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I've been helping my little sister play this game and I discovered many helpful facts.

Moving Blocks: Roberta can move them faster than Tor.
Lots of Fire Motes: Keep going in and out of Tor's farmhouse, getting Fire Motes each time.
Lots of Sun Motes: Keep going in and out of the Hidden Tower in Fairyland, getting Sun Motes each time.
Market Town's prices: Until you defeat the Black Knight, prices are about 4x their true value, so it's don't but anything until then.
Undead Draik and Water/Lava Motes: While you're fighting the Undead Draik, you can get many of these Motes. After you defeat him, they will no longer appear.
Altador Arena District Golden Grass: Behind the Blacksmith in the Arena District, there's a patch of 8 blades of Golden Grass. Prepare for major $$$!

Wooden Sword (Tor's farm, open chest upstairs)
Squire Sword (Meridell, 500 np)
Knight's Sword (Cogham, 1500 np)
Kreludan Blade (Bogshot, give Blacksmith meteor piece from Drackon Mine)
Battle Blade (Market Town, Before Black Knight:16000 np After:4000 np)
Ancient Blade (Meridell Knight's Crypts, pick up after defeating Death Knights)
Razor Sword (Altador Arena District, 4000 np)
Altador's Blade (Hall of Heroes, before you awaken Jerdana)

Farm Clothes (start with them)
Squire Outfit (Meridell, obtain when you return Letter of Consent)
Knight's Plate (Meridell, 2500 np)
Defender's Plate (Cogham, return Armorer's Hammer)
Royal Armor (Market Town, Before Black Knight:17999 np After:4500 np)
Gilded Plate (Meridell Treasure Vault, treasure chest)
Altadorian Plate (Altador Bazaar District, 6000 np)

Wooden Shield (Meridell, 400 np OR Meridell Arena)
Iron Shield (Cogham, 800 np)
Knight's Shield (Brightvale, 1500 np)
Golden Shield (Market Town, Before Black Knight:8000 np After:2000 np OR Fairyland Hidden Tower, 4000 np)
Legendary Shield (Altador Bazaar District, 2500 np)

Fairywood Wand (Fairyland, make out of Fairywood Stick, Stone of Illumination, and Fairy Dust)
Training Wand (Brightvale Castle, chest in Roberta's room)
Enchanter's Wand (Cogham, 2000 np)
Witch's Wand (Werelupe Woods, Before Wartroot/Werelupe King:10000 np After:3000 np)
Magician's Wand (Market Town, Before Black Knight:16000 np After:4000 np)
Sorcerer's Wand (Meridell, 7000 np OR Fairyland Hidden Tower, 7000 np)
Wand of the Ancients (Altador Arena District, 4500 np)
Fyora's Rod (Meridell Treasure Vault, take after defeating Undead Draik)

Brightvale Uniform (start with it)
Training Gown (Fairyland, given by Seradar after Magic Training)
Magic Robes (Brightvale, 2000 np)
Wizard's Gown (Drackon Ridge Mote Shop, 6000 np)
Noble Dress (Market Town, Before Black Knight:26000 np After:6500 np)
Fairy Dress (Fairyland Hidden Tower, 8000 np)
Legend Robes (Altador Bazaar District, 5500 np)

Shield Spells:
Low (obtained with first wand)
Medium (Bogshot, 2500 np)
High (Merilode Mine, Hidden Treasure)

Get RICH in Act 2 (Roberta's Story):
After getting a wand, hit the Golden Grass near Fyora's Library. Then enter the library, then leave again, amd hit the Golden Grass. You can do this for a long, LONG time and get RICH!!

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