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Follow the dark path or use the light

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 4 cheats on PlayStation 2

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10000000npAdded 18 Apr 2008, ID #29864
if you go to bog shot swamp there will be a sink hole with a sludgie in it if you beat it it will give you 1000 a little bit farther down there will be a place with vines go up then go back to where the sludgie was beat him again and get 1000 more repeat till you get all the money you want

More helpAdded 29 Oct 2006, ID #24028
I've been helping my little sister play this game and I discovered many helpful facts.

Moving Blocks: Roberta can move them faster than Tor.
Lots of Fire Motes: Keep going in and out of Tor's farmhouse, getting Fire Motes each time.
Lots of Sun Motes: Keep going in and out of the Hidden Tower in Fairyland, getting Sun Motes each time.
Market Town's prices: Until you defeat the Black Knight, prices are about 4x their true value, so it's don't but anything until then.
Undead Draik and Water/Lava Motes: While you're fighting the Undead Draik, you can get many of these Motes. After you defeat him, they will no longer appear.
Altador Arena District Golden Grass: Behind the Blacksmith in the Arena District, there's a patch of 8 blades of Golden Grass. Prepare for major $$$!

Wooden Sword (Tor's farm, open chest upstairs)
Squire Sword (Meridell, 500 np)
Knight's Sword (Cogham, 1500 np)
Kreludan Blade (Bogshot, give Blacksmith meteor piece from Drackon Mine)
Battle Blade (Market Town, Before Black Knight:16000 np After:4000 np)
Ancient Blade (Meridell Knight's Crypts, pick up after defeating Death Knights)
Razor Sword (Altador Arena District, 4000 np)
Altador's Blade (Hall of Heroes, before you awaken Jerdana)

Farm Clothes (start with them)
Squire Outfit (Meridell, obtain when you return Letter of Consent)
Knight's Plate (Meridell, 2500 np)
Defender's Plate (Cogham, return Armorer's Hammer)
Royal Armor (Market Town, Before Black Knight:17999 np After:4500 np)
Gilded Plate (Meridell Treasure Vault, treasure chest)
Altadorian Plate (Altador Bazaar District, 6000 np)

Wooden Shield (Meridell, 400 np OR Meridell Arena)
Iron Shield (Cogham, 800 np)
Knight's Shield (Brightvale, 1500 np)
Golden Shield (Market Town, Before Black Knight:8000 np After:2000 np OR Fairyland Hidden Tower, 4000 np)
Legendary Shield (Altador Bazaar District, 2500 np)

Fairywood Wand (Fairyland, make out of Fairywood Stick, Stone of Illumination, and Fairy Dust)
Training Wand (Brightvale Castle, chest in Roberta's room)
Enchanter's Wand (Cogham, 2000 np)
Witch's Wand (Werelupe Woods, Before Wartroot/Werelupe King:10000 np After:3000 np)
Magician's Wand (Market Town, Before Black Knight:16000 np After:4000 np)
Sorcerer's Wand (Meridell, 7000 np OR Fairyland Hidden Tower, 7000 np)
Wand of the Ancients (Altador Arena District, 4500 np)
Fyora's Rod (Meridell Treasure Vault, take after defeating Undead Draik)

Brightvale Uniform (start with it)
Training Gown (Fairyland, given by Seradar after Magic Training)
Magic Robes (Brightvale, 2000 np)
Wizard's Gown (Drackon Ridge Mote Shop, 6000 np)
Noble Dress (Market Town, Before Black Knight:26000 np After:6500 np)
Fairy Dress (Fairyland Hidden Tower, 8000 np)
Legend Robes (Altador Bazaar District, 5500 np)

Shield Spells:
Low (obtained with first wand)
Medium (Bogshot, 2500 np)
High (Merilode Mine, Hidden Treasure)

Get RICH in Act 2 (Roberta's Story):
After getting a wand, hit the Golden Grass near Fyora's Library. Then enter the library, then leave again, amd hit the Golden Grass. You can do this for a long, LONG time and get RICH!!
BossesAdded 23 Sep 2006, ID #23546
I used to play this game. When I did, I beat it, like 3 times. I still know how to fight and kill all the bosses.

1) Juppie Monster (ACT 1)
Element: EARTH
Area: Shadowglen Forest
Reason: He kidnapped your idiot sister. You need to rescue her to become a knight.
Hero: Tor

First, fight off the Tentacles. A giant fruit will drop and you get behind it. The Juppie will dive down. Dodge and attack it's head or it's neck. Do this about 3 times and you've won.

2) Ixi Chief (ACT 1)
Element: EARTH
Area: Cogham Steppes
Reason: He and his raiders are terrorizing the villagers.
Hero: Tor

He's pretty easy. Keep 3-step combo attacking him and he'll summon archers. Keep attacking the Chief and the raiders will surrender.

