accept
for their colour. Normal Hench man/ women's colour is grey. Elite Men wear
Black or it could be (Dark Blue) and Women wear red and green.
Found: Level 3 (The Russian Connection) Level 4 (A Khallos Express)
Equipped: Soviet Rifle, more dangerous then normal Hench man/women
Strategy: Machine Gun, Soviet, Possibly Tactical Gauge, well whatever powerful
weapon you have really, you never get the opportunity to go stealth on this
enemy. Use my Hench Man/ Woman strategy guide to beat these pesky dudes.

Ground Worm
Looks: Just an overgrown worm found in the back garden of the mansion.
Found: Level 5 (Mansion of Madness)
Equipped: Just comes up from the surface and bite's you, Quite deadly though.
Strategy: It Amy stands stupid just stand still in the garden with your
flamethrower equipped and wait for the worm to surface, when it does your best
option is too walk backwards and torture it. Works every time. Just remember
that they may catch you from behind so place your back against the wall if
your more comfortable, you may move sideways if you choose this way.

Found: Level 5 (Mansion of Madness) Level 6(What lies Underneath)
Looks: Has blood all other its clothes and walks around the level at different
speeds, it will attack you in different clothes, like a chef, butler etc.
Equipped: Anything, bat, teeth even shotgun
Strategy: If unequipped anything, but if equipped with shotgun use must use a
gun. Something that will take this pesky piece of crap easy and quickly. You
must take off the head for the zombie's to die quicker, you donít wanna waste
a truckload of bullets on some dude who has lost his way to hell.

Cow Meat
Looks: This piece of big cow meat has no head and the stomach has been opened
up, pretty freaky really!
Found: Level 5 (Mansion of Madness) Level 6(What lies Underneath)
Equipped: Unequipped just hits you with its neck.
Strategy: You must use your shotgun or revolver and you must shoot in the
stomach for most effect. They are quite fast so keep moving because once he is
on you he is never coming of.

Ghost Black Spirit
Looks: This small flying black ball
Found: Level 5 (Mansion of Madness) Level 6(What lies Underneath)
Equipped: Flyís through you sucking your health to his.
Strategy: Your only weapon is your Flamethrower it's the only thing that
works. There isnít much else about this little pest really.

See-through Ghost
Looks: Just this flying see through ghost, quite hard to see without ghost
goggles though. You obtain them on level 6 so just stay away.
Found: Level 5 (Mansion of Madness) Level 6 (What lies Underneath)
Equipped: Nothing Just creates Fire or flyís through you, quite annoying.
Strategy: Ghost Gun, only found on Level 6 so just ignore it and run of you
don't have the ghost gun. If you do, zap it till it goes dizzy and disappears.

Jo Beth Doppelganger
Looks: Looks like Jo Beth accept this thing does not have the word SLUT on its
t-shirt and this Doppelganger has an extremely big month.
Found: Level 6 (What lies Underneath)
Equipped: Just sprints towards you and scratches you
Strategy: Use your revolver and you can take this 'thing' down. Just like a
zombie really just faster and more deadly.

Electronic Zombie
Looks: A zombie with blue/white electronic wires wrapped around its body
Found: Level 6 (What lies Underneath)
Equipped: Controls wires coming out of the ceiling, bites you and thunder
shocks you.
Strategy: Step away from the ceiling electronic wires and use a gun, do not
use a flamethrower or bat. Aim for the Head like any other zombie but just be
cautious of his electronic rays.

Robot Guard
Looks: A robot on tank tracks
Found: Level 7 (Breaking and Entering)
Equipped: Gataling Guns equipped on its arms.
Strategy: Can usually be turned off by a computer around the corridors, but
you may have to use gun combat with this bot, so your best bet is to hide
behind a obstacle and use a time disruptor grenade and your SFL 500 to short
circuit the bot. This bot is quite deadly though, try to stay away!

Security Team/ Research Guards
Looks: Soldiers dressed in grey combat gear.
Found: Level 7 (Breaking and Entering) Level 8 ('U genius U-Genix')
Equipped: Just A SFL 500
Strategy: SFL 500 is perfect for a big gang of the soldiers but if he is
unexpecting you why not go silence with the pistol. Remember to use my Hench
Man/ Woman Strategy.

Hybrid Mutant
Looks: A big human with different sized inflatable muscles
Found: Level 8 (U Genius- U genix)
Equipped: Nothing just scratches you and blows up burning you.
Strategy: You have a dart gun, the best thing to do is let the Security
Team/ Research Guards deal with the mutant until one of them dies, if the
mutant is still standing then inject him with the dart gun then the mutant
will explode. Get out of the radius of the explosion because the blood is
quite deadly.

Spider Bots
Looks: 4-legged camera that fires blue laser shots
Found: Level 8 (U Genius U Genix)
Equipped: Small Laser Gun on circular head
Strategy: Just blast it with your pistol a couple of times, very weak, unless
it is in a group. Itís a dodgy one this.

