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Lots of money for begginers hint for Monster Hunter


Lots of money for begginers

First buy an iron pickaxe or two(160z or 320z, depending on how many you buy)from the store(because they can break suprisingly quickly, one broke after one use). Then go talk to the chief and take the third 1-star quest; item finding. When you start the quest only take the rations and first-aid kits.

Don't leave the starting area yet, go to the right side of the wooden jetty and catch all the fish you can. Now leave the area into area one and search through the dung by the waters edge on the right; if you only find dung discard it but if you find kut-ku scales KEEP THEM, if you sell them you get 250z each.

Now kill and carve every monster in that area, your not looking for meat your looking for sm monster bones(10z each). Now go to area 2; as soon as you enter the area you'll see a rock on your left, search it and if you get lucky you'll find kut-ku scales. Now climb the vines to go to area 6.

Ignore the pigs snuffeling around for now and start climbing the vines. Stop after climbing the second set of vines and walk right up to the cliff face to your left after you have climbed to the top. Walk off the edge hugging the wall and you'll drop on to a narrow ledge.

Continue walking along the ledge sticking to the wall so you don't fall off. When you get to the end you will see a rather noticable crack in the wall, use the pickaxe on it repeatedly and you'll get either a stone(1z), disc stone(68z), iron ore(60z) or earth crystal(120z). Now jump down and then climb all the way to the top this time to get as many spiderwebs as it will give you and then go back down and kill the pigs(mosswine) and carve them and if your lucky again you'll get a special mushroom.exit and make your way to area 3.

Once again kill all the monsters and hope for sm monster bones. If you look in the long grass you'll find a plant that stands out from the grass, search it you'll usually find herbs here. Now go all the way back to the camp and deliver the herbs and spiderweb.

When you get back to the village sell the kut-ku scales, fish, disc stones,iron ore and earth crystals, repeat as neccessary and enjoy.

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Added 14th Jul 2012, ID #164224

slay what monster you can take it down and take their part and sell it to the women stand behind the fruit

Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #60684

use worm to fertilizer and put power seed.. plant tis will earn alot cash.. power seed sell around 140z for 1piece..

Added 12th Jul 2010, ID #4112


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