3) Gnarfas
Element: FIRE
Area: Illusen's Glade
Reason: The Werelupe King is attacking Illusen. He summons his champion to kill you, his only distraction.
Hero: Tor

First of all, stay away from his chains. There'll be eventual openings where you can fight him. When he jumps onto nearby trees, be prepared for him to land anywhere. After you defeat Gnarfas, the dark clouds will take over Illusen and Meridell.

4) The Dark Fairy Sisters (ACT 1)
Element: DARK
Area: Meridell Castle
Reason: Well, you'd kill someone if they were intruding your plans for world domination, too, wouldn't ya?
Hero: Tor

You can't defeat them now. You can only run. Escape by causing them to knock down pillars to make your way to the room where you caught the mice.

5) Gelert Assassin (first encounter)
Element: DARK
Area: Brightvale Outskirts
Reason: He was hired by the Darkest Fairy to kill you.
Hero: Tor

You only need to fight him off for about 12 seconds. Then the coward will run off.

6) Plague Serpent
Element: WATER
Area: Bogshot Swamp
Reason: He's responsible for the villagers' illness, and you need the bridge repaired.
Hero: Tor

Get on those taller platforms and wait for him to hiss twice (if he doesn't hiss twice, you need to go on another platform). Right after the second hiss, use your shield and the serpent will fall. Attack while it's down. Do this about 4 times and you can get the black berries for the cure.

7) Werelupe King
Element: FIRE
Area: Werelupe Woods Burrows
Reason: Let's count off: He stole Illusen's charm, captured your girlfriend, and threatened to eat you. Why do you think you're fighting?
Hero: Tor
NOTE: Save before you fight him! Sometimes, when he jumps up in the air, he never comes back down. In case this glitch occurs, you need to reload your game.

All I can say is fight him to your best abilities. You can't defend or jump over his fire or his boomerang. Use the 3-step combo attack.

8) Juppie Monster (ACT 3)
Element: EARTH
Area: Shadowglen Forest
Reason: Revived by the Darkest Fairy. He kidnapped all the farmers (except your mom, dad, and sister).
Hero: Tor and Roberta

Use Tor to fight off the Tentacles. Than, switch to Roberta. When he dives into a giant fruit, he'll go back up and wait. That's when you use your spells. Beware his new power: that poison-spitting thing that the other Flower Monsters use.

9) Ixi Chief (ACT 3)
Element: DARK
Area: Abandoned Mines
Reason: Revived by the Darkest Fairy. He and his raiders threaten to kill all of the village's miners.
Hero: Tor

The absolute easiest boss in the entire game! Simply keep using the 3-step combo attack on him. He'll die in about 6 seconds.

10) Gelert Assassin (final encounter)
Element: DARK
Area: Illusen's Glade
Reason: He's guarding the Fairy and aside from that, he's tried to kill you this entire act!
Hero: Tor

This time, you need to fight him for real.Block his daggers, 3-step-attack him, and be prepared for almost anything. When he uses illusionary copies, Spin Attack them to flank out the real one. Once he's gone this time, he'll be gone for good!

11) Black Knight
Element: DARK
Area: Knights' Keep
Reason: Revived by the Darkest Fairy. He and his Dark Knights have been pushing huge taxes on Market Town, driving them mad.
Hero: Tor and Roberta

His armor makes him invincible. But, by causing him to get stuck in the chandelier, ramming him into the wall, or just tiring him out, there will be openings in his armor. Use Tor or Roberta to attack these weak points. Some only work for Tor. Others only work for Roberta.

12) Undead Guardian
Element: I think it's DARK, but equip a Nova to your shield anyway.
Area: Meridell Teasure Vault
Reason: I guess it's just guarding the treasure.
Hero: Tor and Roberta

Use Tor untill the Skeleton becomes nothing but a head. When the body glows fire or ice, use your shield. Then when it's dazed, bash it about 4 times at a time. When it is a head, use Roberta's spells to finish it off. Now you can get the Fairy Queen's Rod.

13) The Dark Fairy Sisters (ACT 3)
Element: RAINBOW
Area: Meridell Castle
Reason: They've been left in charge of Meridell.
Hero: Roberta

Simply use your spells and block oncoming fire. Now it's of for Fairyland.

14) The Darkest Fairy
Element: RAINBOW
Area: Fairyland
Reason: The grand master behind this whole game.
Hero: Tor and Roberta

Block the magic spells. When she's dazed, sword attack her.
Defeat the Minions, then attack the Darkest Fairy. When she's on the floor, walk up to her.

After the Deciever's fall, you've saved the world.
Endless Staircase and MeridellAdded 10 Jul 2006, ID #22043
Escaping the Endless Staircase:
To escape go to the second Quiggle statue and see if it is pointing up or down the staircase. Go in the direction the Quiggle statue points until you get to the next statue and then go in that statue's direction. Keep repeating this until you get to the door at the bottom of the Endless Staircase.

Getting into Meridell:
When a large wall blocks you get the the charm from the Werelupe King.

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