How do you get free car markers

randomdood asks: Added Dec 14th 2007, ID #102954

How do you get free car markers

I just beat all the kings and I want a zonda but can't afford it.
I noticed you can get free car markers but it says it's not for sale.
How do you get them? and get

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GanstaGamer answered: Added 16th Dec 2007, ID #220487
In order to get a free car marker you need to win or dominate a race day then you can get it as a reward.
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Murcielago answered: Added 31st Dec 2007, ID #223480
Just as a tip, although this actually doesn't help you out because you've beaten all the kings (and congrats), the third G-Effect race for me got me a free car marker on the last token. Hope this helps somebody, but the Zonda is the most useless piece of crap in the game!! My 911 smokes it in grip, the M3 E92 is much better in terms of feel and power in Drift, my GT out-accelerates it in Drag, and my R34 out-accelerates it and does the same top speed AND feels more stable in Speed!!
robbyiscoo1 answered: Added 22nd Jan 2008, ID #228876
You can get it as a reward card but don't get the zonda ok it's a piece of crap. Use a skyline or a viper
NFS-SPEED-DEMON answered: Added 23rd Oct 2008, ID #287698
Reward cards towards the end of the game have better chances of getting you that free car

The zonda rules if you tune it just right for each type of race I kno cause I have 4 zondas that I use for each kind of race
Pimp Hemi Cuda answered: Added 9th Mar 2009, ID #304138
Idk The Zonda pretty good if you don't upgrade it but I personally think the Lancer Evolution is the best for grip the supra is best for drag the Lambo is best for speed and the RX-7 is the best for grip. The Zonda also is like imposable to tune!
NF5G4M3R answered: Added 29th Jul 2009, ID #316460
The Zonda is actually a very good car for drag if you tune it right (yes you can tune the zonda) but in order to actually get it and buy all the stuff for it you need about $1,500,000 so it is almost impossible to do anything to but it is the best car in the game for drag races (NOTHING ELSE) it runs close to 6.5
Guest answered: Added 11th Jun 2010, ID #330937
zonda is hard to control in speed in you lose your speed i you make the wrong move its done for and it cost over 200,000 to ix it man i could buy a ford gt with that money and its better

Guest answered: Added 12th Jun 2010, ID #331349
i use a corvette c6
and can run a 6.9 quarter mile and do a wheelie all the way down the track
i have yet to find another perfect drift car other than my gto that i acciedentaly sold
Guest answered: Added 13th Jun 2010, ID #331568
i use a Shelby GT500 for drag
Power: 3
Traction: 3
Aero: 4

and it accelerates very fast. best in 1/4 mile is 6.1 with no cheat. and no clutch. my supra can do 5's in 1/4 mile
Guest answered: Added 14th Jun 2010, ID #331715
GRIP = Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (equip all stage 4 tune ups)

DRAG = Camaro SS (equip all stage 4 tune ups) tune it and put all the cam timing all the way to advance, start boost, end boost, and nitrous pressure max out and nitrous flow rate to 3/4

DRIFT = Mazda RX-7 (equip all stage 1 tune up) - easily get 4,000 points on every track

SPEED = Ford GT (equip all stage 4 tune ups) - make sure your traction is equal to you power because if not it will easily lose control and total.

I beat the game in 7 hours and 23 minutes

Hope this helps
Guest answered: Added 15th Jun 2010, ID #332041
first, go to the menu and enter unlockallthings.
i reccomend dominating battle machine before you enter this...after entering the code, u should have, a viper, gto, and a cobalt as your cars.. sell your cars, and you should rack up with about 90,000 dollars. but , with dominating battle machine, you should be somewhere in the 100,000's. buy a nissan gtr.. not the one that says pro in the end..its more expensive but slower. the two cars look the same, so be carefull..use it as your speed car. with that, you can beat ryo in the top speed challenge without any mods.. trust me.
Guest answered: Added 17th Jun 2010, ID #332564
the zonda does stink i actaully had to buy it with my own money not a free car marker then my data corrupted
Guest answered: Added 25th Jun 2010, ID #334827
THis works.. i did it..
1)unlockallthings code. and sell cars

2)first buy a nissan gtr..use the gtr in speed. not the one that says pro at the end. the one that costs 60,000 dollars. without any mods, u can smoke ryo.

