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Bright, Lucid, & Shiny Crystal; Bastion Loop cheat for Kingdom Hearts


Bright, Lucid, & Shiny Crystal; Bastion Loop

There are some items that are nothing more than a pain to get. There are some loops you can take in some worlds to get these certain gems. Heres a few of the more difficult ones.

-Bright Crystal- Defenders.
-Shiny Crystal- Wizard.
-Power Crystal- Wyvern.
These are three really important and really annoying crystals. Best place to get them is in Hollow bastion after sealing the final KeyHole. From the gummi ship, land in Castle Chapel. Make sure you have Lucky Strike equipped on at least one character. Now turn into the tunnel behind you. Kill the defender there, and go in the next tunnel/staircase thing. You're back in the grand hall. Defeat all the wizards where the princesses were being held, then go up the stairs, defeat those annoying guys, then pick either left or right to go up the next set of stairs. Both have a defender at the landing so it doesnt matter which staircase you take. I normally head to the right, but thats just me. After defeating that defender, go to the big platform thing. (so descriptive, huh?) Defeat every heartless that appears there, and afterwards head down whichever side you DiDNT take coming up. Hey look! Another defender. Kill it. Head back out towards the big black doorway, where you came in, and PURPOSELY fall off the platform onto the one below. More heartless with more stuff. Kill em all. Head into the next doorway, and youre back outside. Do yourself a favor and try not to fall off of anything. Kill all the heartless that appear here, and then go around the corner. Air soldiers appear. Kill them if you like. But instead of going into the door right there, jump down to the floor below you, where you can see another door on the far side by the wall. Kill all the heartless here, and head through that door. This looks familiar. Go through the door way you see on the opposite side, and youre back on the high platform Go through the door where the air soldier was this time. Youre back in the chapel. If you go back out past the save point , and into the grand hall again, all the same heartless are there. The only difference is on the platform between the chapel and the grand hall. The defender there is gone. You can keep taking this loop for a higher chance of getting these three crystals without ever leaving the world.

Hope it helps!

Ps. Someone has asked about how to get Lucid Crystals. The DarkBalls drop those, and appear the most in Hollow Bastion. Seems to me, the lower in that world you are, the more of those there are.

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