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How you do a wheelie!!!??

Marauder0427 asks:
Added Nov 24th 2007, ID #101405

How you do a wheelie!!!??

ME AGAIN-------How the **** do you do a wheelie. I've tried almost every car that has high horsepower!!! I've even tried the same cars that the computer races(Corvette z06, viper, charger, cuda). I had a GTO(not old), and maxed out the power.........took it 2 a wheelie competition.... And the guy I wuz racing --computer person- had a GTO too. So I race him.....but he does a wheelie and I dont!!!

is there some special way 2 do one right be4 you start,when the tree is lit? Okr do I have 2 get my tac or rpms or whatever it is in2 that green bar?

Plz help ASAP Thanks


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jayfizzlefo answered:
Added 25th Nov 2007, ID #217737

I use the old gto with lvl 4 performance parts beat the grip king first and I think you can have lvl 4 I'm not sure

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Guest said: 16th Jun 2015 | REPORT
the duh part was mean!! but byeee
Guest said: 22nd Aug 2015 | REPORT
car must be rel wheel drive
Guest said: 11th Dec 2015 | REPORT
Dodge viper is best for wheelie
Guest said: 24th Feb 2016 | REPORT
The 67 or 68 camaro is also a great choice just set first gear as far to the left as possible
wikum answered:
Added 27th Nov 2007, ID #218075

What you need to do is alter the rear tyre size to like a real dragster big at the front normal at the front ok good luck. Note: if you look at the other drag cars that DO wheelie they are a prime example Smile

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Guest said: 21st Jun 2011 | REPORT
you do a wheelie by waiting til it gets green and then if you are using the wii you jirk the wii remote and then use nos ,you have to shift at the right time
Guest said: 29th Jun 2011 | REPORT
if u want to do a wheelie you need a camaro ss at lvl 3 power lvl 3 traction and lvl 1 aero.then go to tune settings then adjust it to this[img][/img]
Guest said: 23rd Dec 2011 | REPORT
how do you tune the chevelle ss to do a wheelie
Guest said: 27th May 2012 | REPORT
what i did is get a nissan silvia maxed it out and maxed the gear ratios and raced when the front of the car started lowering i hit the nos it did a wheelie all the way across the track every time!

Horsemen23 answered:
Added 27th Nov 2007, ID #218149

You have to tune your car correctly number one. The settings and torque ratios are what will give your car the power to jump off the line and do a wheelie. You don't have to do any pre tree rpm'ing. Just as soon as the tree goes green mash the gas and shift when your in the green immediately and then ride it on to perfect shifts. Myself, I prefer the American muscle cars for my drag rides. My favorite is my '65 GTO (the Goat) I run a 8.8 sec 1/4 mile, 12.9 1/2 mile, and I rode an 1,012ft. Wheelie and beat Karol Monroe. I just rented this game 2 days ago. I'm still tweaking out all my rides.

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Guest said: 14th Nov 2012 | REPORT
Man please! I have a shelby gt 500 (new version) and I do 7.54 sec 1/4 mile and an 11.71 1/2 mile. the car's maxed out btw.
Guest said: 26th Feb 2013 | REPORT
man please....i use a dodge charger r/ clocks the 1/4 mile in 7.12 seconds...wheelies 1337 ft
Guest said: 11th May 2017 | REPORT
I use a supra and i ran a 6.61
Fariq answered:
Added 28th Nov 2007, ID #218157

Your car must be a rear wheel drive,and have a lvl 3 horsepower or above

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Guest said: 8th Aug 2010 | REPORT
thanks my brouther is desperate to win this game
Xmodude answered:
Added 28th Nov 2007, ID #218221

What may be happening you may not be warming your itres enough OR your shifting gears to early.

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wer316 said: 22nd Jul 2010 | REPORT
this is a good way but sometimes won get u a long wheelie. To get a wheelie to the end all u do is make the rear tires as wide as possible then lower the rear tire pressure. I suggest u buy a Zonda F or a Cadillac ctsv
AJ88 answered:
Added 1st Dec 2007, ID #218763

The best way to do wheelies is to buy an old muscle car like the camaro ss, Chevelle ss, because I tried these two cars and I have done wheelies along the whole strip. You will have to buy one of these cars, and modify everything to stage 3, and in the customize blueprint menu, click on tune and by pressing R1 you will go to engine and you have to change the settings to positive (all the way to the right) where it says start boost and end boost. That's it, this should work.

AJ88 answered:
Added 1st Dec 2007, ID #218764

The best thing to do wheelies is to buy an old muscle car like the camaro ss or the chevelle ss, etc... Buy any of these cars and modify everything to stage 3, and then go to the customize blueprint menu, and there go to tune. After that press R1 to go to engine, and then change the setting of the start boost and end boost to positive (all the way to the right). That's it, after doing this you must be able to do wheelies.

GanstaGamer answered:
Added 14th Dec 2007, ID #220248

In order to pop a wheelie you need to switch your gears perfect or good.