3)rx-7: with no mods, u can beat aki kumura

4)chevy camaro ss: drag, as much mods as possible..u can beat the drag king

5)old gt-r(r34): grip, a little bit of a tuneup to the power and areodynamics

this is what i had done to be the street king..
hope this helps, and please rate.

Guest answered: Added 25th Jun 2010, ID #334829
THis works.. i did it..
1)unlockallthings code. and sell cars

2)first buy a nissan gtr..use the gtr in speed. not the one that says pro at the end. the one that costs 60,000 dollars. without any mods, u can smoke ryo.

3)rx-7: with no mods, u can beat aki kumura

4)chevy camaro ss: drag, as much mods as possible..u can beat the drag king

5)old gt-r(r34): grip, a little bit of a tuneup to the power and areodynamics

this is what i had done to be the street king..
hope this helps, and please rate.

Guest answered: Added 27th Jun 2010, ID #335209
If you want to use the marker for a drag car, don't bother. BUY a $30,000 charger and install all mods. Mine is modded lv3 (not unlocked all lv4 parts yet) and won every single roguespeed race first try even Karol Monroe.
Guest answered: Added 1st Jul 2010, ID #336565
how do you unlock a free car marker for nfs pro street wii????????
Guest answered: Added 9th Jul 2010, ID #338778
Dude frget the zonda the it is ok for speed but it is so expensive and is not worth it. get the ford gt for grip most definite. quick upgrade with speed and handling, and it is just amazing. i beat the grip king eazy without a scratch on her!!!
Guest answered: Added 10th Jul 2010, ID #339084
Yeah i had a zonda for speed once and the lisence plate kept dragging on the ground... thus resulting in a top speed of just 184 mph...
ohh and the new pontiac gto maxed out with all lvl 4 performance and handeling (accept for lvl 4 drive train) is the best for drifting ( trust me i tried every car that can drift) because almost on every track you can score points up to 4,500
Guest answered: Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #339877
im using a lambo for grip which i have to admit has some challeneges and using the ford gt for my grip and using a porsche for speed and drift a beamer seems to be doing nicely for me but the gt doesnt seem to get good wheelies so for that i have my chevelle ss
Guest answered: Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #340053
buy an evo for speed and grip use an rx7 for deift and a supra for drap if you tune the right you'll whoop ryo
Guest answered: Added 29th Jul 2010, ID #344539
For drag i use a subra impreza

everything is tier four

Guest answered: Added 29th Jul 2010, ID #344700
i run people down on grips with my porsche gt2 with stage 3 stuff
Guest answered: Added 9th Aug 2010, ID #347988
the zonda for a drag car is useless because you can go get a toyota supra for a fraction of the price and out run it on the half mile drag fully upgraded the toyota supra does 255mph for me and does a wheelie for atleast a 1/4 mile. So if you want a car get the toyota supra all together to fully upgraded it would only cost about 115.000 dollars 125.000 at the most no more. when just to buy the zonda costs 750.000 just to buy it stock
Guest answered: Added 19th Aug 2010, ID #350732
yeah the supras best at drag races
Guest answered: Added 28th Aug 2010, ID #352532
The zonda is a great drag car if you have the right parts and you tune it right. But the cars you should use to dominate are:

Grip: Evo(new) or Imprezza
Drift: Corolla(seriosly, not kidding) or rx7
Drag: gt or zonda
speed: 911 turbo(there is nothing even close to being as good except the gt)

Hope this helped.
Guest answered: Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #352668
The zonda f is da bomb I got 12 of them 4 for each race typ
Guest answered: Added 31st Aug 2010, ID #353217
lotus elise is best on grip