Small Thin Robot (Terrible Name I know)
Looks: White Small Thin Robot equipped with Sci- Fi handgun
Found: Level 9 (Machine Wars) Level 10 (Something to Crow about)
Equipped: Equipped with Sci- Fi handgun
Strategy: Grenades arenít nessercary for this guy; about 15 sci-fi handguns
bullets should do it. Very small worry in your busy schuelde.

Large Fat Robot (Terrible Name I know)
Looks: White Fat Large Robot
Found: Level 9 (Machine Wars) Level 10 (Something to Crow about)
Equipped: Equipped with a Plasma Auto Rifle or sometimes a Gattaling gun
Strategy: Plasma Grenades are brilliant for this guy but you can only have
five at a time, so it's difficult if youíre in a big battle with lots of them.
Use your Plasma Auto rifle for this guy and your electro tool to over ride the
shields some have. Try to use obstacles for cover. Be weary of them.
NOTE: Robots have the power to teleport on LEVEL 10 (Something to crow about)

Women Guard
Looks: Black dressed Women
Found: Level 9 (Machine Wars) Level 10 (Something to Crow about)
Equipped: Sci-Fi Handgun
Strategy: Pretty weak this enemy, just give her a mouthful of sci-fi laser
shots to take her down. Just like a Hench Woman.

Rolling Gattaling Gun
Looks: A ball that rolls around then opens up and shoots you.
Found: Level 10 (Something to Crow about)
Equipped: Gattaling Gun attached to the head
Strategy: When in a rolling ball the gattaling gun is invincible so don't
waste your bullets on it. It opens for about 5 seconds and shoots you before
going back into a ball. The best thing to do is to use a plasma grenade on it
but beware because you may need to use 2 on it. You can also use the Plasma
Auto Rifle as well as its just as effective.

Security Droid
Looks: A Flying Battleship can't miss it!
Found: Level 8 (U Genius, U-Genix) Level 9 (Machine Wars) Level 10 (Something
to Crow About)
Equipped: Laser Guns implanted on the wings but don't worry they arenít very
Strategy: On Level 9 (Machine Wars) you have a gun emplacement to bring down
the droids but on Level 8 and 10 you should use an automatic gun (like a
machinegun) to bring down these droids. They are quite rubbish on there own
but in groups they can become quite annoying. I took one down with a pistol
for Christ sake.

Robot Louis Stevenson
Looks: A Two Legged Robot with circular body (only two in the game)
Found: Level 11 (You take the high road)
Equipped: Not sure I am afraid, I think itís just a pistol, anyway, really
just a rusty
Strategy: Just use a simple pistol to take them down; about 10 shots should do
it! Just like the Small thin Robot.

Drill Engineer
Looks: Just a sweaty white vested human
Found: Level 11 (You take the high road) Level 13 (Final Level)
Equipped: Just carries a pistol around
Strategy: Like any other human really; just give him a double helping of your
pistol. Like a mechanic but a bit more dangerous in combat.

Weapons Guide
Simply a guide to your weapons! This is now completed to its fullest ability
as it has taken me ages to research the weapons one by one as I normally get
distracted with blowing the hell out of the enemy, so I must resist!! (The
list taken from the Time splitter arcade weapons list!!)

Baseball Bat: This is basically the only hand-to-hand melee attack weapon in
the game, its funny to use but not recommend against armed enemies, itís a
brown rusted up bat for god sake!!

Brick: This basic house brick can hold 20 at a time as you fling it at your
enemies at a laugh to use but remember to watch out from the brick rebounding
of walls and hurting yourself. The distance you throw and the power you give
on the brick affects the height and distance of the brick. Powerful but

Pistol 9mm: This gun has 8 clips with 60 bullets in overall; it is a classic
weapon with a double barrel offer. It fires a single shot with each button and
can be capable with a silence scope mode. It can be fired quickly if wanted to
but is weak, can be used for some finishing off, sniping or not.

Kruger 9mm: Has the same description of the Pistol 9mm really and has the same
effects, just a pity the developers didnít put much change in, oh well.

LX-18: A larger clip area with I thinks 18 bullets but other than that itís
just a previous pistol clone. Be careful though bullets need to be reserved
while in battle with double fun.

Sci-fi Handgun: This 200 bullet powerful handgun holding 16 in a clip gives
off a single shot which can bounce off each wall with a double fire gun with a
alternate choice of speed power. A far zoom makes this gun even better, its
fast and accurate, just donít shoot yourself and you will be fine.

Revolver: A personal favourite of mine, even though it has no alternate or
double fire with a small zoom and slow fire, I still like it. A 72-bullet gun
with 6 bullet clips accompanies it. A slow reload gun and slow fire also makes
it difficult, but it is powerful so I donít care what it does. I like it you
might not.

Injector: This 48 bullet, 8 shot dart gun, fires one needle at a time with no
alternate fire or double fun unfortunately. A medium zoom on this one with the
opportunity to pick up fired darts again and again. The injector has a single
shot firing range which kills 3 shots every time, Awkward reloading time means
its slow to use but a stomach churning death for the enemy means its worth the
wait but remember the explosion can not only kill them but you as well so
stand clear and enjoy!!

