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Monster Hunter cheats for Monster Hunter


Monster Hunter cheats

Town of Hunters:
Complete successfully all Offline Quests.

Recover Health on a Mission:
Find the hut that you start at and press 'X' by the bed and your character sleeps and recovers health.

Item combinations

Ancient Potion:
Kelbi Horn + Immunizer

Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom

Antidote Flute:
Flute + Antiseptic Stone

Antidote S:
Antidote Herb + Huskberry

Antiseptic Stone:
Earth Crystal + Bitterbug

Armor Flute:
Mega Armorskin + Med Monster Bone

Armor S:
Huskberry + Armor Seed

Catalyst + Armor Seed

Arrowana Bait:
Cricket + Bugbopper

Bomb Material:
Sap Plant + Stone

Honey + Bitterbug

Clust S level 1:
Huskberry + Bomberry

Clust S level 2:
Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Claw

Clust S level 3:
Lg Bone Husk + Scatterfish

Crag S level 1:
Huskberry + Burst Arrowana

Crag S level 2:
Sm Bone Husk + Burst Arrowana

Crag S level 3:
Lg Bone Husk + Bomb Arrowana

Demon Drug:
Catalyst + Power Seed

Demon Flute:
Mega Demondrug + Med Monster Bone

Demon S:
Huskberry + Power Seed

Disk S:
Huskberry + Diskstone

Dragon S:
Lg Bone Husk + Dragon Seed

Drugged Meat:
Raw Meat + Sleep Herb

Dung Bomb:
Bomb Material + Dung

Dung S:
Dung + Huskberry

Bomb Material + Flashbug

Goldfish Bait:
Fire Fly + Snakebee Larva

Fire Herb + Nitroshroom

Healt Flute:
Flute + Lifepowder

Herbal Medicine:
Cactus Flower + Bitterbug

Lg. Barrel Bomb:
Gunpowder + Lg. Barrel

Godbug + Wyvern Fang

Lifecrystals + Wyvern Claw

Max Potion:
Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool

Mega Armor Skin:
Armorskin + Pale Extract

Mega Demon Drug:
Demondrug + Khezu Extract

Mega Juice:
Power Extract + Well-Done Steak

Mega Nutrients:
Nutrients + Honey

Mega Potion:
Potion + Honey

Spiderweb + Ivy

Normal S level 2:
Huskberry + Needleberry

Normal S level 3:
Huskberry + Rumblefish

Blue Mushroom + Godbug

Paint S:
Paintberry + Huskberry

Sap Plant + Paintberry

Pellet S level 1:
Huskberry + Scatternut

Pellet S level 2:
Huskberry + Wyvern Fang

Pellet S level 3:
Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Fang

Pierce S level 1:
Huskberry + Velociprey Fang

Pierce S level 2:
Huskberry + Pin Tuna

Pierce S level 3:
Sm Bone Husk + Pin Tuna

Pitfall Trap:
Net + Trap Tool

Poison S level 1:
Toadstool + Huskberry

Poison S level 2:
Sm Bone Husk + Loprey Fang

Poisoned Meat:
Raw Meat + Toadstool

Herb + Blue Mushroom

Power Juice:
Catalyst + Rare Steak

Recov S level 1:
Herb + Huskberry

Recov S level 2:
Potion + Huskberry

Sleep S level 1:
Huskberry + Sleep Herb

Sleep S level 2:
Sm Husk Bone + Sleepyfish

Sm. Barrel Bomb:
Fire Herb + Small Barrel

Smoke Bomb:
Bomb Material + Ivy

Sonic Bomb:
Gunpowder + Screamer

Stun S level 1:
Stunshroom + Huskberry

Stun S level 2:
Sm Bone Husk + Genprey Fang

Tainted Meat:
Raw Meat+ Stunshroom

Tuna Bait:
Worm + Vembug

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