Guest answered: Added 5th Sep 2010, ID #354319
yo i got a supra that can run a 1/4 mile in 8.88 beat that[color=green][/color]
Guest answered: Added 7th Sep 2010, ID #354900
supra does low 6's without nos
Guest answered: Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #355106
The best cars for the game are:
Grip=lancer evolution 10
Drift=nissan silvia(515)
Drag=pontiac gto '65
Speed=pagani zonda f Upgrade the evo to the last packages but dont tune because i beated ray krieger and ryo watanabe with it.... If you upgrade the nissan to all stages 4 you should beat every drift race... The pontiac gto '65 is the best for drag and the car wheelies all the way to the finish line but you have to custimize to full... The pagani zonda is very fast but you have to know how to drive it properly or 1 mistake and you will total it. I hope this helps to everyone it helped me to complete 100%
Guest answered: Added 11th Oct 2010, ID #360524
You need to get a lotus elise for drag, upgrade it all the way, and keep doing the Portland National Raceway drag challenges. its the drag branch that gets you to karol Monroe. Everybody has there own opinions on car of choise. To me it looks like the person that started this blog just wanted to know how to get a free car marker easily. Most of the comments to this blog are COMPLETELY irrelevant to the main subject. If you want a Zonda F, go ahead and dont listen to these people. Hell ill even send you my masterpiece blueprint that got me 5.3 seconds on the quarter mile. Well thats if your game platform is a PS3. If it is then send me a message, My online ID is xX_NGHTFIRE_Xx. and yes i missed the "I" on purpose.
Guest answered: Added 25th Oct 2010, ID #363022
I had a pagnini zonda. fully upgraded and it had a 5 second 1/4 MILE DRAG. For the 1/2 mile drag 9 seconds. it may be worth alot but it is worth it when you get a free car marker.
Guest answered: Added 25th Oct 2010, ID #363076
my zonda f took a half a miles in 6.78 time so better whach out fellas
Guest answered: Added 25th Oct 2010, ID #363079
nfs-speed-demon i have raced a qurter mile in 4.00 flat out so bring it win and i`ll give you my fully tuned zonda f that hasn't 1000 horsepower so good luck
Guest answered: Added 3rd Nov 2010, ID #364872
I WOULD SMASH U! my supra runs a 5.3
Guest answered: Added 24th Nov 2010, ID #368395
So this are the cars i use

Drag : Nissan 240 SX (The best) i do 1/2 in 11 secs7
Drift: Toyota Corolla AE86 (The best)
Speed: Nissan GTR-34 or Subaru Impresa
Grip: Nissan GTR-34
Guest answered: Added 12th Dec 2010, ID #372463
i tottaly smoke all of you my nissan silvia on drag can run a 1/4 mile in 3.76 seconds and also the best car for grip is the viper it tottaly smoked ryo and ray on my first go and i now have completed the game about six times and have allways had different cars
Guest answered: Added 17th Dec 2010, ID #373507

DRIFT - Mazda RX-7 (avgs 6-8G a race)
Engine - AEM stage 1
Drivetrain - stock
Forced Induction - HKS stage 3
Suspension - stock
Brakes - stock
Tires - Toyo stage 3
Nitrous - NOS stage 1

GRIP - Lancer Evolution
Engine - Crower stage 3
Drivetrain - Centerforce stage 4
Forced Induction - Turbonetics stage 3
Suspension - Eibach stage 2
Brakes - Brembo stage 4
Tires - Hankook stage 3
Nitrous - optional

Speed - Lancer Evolution IX (top speed 222)
Engine - K
Guest answered: Added 19th Feb 2011, ID #387837
No it's all about the lambo in grip
Guest answered: Added 21st Mar 2011, ID #393885
My lambo in drag does 3.1 beat that
Guest answered: Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #398050
Go to codes and put in (unlock all things) enter it sell cars restart game just keep doing that and the money will add up. I have three lambos and two ZONDAS BECAUSE OF IT.

Corvette447 answered: Added 15th Apr 2011, ID #399118
The Zonda is a piece of crap for $741,000. My CCX will dominate it in grip. My McLaren F1 in drag will stomp it. Basically anything for drift. Speed: Bugatti Veyron. If you want these awsome cars, download the patch 1.1 and then SAAM007's 1.1 patch.
Get this, They're F-are-E-E!!!
Guest answered: Added 1st Jun 2011, ID #409071
Ok here is what you do
Grip: Subaru ( only one in game)
Drag:dodge charger
Drift: Nissan 240 sx
Speed: ford gt
Ok max all but Nissan 240sx and put no aero on charger then email me at and I will give you the tunes for charger and Nissan
Guest answered: Added 19th Jun 2011, ID #413945
You can win em with luck on raceday: chicago airfield 2 and both tokyo dockyards.
Guest answered: Added 10th Aug 2011, ID #430708
Im not a member but I used the lancer 9 and put that zonda in the ground in speed matched the speed had better acc and was much more stable the zonda round the 210-220 marker back end just whips all over from what I saw racin against it lol
Guest answered: Added 1st Sep 2011, ID #437655
Grip- ryo's evo, or viper with full stage 4 (when using viper, turn off traction control, it helps in corners)
Drag- pontiac gto (new one)
Drift- rx-7 (akki's)
Speed- (gt fully upgraded)