Mag-Charger: A pretty unique gun with 40 laser beams to fire in a 12-gear
clip. It can fire through walls in an infer-red alternate fire that indicates
enemies and security. Its an medium zoom gun with a weak fire so donít use it
for defensive fire unless its absolutely necessary. A slow reload but it does
put you in the picture of the locations of enemies around the corners etc.

Flamethrower: This 1500 fire gas gun is the key to spread chaos about the
game, a small useless zoom means nothing. This flamethrower sets the enemy
alight until he dies, the fire goes out or a water supply is found; just
remember that the enemy could just set you a light if he gets near you just
stand back.

Machine Gun: A gun that is beautiful to use in a 256-clip gun with 32 in each.
Itís a double gun with small zoom thatís lethal, powerful, accurate and fast
in fire and reloads speed with a small burst of bullets in a fire.

K-SMG: A 200-bullet machine gun and an alternate 1-grenade shot, it holds a 5-
grenade gun and 32-bullet clip. It shoots a burst of bullets and a grenade
with an option in each. It has a small zoom and a double gun option, I think.
A fast rate of fire but is weak and shoddy. The grenade gun is where the money
is and is fast rating for grenades, it is also powerful, so enjoy!!

Shotgun: A double barrel shotgun, which holds 2 bullets and 48 bullets in an
optional double or single fire burst. Powerful depending on your distance,
close good but far is bad. Slow reloading and really put down here!!

Dispersion Gun: A no clip gun holding 40 shocks in each, a charger gun that
fires energy at the aimed guy. No reload is a good thing but this is weak,
inaccurate and slow to fire. The enemy can easily avoid this, so you do so

Tactical 12 gauge: This shotgun holds a maximum of 40 shells in an 8 clip
round, it fires a burst of shells and is the best shotgun there is, remember
to use it at close range for maximum use, it is slow on reloading depending on
how many bullets are left in the clip so always reload between battles and
donít let your clip ammo go to low. A nice gun all round really!

Soviet Rifle: A 30-clip machine gun holding 200 bullets approx, a good gun I
here you say, it almost would be apart from the small zoom, powerful and
accurate, a cute little weapon.

Harpoon gun: A fast rated gun that fires Harpoons 12 in a clip with 42 in all.
It is fast rated fire, accurate, powerful and has the ability to pick up shot
harpoons. Itís beautiful to fire but a piece of shit to test your wits

Electrotool: A 1800 Kb electronic gun that fires a blue laser beam that drains
electrical energy like on robots or fires a high voltage energy to blow the
enemy down in a alternate firing mode. The beam can reach from anywhere at any
firing distance but is weak, very hard to fire and its the No 1 way in getting
yourself killed, stay away from it unless you absolutely needed.

Plasma auto rifle: A 400-clip laser machine gun that can overheat (like the
sci-fi handgun but a machine gun if you catch me drift), it does have a small
zoom but is a classic and brilliant gun to use. Fast fire and accurate just be
careful not to waste all you beams in one go and being open to fire because of
a over-heated gun. Your gun will over heat be means of the gun smoking and the
fire rate decreasing so just either switch weapons then switch back to the
rifle or just release the fire button to let it cool down.

SBP500: A machine gun that doesnít really give off a good name, a 64 clip gun
holding 200 bullets overall fires a fast rate of fire. A small zoom but can
destroy enemies in a blink of an eye, please fire away, canít comment on the
reloading time though just average for this sort of gun.

Monkey Gun: A unlock able weapon, which is the best and funniest as well. It
holds a 260-clip gun with 64 bullets in each. Can fire 240 bullets in 4
seconds, yum yum yum! This machine gun fires a clip in one second with the
click of a button. A slow reloading gun that is extremely rare to come across,
feel like the big daddy in the arena and all the others just small bugs who
think there the tough cookie (nice metaphors) as you can kill every one in two
hits, simple but your rein of terror wonít last forever.

Mini Gun: A 400-clip over heating gun that spins a turret firing bullets at an
extremely rapid pace. It also has alternate fire that spins the turret even
quicker but also overheats quicker too; you choose what fire mode you want.
Remember to watch out that the gun does not overheat. Whoever cleans the
enemyís laundry clothes is going to have one hell of a time washing out the
bloodstains after they have encountered this beast of a gun.

Rocket Launcher: This launcher holds 2 clips with 6 in each (12) which shoots
a rocket slowly or in an alternate fire, 3 rockets really fast. The gun is not
homing unfortunately. Remember not to fire too close and kill yerself or too
far away so you are wasting your time. Shoot at the ground for most damage and
depending on the enemy use the alternate fire.

Heat Seeker: A 6-clip gun firing 1 rocket at a time, it is a homing gun so as
long as you stick your crosshair to the enemy like glue you should be fine. It
is slow loading time and one third of the time the rocket misses so instead of
firing one rocket at one enemy fire two back to back just to make sure it
completely hits, good luck with it.

Ghost Gun: Like the electrotool really, a 900 KB gun, just like it, can kill
the enemies if you do keep the beam on the enemy, it can also spot hidden
enemies but firing it into the suspected area. Good if you follow these rules,
crap if you donít.

