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Follow the dark path or use the light

Driver Parallel Lines Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 6 cheats on PlayStation 2
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox   PC   Wii

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Added 6 Feb 2009, ID #31653
Cars with minds of there own
Stop a vehicle go up to the driver on the left hand side of the door and shot the driver until they move into the passenger side dead (The victon becomes confused with the vehicle) get in the vehicle drive off and then press triangle to dive out of the vehicle and the vehicle will stop and start driving back and forth or stop the vehicle and push it from the back.
(The driver most be in the left hand side)

Police troopers
Police troopers cannot follow you everywhere they need a path to follow.

Kidnap police
In game play get the cops attention & fight them without destroying the police cars until two get in one. Then enter the driverís side & the police will not risk shooting you. But they will follow you until youíre off-road!

On the last level of the first chapter when you are on the back of a truck with the money destory the truck get off defend off the remaining gangsters go to the garage select any vehicle now the police are avalible but now what ever you do the police will ignore you even if you shoot them until the misson is complete (But don't mess round too much or the cache memory will overload and the PS2 will crash there is a limit of 5 vehicles and 5 interactive characters performing an action 20 pairs of other secondary characters & vehicles any more and the main memory starts compressing until you change the view the extra will disappear and take the stress away).

UnlockablesAdded 11 Apr 2006, ID #20676
Unlock 2006 Era
Beat the Mission 'Ransom' in 1978

Unlock the following by entering the corresponding codes at the 'Cheat' screen


Invincible Cars:

Weaker Cops:

ALL Vehicles Unlocked:

ALL Weapons:

Infinite Ammunition:

Infinite Nitrous:

Zero Cost (All Upgrades Free):

Unlockable GP Racers

Unlock Cerrano Racer:
Complete mission 'Circuit Breaker'

Unlock Brooklyn Racer:
Win (1st place) any Track-Race (near Garages) on Medium difficulty and the Brooklyn Racer will be in 'Vehicle Select' when you're in a Garage

Unlock Cerva Racer:
Finish 1st in the 'Hunts Point' race on Medium difficulty

Unlock Bonsai Racer:
Finish 1st in the 'La Guardia' race on Medium difficulty

Unlock Melizzano Racer:
Finish 1st in the 'La Guardia' race on Hard difficulty

Unlock San Marino Racer:
Finish 1st in the 'Hunts Point' race on Hard difficulty

Unlock Andec Racer:
Finish 1st in the 'Jersey Racetrack' race on Hard difficulty

Unlock BX-9 Racer:
Finish 1st in Hunts Point race on Medium difficulty (2006 era)

Unlock MX2000 Race Car:
Complete 'La Guardia' racetrack on Medium difficulty (2006 era)

Unlock Colonna Racer:
Finish 1st in Jersey race on Medium difficulty (2006 era)

Unlock Kramer Racer:
Finish 1st in Hunts Point race on Hard difficulty (2006 era)

Unlock Prestige Racer:
Finish 1st in Jersey race on Hard difficulty (2006 era)

Unlock Zenda Racer:
Finish 1st in 'La Guardia' race on Hard difficulty (2006 era)

Then & Now (Era) Change Option:
Complete the Game

Unlock Atlus Racer:
Complete the Game

Unlock Ram Raider:
Complete the Game

Unlock Negotiator Vehicle:
Complete the Game

Unlockable Weapons

Unlock Grenade Launcher:
Complete mission 'Kidnap'

Unlock L15 Weapon:
Complete mission 'Jail Break'

Unlock RPG:
Complete mission 'Shell Shock'

Unlock Service 9 Weapon:
Complete mission 'Last Chance'

Unlock SF10 Weapon:
Complete mission 'Guardian Angel'

Unlock Aust PUP Weapon:
Complete mission 'Gauntlet'

Unlock Blaine Weapon:
Complete mission 'Home Wrecker'

Unlock F70 Weapon:
Complete mission 'Tailgate'

Unlock Gangster Weapon:
Complete mission 'Tailgate'

Collecting Golden Stars
Unlock the following rewards by collecting the scattered Golden Stars (there are 100 total) throughout the map. Everything will reset once you get to the 2006 era and collecting another 50 Stars will unlock the same attributes. Health Increase:
Collect 10 Golden Stars

Nitrous Increase:
Collect 20 Golden Stars

Double Ammunition Capacity:
Collect 30 Golden Stars

Double Car Durability:
Collect 40 Golden Stars

Free Vehicle Upgrades:
Collect 50 Golden Stars

Odometer Unlockables
When you get the required mileage the following can be used.

Unlock 'Bodysnatcher' Mode:
Reach 666 Miles on the Odometer

Unlock 'Night Night' Mode:
Reach 700 Miles on the Odometer

Unlock 'Shortest Day' Mode:
Reach 800 Miles on the Odometer

Unlock 'Far Out' Mode:
Reach 900 Miles on the Odometer
Added 2 Apr 2006, ID #20488
Indestructible Cars
Infinate Ammo
Infinate Nitro
Weak cop cars
Zero Cost
Body Snachers
Night Night
Shortest Day
Mileage cheats/star rewardsAdded 31 Mar 2006, ID #20418
Nighty-night (night time when actavated) for 700 miles

The shortist day (days are short When actavated) for 800 miles

Farout (drunk, the screen moves lik your drunk when actavated) for 900 miles

Stars = rewards
10stars.......................................................................................150% health

25stars.......................................................................................more clip ammo

50stars.......................................................................................stronger cars, trucks, ect... upgrades

Now the stars I'm only about 90% sure that's true, but the mileage I'm 99% positivethat it is right.


GTA & driver games ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheats for Driver Parallel LinesAdded 26 Mar 2006, ID #20257
Pause the game go accross to settings to cheats and type in


Hope these help you they helped me loads
As far as I know all of these cheats work
Ill post more stuff later on
GTA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CheatsAdded 23 Mar 2006, ID #20199
You can enter this cheats by going to options and then to cheats.

Weaker Cops : KEYSTONE
Invincible : IRONMAN
Infinite Nitro : ZOOMZOOM
Infinite Ammo : GUNBELT
Zero Tune Cost : TOOLEDUP
Industructable Cars : ROLLBAR
All Vehicles : CARSHOW
All Weapons In Era : GUNRANGE

I hope this will help.

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