Shadowcheater answered:
Added 17th Dec 2007, ID #220559

Mine is the 60' GTO, the old one. You have to max it out to level 3 or up.

mule123 answered:
Added 18th Dec 2007, ID #220831

I bought a Chevelle ss and I tricked it out to everything the highest to buy and doing that and on the drag king I got 1,313 ft

:D answered:
Added 21st Dec 2007, ID #221220

High power low aero perfect shifts you can easily do 1330+ wheelie. I do 1339 whellie 1/4 mile in 7.1 sec 1/2 mile in 11.1 sec (dodge charger r/t 974 bhp )

sorrowsinger answered:
Added 22nd Dec 2007, ID #221347

Ford gt and '65 gto are exellent on drag and wheelie competition... Lvl 3performance on '65 gto would do the trick, make the rear shocks and spring stiffer so the rear suspension won't absorb much of the torque and power acting on the car and the rear tires... Hope it helps!

sirspeedy answered:
Added 24th Dec 2007, ID #221845

I use the nissan 240sx I got at the start of the game as my drag car...tune it up to lvl 4 and I never lost a single drag race ever!!! Wheelie competition? This car does it from start to finish as long as you do a good job timing your shifts.

Murcielago answered:
Added 30th Dec 2007, ID #223138

Right: I've been through this a couple of times before, but really it doesn't matter when you first launch off, I short shift it all the time and never have a problem with wheelies or 1/4s. My best is the full drag strip in a fully tuned Ford GT, but the other tips are pretty bang on too. Make sure you also make the rear tires as wide as they can go. Also, put your boost up reasonably high, along withcam timing, but leave the NOS slider in the middle, you wan't a bit of duration to keep 'em going for longer.

fish man answered:
Added 31st Dec 2007, ID #223647

I've got a ford escort all wheel drive I'm finally getting hang of doing the wheelie comp thanks to everyones help. Anyway it does 1/4 mile in 6.99 secs woot!!! And so far my best score for the wheelie comp is 400ft.

pencil_5 answered:
Added 31st Dec 2007, ID #223658

I'm using the hemi cuda fully tricked out...all level 4 preformance...and I've tuned it right. It'll do the 1/4 mile in 8.04 seconds and the longest wheelie I've done is just short of 1,000m the only thing about using it in drag is when you are doing the 1/2 or 1/4 mile if you hit the top end of 6th gear and use nos you'll start do drift outa control. Hope this helps out

tom1234505 answered:
Added 19th Jan 2008, ID #228054

Do the unlock eveything code and buy stage 4 performance(may cost 100-300 thousand dollars, sorry...) but I use the new gto with stage 4 everything.

whizz kid answered:
Added 2nd Mar 2008, ID #238469

What you want is to go into tune and make the suspension soft and the tyres low. Soon your ride will be holding it's head high and proud like theres no tommorow

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Guest said: 31st Jul 2010 | REPORT
Hey i have zonda f i got it from car lot how to do whellie ..??
NavySeal32110 answered:
Added 8th Mar 2008, ID #240244

My chevelle that I used to have ran the hole track. I really recomend it

Jortathlon answered:
Added 2nd Jan 2010, ID #324766

What you need 2 do is use the cheat unlockallthings (*MAKE SURE U TURN OFF AUTOSAVE IN OPTIONS 1ST!!!!*) then you will get lv4 parts then go to main menu and go to race day it will freeze quickly but then continue, back out and go to career and you're garage and there will be cars there sell them and get 90,000. Then reset you're console and do this about 2 more times the buy all the lv4 parts - that's what I did with my dodge viper - it's got 816bhp, it's also good for savin money for a new car - I got a lamborghini muchéilago and it's fully tuned lv4 parts and has 886bhp.

Guest answered:
Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #339911

at first i had trouble trying to do a wellie to i used all the rear weal drive cars the last one i used gave me the best result. it was a dog charger R/T i put the power at lvl 4 traction lvl 3 aero lvl 1. theas are the parts i used engen stage 4 driver train stage 3 forsd injunkiton stage 4suspention stage 4 brakes stage 3 tiers stage 3 nitrios oxide stage 4. when you tune your car leave all at defalt put finale drive gear to the righrt all the way then go to the body upgrades and select tiers make the front ones small as you can and the back ones big as you can.when you are done you car shud have. lvl 4 power, lvl 3tracton and levl 1 aeromake Sher that the tracktion is to to right of the aero bar by about an inch i seaid bar not lvl. thats how i beat the drag king o and have a car bilt for the 1/2 and the 1/4 i recemend the Chevrolet ss i posed som of the fastes times on them dont get the nesoin 240sx it is a sucky car and u will not be able to do a wellie i hope this helpd

wer316 answered:
Added 22nd Jul 2010, ID #342461

use Cadillac ctsv or zonda and make rear tires as big as possible and lower the rear tire pressure and you will get a wheelie all the way to the end

Guest answered:
Added 26th Sep 2010, ID #357956

yo the best car to do a wheelie with is da dodge challenger it rocks. if u wana do a wheelie max it out al level four except for aero. when u do dat make yo frunt wheels as small as u can and your big wheels as big as u can. the go to tube ans make your frunt suspension stiff and your rear soft and make it as low as u can leve all gears the same except for the last two make those a little taler and u shud do a wheelie.