Sci-fi sniper: A 40-clip gun that fires 8 in a clip, with a high-energy orange
beam and also has an alternate fire where an shield is raised over your gun
for a maximum of 30 seconds deflecting enemy shots and when turned off
regenerating at the same rate. The fastest rated, most powerful, accurate and
most scoped sniper is a classic, the only thing getting through your shield is
an explosive and very rarely do enemies throw one. Invincible with it I say
just also try to move with it.

Vintage sniper: A 30 clip 6 with 6 in a clip, which shoots an accurate, scoped
one fire shot. A dodgy sensitive scope makes it look negative but it is a fast
reloading gun and is quite powerful.

Sniper Rifle: A 30 clip 5 shot clip gun, with a one shot fire. The same as the
vintage rifle, a longer zoom and less clip capacity but just the same, just a
modern make over.

Flare gun: A 10-clip gun with a flare per reload with a double gun fun
availability. Just fires a curled flare, which rarely hits its target, which
is also slow reloading speed. If you need to use it, aim at the feet at a
close range. Make sure you arenít left open for attacks while firing and
reloading but just stay away if you ask me.

Proximity Mines: There are 3 selections of mines; the first is the proximity
that sets off when a chracter steps on it. Remember to place them on doors and
remember where you place them so you donít kill yourself but stepping on your
own mines, Duh! Remember to try to stick any mines on a chracter for instant

Remote Mines: These mines when thrown can be set off by a switch, attach some
to a chracter then blow then up any time you want, you can tackle these by
just firing on them at a safe distance to get them out of the way.

Timed Mines: These one placed go off in about 5 seconds by the signs of
beeping, dangerous but still fun.

Plasma Grenades: A sticky powder grenade that sticks to whatever itís thrown
and goes off in a dangerous bang. Not a big bang but a deadly one.

Grenades: A dangerous bouncy grenade, before using grenades know where you are
throwing them and stay far back from there low but far explosion radius.

Time disrupter grenades: This Grenades do damage like no other and slows time
for 10 seconds giving you the opportunity to take dangerous enemies down
quickly, in a big room but these are only in Story Mode.

Temporal Uplink: A small laptop that gives a map of the nearby arena and the
power to pick up and throw nearby objects which I suppose could be used as a
weapon even if itís a poor one. It can pick up nearby weapons in secret
stealth and if you have no ammo.

Fists: Just plain fists, hold R1 and walk to the enemy and hit them in the
head for ultimate power, why would you use this, I donít know? But itís a

Are the collections you get in this game, remember if I miss anything please
email me.

Chracter/Statistics Guide AND My Progress Section
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
/Chracter Guide \
This section is a sort of Library Archive of all the characters in the
Splitters series, this will list there names, catchphrases, Splitter history
and there information section all found in the player progress section, the
list is in order of found on the arcade list section and will not include
looks of the chracter because this is worthless to your knowledge of the game.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Some characters are better than others at different things, like speed.
Stamina, fire power and shock power, these statistics can be seen when
highlighted in the Arcade custom level. Note: This is by the contributor Ė
Freak- and is therefore his work and I cannot take his credit for. Thanks
Speed Ranks

8-Jo-Barf Creepy

6-Amy Chen
6-Arial Da Vinci
6-Aztec Warrior
6-Cyborg Chimp
6-Dr. Amy
6-Elite Henchwoman
6-Jacob Crow
6-Jungle Queen
6-Mr. Flesh cage
6-Ninja Monkey
6-Private Jones
6-Sewer Zombie
6-Sheriff Skull face

5-All other characters

4-Daisy Dismay
4-Deep Diver
4-Dr. Pustule
4-Gaston Butchers
4-Gideon Gout
4-Jim Smith
4-John Smith
4-Lazarus Mumble
4-Lenny Old burn
4-Mad Old Crow
4-Mr. Underwood
4-Robot Louis Stevenson
4-Stone Golem
4-Tin-Legs Tommy

2-Arthur Aching
2-Berserker Splitter
2-Blanche Dead wood
2-Carrion Carcass
2-Gilbert Gastric

Stamina Ranks

8-Arthur Aching
8-Berserker Splitter
8-Blanche Dead woods
8-Carrion Carcass
8-Gilbert Gastric

6-Daisy Dismay
6-Deep Diver
6-Dr. Pustule
6-Gaston Butchers
6-Gideon Gout
6-Jim Smith
6-John Smith
6-Lazarus Mumble
6-Lenny Old burn
6-Mad Old Crow
6-Mr. Underwood
6-Robot Louis Stevenson
6-Stone Golem
6-Tin-Legs Tommy

5-All other characters

4-Aztec Warrior
4-Amy Chen
4-Arial Da Vinci
4-Cyborg Chimp
4-Dr. Amy
4-Elite Henchwoman
4-Jacob Crow
4-Jungle Queen
4-Mr. Flesh cage
4-Ninja Monkey
4-Private Jones
4-Sewer Zombie
4-Sheriff Skull face

