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Good Items for the game cheat for Digimon World 3


Good Items for the game

Here are some few very good items that can really help in the game.

Note that some of the crests don't function when you equip items like cerebrus fang,shock horn,raven bow and etc.(e.g.counter crest,multicrest)

Counter Crest:Lets your digimon retaliate with the same damage you receive from your enemy.You can get it from tusksmon in Asuka Server.(west sector)

Multi crest;It makes your digimon attack trice(like Persiamon but only x3)
Get it from clockmon in dum dum factory(Asuka server,West Sector)or get a digimon that knows Picking Claw or Snatch(like Wargrowlmon or Gallantmon) and battle the trainers at Legendary Gym and use Picking Claw to clockmon and after beating them you obtain the
multi-crest.(Its a matter of luck)

Recovery Crest: Lets you gradually recover hp even switch out during battle.
This crest is very rare,I obtained it from cherrymon at the Amaterasu server,note,the cherrymon must have fall leaves.But I don't exactly remember if you can get it from Warumonzaemon but from cherrymon is assured it works.Also,this crest can be obtained from a green woodmon.(not so sure too.)

Binder Crest:Lets wild digimon less to escape.
This crest is very useful especially to cardmons.Obtain this crest from numemons at Asuka server Dum-dum factory.

Training Book: lets training a little easier.
Obtain this item from numemon(purple) at the jungle shrine.

Dance Wing:Evades better(better than dance feather)
Only exclusively from Valkrlymon at the North Badlands W AM server.

Water Power 2:adds water to attacks(a strong effect versus fire digimons,tip,with multicrest or counter crest with the combination of either Bolt Power 2,Fire Power 2,Metal Power 2,Ice Power 2.) Mainly fish at Phoenix bay and try to beat Ebidramon enough times.

Ice power 2:adds ice to attacks.Gotten from Icemon at Lake of ice.(AS server)

Metal Power 2;adds machine to attacks.Beat the machine digimons at dum-dum factory AMATERASU SERVER.

Bolt Power 2: adds thunder to attcks.Note: I prefer this Power brcause many digimons are weak on thunder.Got it from Boltmon AM server.(Kulon Mines)

Power Brace:The ultimate item to make traing the easiest.Get it from numemon at jungle shrine AM server or at the kulon mine AM server(fugamon)

I got the ffg. items but I forgot where I obtained them,If you know where to obtain it,please post it.

HP proxy(decreases enemy hp slowly)
MP proxy(decreases enemy mp slowly)

Now for the rarer items:
Max Charge:Heals your digimon's hp to the max!(Get it from Brachiomon at Phoenix Bay AM Server
Ultra charge:Heals your digimon's hp by 5000(from Metaletemon Northbadlands E AM Server)
Cursed Puppet:lowens your enemy's strenght & defense.(from Ladydevimon and other digimons in AM server.Ladydevimon can be found at North Badlands W(Remember,only at AMATERASU SERVER)

Note that all items I stated are rare and hard to obtain,battle the digimons holding it enough times.

For those who can't find a TNT Ball to make the bomb for the reliability shrine,battle Triceramon in plug cape or tyranno valley enough times at Asuka Server.

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you can get HP Proxy from Mammothmon.
MP Proxy from the Green Musyamon in bug maze

Added 1st Jun 2013, ID #286977

hp proxy is dropped by mammothmon in north badland

Added 9th Apr 2013, ID #271945

Musyamon (Green) has MP proxy

Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #226447

HP Proxy's effect is lower hp reduction, it's like it gives you more defense. I forgot where I got it though.

MP Proxy's effect is lower MP consumption of your Digimon. I got it from Bug Maze. Sorry, i forgot what Digimon drop it.

Added 11th Feb 2012, ID #113812

lol man

Added 16th Aug 2010, ID #9019


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