Guest answered:
Added 26th Oct 2010, ID #363196

hey dude igettoyotasupra forwheelie and low the aeroof car and iget the normal wheelie 895 this is thebestcarforwheelie

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Dec 2010, ID #375112

Here, I have a Shelby GT500 (new model), and I have a short little guide for getting the front of your car flying. The problem is, it might not work on all cars, but it will most likely work on any of the ones you mentioned. I also have a small request, I have totaled my GT500 about ten times in Wheelie Comps, so I made a question about where the wheelie bars can be found. Okay, here goes the guide:
parts setup,
suspension must be stage 3 or 4,
suspension settings all stiff,
ride height mid to low.
rear tire pressure mid to low

cam timing retard, boost high,
nos pressure high,
flowrate mid to low,
gear ratios shorter 1-3rd
mid 4th
longer 5-6, final mid to short.

time the tree. if you can perfect launch and perfect shifts usually get a 409-410m (full legnth) wheelie.
nos in 3rd to 4th gear shift.
use my charger setup in tunings and settings for ease.

This guide worked for me, without these procedures, I had a maxed out GT500, but couldn't pull a wheelie, used the guide, and got almost 600!

1stoffthegrid answered:
Added 23rd Dec 2010, ID #375114

I hope my short guide works buddy.

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jan 2011, ID #383240

I've clicked on so many links, sites, everything but everyone keeps saying what car they use instead of how it's actually done. T_T Seriously, the best was this guy who gave a guide for the Shelby GT500 (which I use) but it doesn't really detail the ACTUAL, ya know how the car goes up and stuff...

Guest answered:
Added 25th Jan 2011, ID #383494

Get a ford get max out the suspension and engine

Guest answered:
Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #438469

Use a toyota supra it's better

Guest answered:
Added 5th Sep 2011, ID #438847

I don't do the wheelies myself, but my buddy can do almost the hole 1/4 mile doing a wheely in an old vet with level 3 stuff. The game even tells him he may not have enough horsepower to do one, and yet he does it every time. No nitro even, if he does his engine will blow.

Guest answered:
Added 25th Nov 2011, ID #458821

I use a Challenger are/T with My REAR sUSPENSION very stiff and front very loose my nos is very high preasure all-around make sure both packages are lvl 3 {Very HARD to Control} but very reliable

Guest answered:
Added 2nd Dec 2011, ID #460769

Try a Chevrolet Camaro darron with at least all level 3

Leave the nos and wheels alone, adjust the boost to the right and race like a normal drag, easy works every time

I used a similair version but adjusted the gear ratios and small adjustmens and got a 1/4 mile in 6.43 seconds, never been beaten both on ps3 and with exactly the same setup on ps2

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Dec 2011, ID #465650

Easy just buy an old corvette and mod it with lvl 3 everything I'm running a 6.9 1/4 mile with a 403m wheelie

Guest answered:
Added 26th Jan 2012, ID #476804

I Just Need To Know What To Do While In The (DRAG STRIP).
Not Which Car To Use?! Or What Tuning Fuckin' Stuff !!!
-.- Guys Please FOCUS!! And Try To Get What Am I Askin'

click to reveal

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Guest said: 5th May 2014 | REPORT
The problem a lot of people have is that they think they are not pressing the right buttons, when actually the race is played out like a Drag, but you have to have a car that is set up to wheelie. The Wheelie is a race that's about how you tune your car, not how you race it, if that makes sense? You have to have the right performance parts and the right tuning before it'll hold it's head up high.
Guest answered:
Added 6th May 2012, ID #504087

You need to be in a Wheelie Competition, have lots of horsepower, etc. Your probably just in a Drag Race when you need to be in a Wheelie Competition.

Abhi24101992 answered:
Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #526462

I am using basic Cauda..I can easily start a wheelie but the shifting and n20 are not used correctly. So I can't perform a longer wheelie after

Guest answered:
Added 5th May 2014, ID #623875

The problem a lot of people have is that they think they are not pressing the right buttons, when actually the race is played out like a Drag, but you have to have a car that is set up to wheelie. The Wheelie is a race that's about how you tune your car, not how you race it, if that makes sense? You have to have the right performance parts and the right tuning before it'll hold it's head up high.

Guest answered:
Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #628953

I have a Zonda F that I got from a free car marker. I used it for grip but switched to drag because it kept doing oversteer. I use the unlockallthings code and put all stage 4 power and traction upgrades, then I put the stratospeed widebody on it. I did a little tuning for added power and got to abput 1,250. Then I took it to a track and it wheelied the entire quarter mile. Just be careful 'cause the car will sometimes jerk while wheelieing and go into the air.

Guest answered:
Added 11th Nov 2014, ID #645997

I use a tier 4 Pagani Zonda F and hit nos between gears 3 and 4 you'll wheelie the whole strip. Grip King. Drift King. Drag King. And Showdown King. 87% complete. ✌


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