2-Jo-Barf Creepy

Shock Proof Ranks

8-Arthur Aching
8-Blanche Dead wood
8-Carrion Carcass
8-Clip Clamp
8-Gideon Gout
8-Gilbert Gastric
8-Gingerbread Man
8-Mr. Flesh cage
8-Mr. Socky
8-Nurse Sputum
8-Stone Golem
8-Teeth Mummy

5-All other characters

2-Prison Officer

Fire Proof Ranks

8-Jacob Crow
8-Mad Old Crow
8-Robot Louis Stevenson
8-Prison Officer
8-SecuriDroid XP
8-Stone Golem
8-Victorian Crow

6-Private Hicks
6-Private Jones
6-Riot Officer
6-Sheriff Skull face
6-Warrant Officer Kelly

5-All other characters

2-Arthur Aching
2-Aztec Warrior
2-Blanche Dead wood
2-Carrion Carcass
2-Clip Clamp
2-Crypt Zombie
2-Daisy Dismay
2-Dr. Lancet
2-Dr. Pustule
2-Duckman Drake
2-Gideon Gout
2-Gilbert Gastric
2-Gingerbread Man
2-Jungle Queen
2-Leo Krupps
2-Mr. Flesh cage
2-Mr. Socky
2-Nurse Sputum
2-R One-Oh-Seven
2-Sewer Zombie
2-Teeth Mummy
2-The Shoal
2-Undead Priest

Total Points Ranks

26-Stone Golem

23-Jacob Crow
23-Mad Old Crow
23-Robot Louis Stevenson
23-SecuriDroid XP
23-Victorian Crow

21-Private Hicks
21-Private Jones
21-Riot Officer
21-Sheriff Skull face
21-Warrant Officer Keely

20-All other characters

17-Aztec Warrior
17-Crypt Zombie
17-Daisy Dismay
17-Dr. Lancet
17-Dr. Pustule
17-Duckman Drake
17-Jungle Queen
17-Leo Krupps
17-R One-Oh-Seven
17-The Shoal
17-Sewer Zombie
17-Undead Priest

So obviously Stone Golem is the best chracter in the game, what a stinker!
(Stumpy the Clown is da best!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Clip Clamp and Blanche Deadwood are Sillent Sniperís favourites.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
/My Progress\
This is the part where I post my current gaming statistics found on the player
progress section, just for laughs, it may be good or crap but I donít care,
obviously this will obviously increase as I play it more but I canít keep
updating it but I will do my best. Send me your statistics and I will either
put you in the Hall of Shame or Fame, donít tell lies like though, or your
name will go straight to the Shame Hall.

Name: Percy
Played For: 2 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes and 15 seconds.
Insomnia: 14 hours, 22 minutes and 8 seconds
Distance travelled: 312.3 miles
Average Speed: 8.5 mph
Total Games: 502
Total losses: 682
Total bullets Fired: 193703
Accuracy: 48%
Heads Knocked off: 154
Glass smashed: 674
Melons burst: 94
Animal cruelty: 668

Favourite chracter: Stumpy (class chracter! Look at that little clown, how
cute, I mean what a guy!
Played as Monkey: 22
Longest Killing Spree: 73

Story Mode
Timesplitters Dispatched: 353

Time to Split
Easy: 5 min 59.2 seconds
Normal: 6 min 13.7 seconds
Hard: 7 min 20.5 seconds

Scotland the brave
Easy: 13 min 12 seconds
Normal: 21 56.4 seconds
Hard: 16 min exactly

The Russian Connection
Easy: 15 min 7.7 seconds
Normal: 16 min 29.6 seconds
Hard: 18 min 11.7 seconds

The Khallos Express
Easy: 10 min 9.5 seconds
Normal: 10 min 59.6 seconds
Hard: 12 min 48.5 seconds

Mansion of Madness
Easy: 13 min 12.7 seconds
Normal: 15 min 48.7 seconds
Hard: 17 min 1.5 seconds

What Lies Below
Easy: 13 min 25.7 seconds
Normal: 19 min 1.2 seconds
Hard: 21 min 21.6 seconds

Breaking and Entering
Easy: 13 min 25.7 seconds
Normal: 16 min 52.6 seconds
Hard: 18 min 3 seconds

You genius- U genix
Easy: 17 min 16.2 secs
Normal: 20 min 26.3 secs
Hard: 23 min 2.2 secs

Machine Wars
Easy: 18 min 33.6 secs
Normal: 19 min 56.1 seconds
Hard: 21 min 11.9 seconds

Something to crow about
Easy: 21 min 48.6 seconds
Normal: 22 min 25.2 seconds
Hard: 25 min 35 seconds

You take the high road
Easy: 11 min 25.2 seconds
Normal: 11 min 25.9 seconds
Hard: 12 min 38.7 seconds

The Hooded Men
Easy: 6 min 25 secs
Normal: 7 min 3.2 secs
Hard: 7 min 32.5 seconds

Future Perfect
Easy: 5 min 45.6 seconds
Normal: 7 min 11.7 seconds
Hard: 7 min 32.5 seconds
So this is my statistics!

