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Defeating the Demon Lord(the final boss) hint for Digimon World Data Squad


Defeating the Demon Lord(the final boss)

The following digimon should be on your team:

Rosemon(final evolution of lalamon): for healing and resurrecting a digimon

Gallantmon: since the final boss is a NSo digimon and Gallantmon is a VB digimon, he should inflict massive damage on it.

The third digimon is up to you but I suggest Yatagaramon(Falcomon's second evolution).have the third digimon to use an "invisible" on Gallantmon and Rosemon. The Demon Lord should attack the third digimon because it is the only one you haven't used an "invisible" on.Note: if used "invisible" on all your digimon, the Demon Lord can now attack all your digimon. Watch out if it attacks because it attacks twice so be careful.have the third digimon use a support command or a guard command that will make Gallantmon's attack stronger.Note the same command can't be used twice on the same digimon.if the third digimon dies on the first attack of the Demon Lord,watch out for the second attack because you used an "invisible" on both Gallantmon and Rosemon, it should attack either Gallantmon or Rosemon or even both at the same time.If the third digimon dies, use Rosemon's M. Res.. It should revive the third digimon at full health. Watch out for the Demon Lord's Divine Atonement when the third digimon dies because it can turn Gallantmon or Rosemon into a DigiEgg with one blow.If that was his first attack, watch out for the second one.If either one of Gallantmon and Rosemon dies, revive it at full health for if the digimon is not yet revived, the Demon Lord might wipe out your entire team. If Gallantmon's attack power is maxed up, use an item called "all or nothing" to make all Gallantmon's attack into a critical or a miss. Then have the third digimon use an item called "perfect hit" on Gallantmon so that every attack of Gallantmon makes contact(it means that every attack doesn't miss)and make all of your attack a critical. Use a "double attack" on Gallantmon,then use Gallantmon's strongest attack to finish the Demon Lord once and for all

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