Guest answered: Added 8th Sep 2011, ID #439373
Here are the best cars for each event

Grip:Lamborghini Murcielago
Speed:Nissan 350z

By the way all of these cars should be maxed out for them to be the best. And yes, the Zonda is a horrid car. Do not get it! You will waste you hard earned money!
Guest answered: Added 14th Oct 2011, ID #447387
You have to choose them when you choose marker after beating and event

Guest answered: Added 17th Oct 2011, ID #448371
Just use the free car marker on the zonda then, sell the zonda!
Guest answered: Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #465247
I have Nate Denver's GTO and Ray Krieger's BMW and they kick ass!!!
Guest answered: Added 7th Apr 2012, ID #496238
Skyline r34 254 mph

Guest answered: Added 6th May 2012, ID #504152
U win it

Guest answered: Added 8th May 2012, ID #504811
Supras the best drag car period mine had 1,060bhp and thats not lvl 4 everything
Guest answered: Added 25th May 2012, ID #509740
I got Shelby Gt500:

And can run 1/2mile for 7 seconds and 1/4mile in 4.7secs so what is the best drag car?;) Just have to tune it right and thats it..:P
Guest answered: Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #518548
Hey person who got 8.88 with a green supra I done 8.05 with a camaro ss try to perfect your drag strip this time and I have a red supra for drift I just bout it so I didnt test it yet.
Dylan.Pennington answered: Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #553335
Ive got the zonda for speed and it is actually a really good speed car you just have to tune it right and the way I bought the zonda was I sold all the pretuned cars you get went and beat all 5 kings (I didnt sell their cars) and bought it and bought as much as I could for it then went and did some races and maxed it out and I've only wrecked it once other then that they can never keep up.
GgRip answered: Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #560431
I have a evo for grip it does 224 and a camaro for drag it did 5.11 in 1/4 mile also I carry a smokeing silivia s15 for drift it did 150 around a small corner
19AnthonyBaker91 answered: Added 17th Jan 2013, ID #565321
Here is my car line up for the grip I got the viper and the 06 Ford Mustang. For the drift I got the porsche 911 GT2, toyota supra, and the 2003 Ford Mustang GT. For the drag I got the charger, challenger, the new GT-500, the hemi cuda, the new gto, and the 06 ford mustang. For the speed I gor the ford gt, the Lambo LP640
Guest answered: Added 30th Jan 2013, ID #567665
Ok here is what I can tell you use the lambo is will do 230 through out the track and use the zonda for grip use a marker to buy it and then just max everything and you will lap them I finished battle machine and sold most my cars and got the zonda with a marker and already toke down the speed king and the drag king so any one that says the zonda is bad I think he is talking about the wrong game!!
Guest answered: Added 17th Mar 2013, ID #577173
I use a 911 turbo for grip with lvl 4 every thing, then for speed I have a lvl 4 everything skyline, drag I use my viper and drift I use my 1049 hp ford gt
Guest answered: Added 15th Jul 2013, ID #596844
Grip- skyline r34 with lvl 1 power parts and lvl 3 handling part .best ever

Drag - skyline r34 with lvl 3 power parts and lvl 4 handling parts -6.3 secs quarter mile

Speed same as grip but tuned differently

Drag nissan silvia with lvl 2 power parts and lvl 4 handling parts.

Completed the game with these cars and the zonda is a waste you will kill all kings with that set up ^

Guest answered: Added 22nd Jul 2013, ID #597758
A way to make easy cash if you have wii is by typing in the unlock code 'unlockallthings'. After you have done that, enter any raceday. After you have, exit it right away. When you go to your garage there will be 4 bonus cars awaiting you. Sell them for 90,000$+.

Guest answered: Added 18th Mar 2014, ID #620069
The best way to beat the speed king is have a ford GT but it's hard to steer but it worked and I beat him.

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