Easter Eggs
A Section of the guide where you can find small quotes, mini games or anything
else added in by the developers for a laugh, so I will try to find every
Easter egg in the game, please tell me if anymore are about which I have
missed, full credit will be given.

Quote: Numerous soldiers in level 1 and 12 make quotes from the movie Aliens,
ĎThere coming out of the walls, the good damned wallsí and Ďyou want some and
you too huh!!í I also believe that the characters Private Hicks and Private
Huston are from Aliens and briefly Alien 3.

Quote: On levels 1 and 12 a soldier will shout, ĎCome on Marine, you want to
live forever?í I think that its from the movie Star ship Troopers (please

Film Easter egg: The Harry Tipper levels seem a rip off of Austin Powers. The
Comic Harry Tipper is Austin Powers with Kitten as his gal, Khallos is Dr Evil
but Mini Me is replaced by the cat Strudel.

Quote: ĎNo Ticketí is a quote on Level 5 where Harry throws a Porter off the
Train, said on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Game Easter Egg: Mansion of Madness is possibly a House of Dead style game.

Film Easter egg: The Ring seen in the TVs around the mansion of madness from
the Ring movies.

Film Easter egg: Some monsters are taken and customized versions of the movies
Resident evil, The Mummy, Tremors, Jaws and Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones.

Film Easter egg: What lies below is a variation of the name What Lies Beneath
in Level 6.

Quote: A quote in Level 7 is said by a Security Guy which is another line said
by Hutson (ĎGame Over Man, Game Overí)

Film Easter egg: Levels 8 and 9 seem a sort of Terminator style of film.

Film Easter egg: The turrets seem to have some resemblance to a film, canít
think though, I think itís Star Wars.

Quote: R-110 says many Quotes, one is another from Aliens Ďyou want some, you

Quote (Not Sure): Crowís last words appear to be something, arenít sure
though! I now know he sayís ĎRose Budí from Citizen Kane thanks to Leech man!

Quote: R-110s last words are ĎI only wanted to be lovedí from the film Battle

Quotes remixed to Films, Characters, and Games etc:
Ninja Gaiden: Ninja Garden
The Dead, The Bad, And The Silly: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.
TSUG: Timesplitters Underground: THUG: Tony Hawks Underground
Quote from Challenge ĎBalls of stealí: The first rule of robotics is a robot
canít hurt a human (from I-robot)
Quote from Arcade Award: I hit dead people (I see dead people) from the sixth

Characters and quotes they say remixed from games, characters
Robot Louis Stevenson: Robert Louis Stevenson (writer)
Edwina and Deadwina: Exorcist girl (very disturbing!!)
Cyborg Chimp: Terminator or Robocop!!
Clip Clamp quote (ĎYou got red on youí): Shaun of the Dead (Film)
Cascade Cheat: Matrix Style game
Leo Kruppps: Famous cartoon tiger Tony
Genghis Kant: Genghis Kahn (Famous Warrior)
Red Rum is seen on the Hotel Arcade arena wall a quote from The Shining (Red
rum: Murder backwards)
The Announcer on the Subway Arcade Level, describes a character from the film
Deer Hunter over the intercom during play (Thank you Leechman for finding

NOTE: Some weapons on the game seem like weapons seen on films like
Ghostbusters etc but unsure)

Small Funny things to do!!

You can play on a slot machine in The Khallos Express story mode in his
personal carriage. You can also watch a slide show of classic storyboards of
the Time splitters series. You can also poison Khallosís henchman by starting
the gas machine in the Khallos office when the henchman are in the corridor
leading to his office. Remember as well to play with Khallos cat strudel by
pressing the action button on it.

You can throw bait to princess in the What Lies below level when you encounter
her feeder shouting down into a hole. You can also experiment on a zombie and
doctor in one of the labs by accessing a computer nearby their cells.

Thatís all I got so far, email me if you spot anything.

This will be classed as complete as I have added everything I can but anything
someone else has told me via email, etc will be added in there name and will
be credited for there time to point it out for me.

1)	If you want a permanent zoom simply hold the zoom button then pause the
game, let go of the zoom button and then resume, you will have a
permanent zoom until you change your weapon.
2)	If you play a match in Siberia, you may be able to travel into the tower
sanctuary. This is done by entering the tower without the stairs (the
left one if you face the fort), ducking and walking into the entry wall.
If you have done this correctly you may be able to shoot your enemy but
they canít shoot you, meaning even a mini gun wonít harm you and you
could beat them with bricks. Worked on the Game cube version for Silent
Snipper, could work for you.

Thatís all I have found, please send me more to class it as a section, thanks!

Unlockables List
This is an unofficial unlockables guide and therefore may contain mistakes

- Anya (Character)
Complete Story Mission '2401: Time to Split' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Arthur Aching (Character)
Complete Story Mission, 'Mansion of Madness' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Badass Cyborg (Character)
Complete the Cut-Out-Shoot-Out, 'Balls of Steel' level in Challenge mode with
A Bronze award or better.

