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Here, I've gathered info + tips and of course cheats on how to unlock the following characters.

Please understand that it is not i who made these cheats, it is the official playstation magazine.

I found these when i was about to burn them, i quickly read one and i found all this cheats. LOL! They do work otherwise i would be wasting my time write now. Here goes..

Secret Characters:

Angel - To get angel simply complete xiazyo 60 times. Go to the two player mod and selext xiazyo and press L2, UP, DOWN, LD, DOWN, DOWN, R1, UP, UP and you will notice that you will have higlighted xiazyo. Now press square and you will be playing Angel.

Devil - You cannot get devil, anyone who says you can is a liar

Smoke - You cannot get a character named smoke, this character exists in only the Mortal kombat Series.

Snake - Snake is a playable character, to play snake you will have to select Brian and during play press start (Pause menu should show), Up, Down, X, Start, Select, X - Now you would notice you are at the main screen, enter arcade mode and you will see a character much like brian but with glasses.

Armor Gon - Complete Tekken Ball Mode Six Times

All Gons - Complete Tekken Ball Mode 50 Times (Now you will have over 3 Gons).

Laura - Select Nina and press L2/UP together. Nina will change to Laura for a fight only.

Tiger - Alter EGO of eddy, get Tekken Movie Mode and press Square on eddy at the character selection screen.

Extra Modes:

Tekken Movie Mode - Complete all ten main characters.

Tekken Cheat Mode - Go to the menu where it says 'PRESS START TO CONTINUE' and press up, down, L2, R2, UP, Down, X, X, X, Start. Now you should have a semi selection named 'Tekken Cheat Mode', you will notice this because the font will be blury.

Cheat Codes:

Unlock Everything - uP, dOWN, Select, Down, L2, L1, R1, Left, Right, Select, Select and all will be unlocked (A sound will confirm your cheat).

Hworang Kick-kOMBO - Whilst in a fight press X,X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X And your enemy will be Knocked Out and you will get a perfect, do this for 5 battles and you will notice that after the five battles the commentetor will say 'Invinsible' instead of 'Perfect'.


I hope I helped you.......

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some of the characters you mentioned dont even EXIST!

Added 16th Dec 2013, ID #330107


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