- Berserker Splitter (Character)
Complete Story Mission, 'The Hooded Man' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Big Hands (Cheat)
On the level 'Cortez can't Jump' in Challenge mode, get a Bronze award or

- Big Heads (Cheat)
Complete 'Outbreak Hotel' with a Bronze award or better.

- Booty Guard (Character)
Complete 'Zany Zeppelin' with a Bronze award or better.

- Braces (Character)
Complete 'Old Blaggers' with a Bronze award or better.

- Brains (Character)
Complete Challenge mode level, 'Brain Drain' with a Bronze award or better.

- Brick (Weapon)
Complete the Challenge mode category, "Super Smashing Great". Complete all
levels with a Bronze award or better.

- Candi Skyler (Character)
Complete 'Screw Loose' with a Bronze award or better.

- Captain Ed Shivers (Character)
Complete 'Pirate Gold' in Arcade League with a Bronze award or better.

- Cardboard Characters (Cheat)
Complete the Cut-Out Shoot-Out level, 'Hart Attack' in Challenge mode with a
Bronze award or better.

- Carrion Carcass (Character)
Complete the Challenge mode level 'Well or Rare done' with a Bronze award or

- Cascade (Cheat)
Complete 'Zone Control' with a Bronze award or better.

- Changeling (Character)
Complete the Arcade League section, 'Honorary League'. Complete all levels
With a Gold award or better.

- Chinese Chef (Character)
Complete 'Ninja Garden' with a Bronze award or better.

- Comrade Papadov (Character)
Complete 'Lap it Up' with a Bronze award or better.

- Corporal Hart (Character)
Complete Story Mission, 'Future Perfectí on the Normal difficulty setting OR

- Daisy Dismal (Character)
Complete all Co-operative Story Missions on the Easy difficulty setting or

- Deadwina (Character)
Complete the Arcade League level, 'I like Dead People' with a Bronze award or

- Deep Diver (Character)
Complete 'Oh Shoal-O-Mio' with a Bronze award or better.

- Dozer (Character)
Complete 'Lip Up Fatty' with a Bronze award or better.

- Dr. Lancet (Character)
Complete Story Mission, 'What Lies Below' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Dr. Peabody (Character)
Complete all levels in the Arcade League section, Amateur League. You must
have all Gold awards or better on every level.

- Dr. Amy (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'You Genius, U-Genix' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Dr. Cortez (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'You Genius, U-Genix' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Elite Henchman (Character)
Beat the Challenge mode level, 'Melon Heist' with a Bronze award or better.

- Elite Henchwoman (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Khallos Express' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Gaston Boucher (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Mansion of Madness' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Generals (Characters)
Complete Story Mission '2401: Time to Split' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Genghis Kant (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Machine Wars' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Gideon Gout (Character)
Complete the Arcade League section, Amateur League. Complete all levels with a
Silver award or better.

- Gilbert Gastric (Character)
Complete 'Cat's Pyjamas' with a Bronze award or better.

- Goddard (Character)
Complete the Challenge level in Cut-Out Shoot-Out, 'Come Hell or High Water'
with a Bronze award or better.

- Goliath SD/9 (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Something to Crow about' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Hans (Character)
Complete 'Freak Unique' with a Bronze award or better.

- Henchman Cortez (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'The Russian Connection' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Human Gun Sounds (Cheat)
Complete the Challenge mode level, 'Cats out of the Bag' with a Bronze award
or better.

- Insetick SD/10 (Character)
Complete the Arcade League section, Elite League. Complete all levels with a
Gold award or better.

- Jacob Crow (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Future Perfect' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Jacque de la Morte (Character)
Complete 'Vamping in Venice' with a Gold award or better.

- Jared Slim (Character)
Complete 'The Dead, The Bad And The Silly' with a Bronze award or better.

- Jed (Character)
Complete all Challenge mode levels with a Gold award or better.

- Jim Smith (Character)
Beat all Co-operative Story Missions on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Jo Barf Creepy (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Mansion of Madness' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Jungle Queen (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Scotland the Brave' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Karma Crow (Character)
Beat all Story Missions on the Hard difficulty setting.

- Kitten Celeste (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'The Khallos Express' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Koozer Mox (Character)
Complete 'A Pox of Mox' with a Bronze award or better.

- Leo Krupps (Character)
Complete 'Rumble in the Jungle' with a Bronze award or better.

- Leonid (Character)
Complete 'Big Game Hunt' with a Silver award or better.

- Mad Old Crow (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Future Perfect' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Mischief the Clown (Character)
Beat the third Challenge mode level on the 'Monkeying Around' section, with a
Bronze award or better.

- Monkey Gun (Weapon)
Complete the Challenge mode level 'Electro Chimp Discomatic' with a Bronze
award or better.

- Mr. Flesh cage (Character)
Complete all Challenge mode levels with a Bronze award or better.

- Mr. Socky (Character)
Complete 'Sock it to Them' with a Bronze award or better.

- Mr. Underwood (Character)
Complete the Challenge mode level 'Glimpse of Stocking' with a Bronze award or

- Neophyte Constance (Character)
Complete 'Freak Unique' with a Bronze award or better.

- Neophyte Lucian (Character)
Complete 'Zone Control' with a Bronze award or better.

- Nurse Sputum (Character)
Complete 'Missile Bunker' with a Bronze award or better.

- Oleg (Character)
Complete the Challenge mode level, 'TSUG: Timesplitters Underground' with a
Bronze award or better.

- Prison Officer (Character)
Complete 'Screw Loose' with a Bronze award or better.

- Private Jones (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Something to Crow about' on the Normal difficulty

- Prometheus SK/8 (Character)
Complete 'Virtual Brutality' with a Bronze award or better.

- Pulov Yuan (Character)
Complete the Challenge mode level 'Plainly Off His Rocker' with a Bronze
award or better.

- Robot Louis Stevenson (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'You take the High Road' on the Easy difficulty setting.

- Rotating Heads (Cheat)
Complete 'Dehead the Undead' with a Bronze award or better.

- Sewer Zombie (Character)
Complete all Challenge mode levels with a Silver award or better.

- Sister Faith (Character)
Complete Arcade League section, Elite League. Complete all levels with a
Silver award or better.

- Slow Motion Deaths (Cheat)
Complete 'Rockets 101' with a Bronze award or better.

- Small Heads (Cheat)
Complete 'A Pox of Mox' with a Bronze award or better.

- Snowman (Character)
Complete Arcade League with Gold awards or better.

- Spinning Heads (Cheat)
Complete 'Dehead the Undead' with a Bronze award or better.

- Stumpy (Character)
Complete 'Front Loaded' with a Bronze award or better.

- Swinging Tipper (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'The Russian Connection' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- The Master (Character)
Complete 'Divine Immolation' with a Bronze award or better.

- Time Assassin (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'The Hooded Man' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Time Assassin Cortez (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'You take the High Road' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Tommy Jenkins (Character)
Complete 'Astro Jocks' with a Bronze or better.

- Victorian Crow (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Future Perfect' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Viola (Character)
Complete Challenge mode level, 'Hart Attack' with a Bronze award or better.

- Vlad the Installer (Character)
Complete 'Big Game Hunt' with a Bronze award or better.

- Warrant Officer Cain (Character)
Beat Story Mission, 'Scotland the Brave' on the Normal difficulty setting.

- Warrant Officer Keely (Character)
Complete Arcade League section, Honorary League with all Silver awards or

How do I survive in the Time Splitter world?
1) Reload your gun between shootouts; itís faster to press your triangle
button manually then automatically, remember you donít want to go into a
battle with 3 bullets all because you let the gun reload and not yourself.

2) Use your surroundings to an advantage, use your environment for cover
against enemies. If there are any dangerous items nearby like explosive
barrels donít use it for cover. Obviously shoot their cover if itís a
dangerous cover item. A key point is to use your height difference, if the
enemy on a balcony or platform above then use this height to snipe down him.
If you are above the enemy then any cover for them is useless, so being above
is perfect for attacks.

3) Learn when to use stealth and when to use force. Remember silenced weapons
are good for one situation and just plain ugly in another. You can also use
fists or gun whacks as stealth attacks as well.

4) Preserve ammo goes without saying, doesnít it. Short control bursts between
each enemy is better than waste a magazine on it when it only needed a few

5) In any match you can sometimes jump the enemy by surprise. If you bump into
a bunch of enemies simply run away and wait for them come to you, when they
come around the corner simply pop them full of lead before they can get a shot

6) Remember head shots are wear the money is so aim for there all the time
accept for something like a launcher where you can just aim anywhere you want.
If you are too big against the other characters why not crouch to be an equal.

7) Grenades can be either a good thing or bad, remember where you are firing
them and how strong the throw you want. Throwing them right in front of you
isnít good now is it?

8) Donít let your guns overload, if fired too quickly they overheat leaving
you open to attacks for about 2 seconds, so keep notice of your guns speed.

Some classic hints for classic victory!!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
My FAQ has now started thanks to some nice chaps with very sensible questions,
please follow these lads and send in more queries and questions if you want

Q. Can you play Classic Timesplitter Music (Music from TS1 and TS2) in Custom
Arcade Mode?
A. Yes you can, the music from classic timesplitter story levels can be played
but you may need to unlock them by means of challenge and arcade league modes.

Q. Have you encountered a Glitch where your game crashes during the loading of
your file?
A. Ahh, I have once. It appeared after I accidentally pulled out my memory
card during saving. It can be spotted by saying ĎThis file is corruptedí or on
the same lines. Unfortunately, there is no way you can tackle it, so you must
restart a new file if you wish to play, which is a bugger if your at the 100%

Q. Whats going onÖon The Khallos Express the cogs wont turn at all, any tips
to help? Posted by Justin.
A. Fortunately, the guy who emailed me didnít need my help, it appears that
some controls settings (apart from the default ones) donít work on some
sections of the game. Please note me if there are any other parts in the game
that donít work because you arenít on default controls.

Thatís it for my walkthrough but there still a few things to get out of the
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