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Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds       YES  
Jack Houston and the Necronauts         YES
Jack Keane       YES  
Jack Keane 2         YES
Jack Nicklaus 4YES         
Jack Nicklaus 5YES         
Jack The Ripper  YES       
Jacked  YES    YES  
Jade Dynasty  YESYES   YES YES
Jade Empire: Special Edition   YES   YESYES 
Jagged AllianceYES  YES     YES
Jagged Alliance 2YESYESYES    YES  
Jagged Alliance 2 GoldYES         
Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded       YES  
Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished BusinessYES       YES 
Jagged Alliance 2: WildfireYES  YES      
Jagged Alliance 3D       YESYES 
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action YESYES YES  YES YES
Jagged Alliance: Crossfire       YES YES
Jagged Alliance: Deadly GamesYES         
Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero       YES  
Jam Party Remixed       YES YES
James Bond 007: Blood Stone  YESYES   YES YES
James Bond 007: NightfireYESYESYESYES    YES 
James Bond Agent Under Fire YES        
James Bond: 007 LegendsYES YES YES  YES YES
James Bond: License to Kill   YES      
James Bond: The Stealth Affair   YES      
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game  YESYES   YESYESYES
James Pond 3YES         
Jamster Allstars       YES  
Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder       YES  
Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters  YES    YES YES
Jane's Fleet Command  YES       
Jane's Zoo  YES    YES  
Jaraphs Table       YES  
Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos       YES YES
Jaws UnleashedYES YESYES   YES  
Jazz JackrabbitYESYESYES       
Jazz Jackrabbit 2YES  YES      
Jeff Gordon XS RacingYESYES        
Jekyll & Hyde  YES    YES YES
Jeopardy! 2       YES  
Jessica: Mystery of Courchevel  YES    YES  
Jet Set RadioYES      YES YES
Jetfighter 2015  YES       
Jetfighter 3YES         
Jetfighter 4YES         
JetFighter III Enhanced Campaign CDYES         
JetFighter V: Homeland Protector  YES       
Jetpack   YES      
Jetpack 2         YES
Jets 'N' GunsYES      YES  
Jets N Guns GoldYES  YES   YES  
Jewel Knights - Crusaders   YES      
Jewel Quest  YES       
Jewel Quest Solitaire  YES       
Jewel Thief  YES    YES  
Jill Goes UndergroundYES         
Jill Saves The PrinceYES         
Joan Jade and the Gates to Xibalba       YES  
Joe Danger       YES  
Joe Danger: The Movie       YES  
John Dalys: Pro Stroke Golf       YES  
John Deere American Farmer  YES       
John Tiller's Campaign Series       YES  
Joining Hands  YES    YES YES
Joint Operations: Escalation  YES       
Joint Operations: Typhoon RisingYES YES    YES  
Joint Task ForceYES YES    YES  
Jolly Grim       YES  
Jolly Rover  YES    YES  
Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge  YES    YES YES
Jonathan Kane: The Protector  YES    YES  
Journey         YES
Journey of a Roach   YES   YES  
Journey to the Center of the Earth  YES    YES  
Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time  YES     YES 
Joystick Johnny  YES    YES  
Judge Dredd: Dredd VS DeathYES YES     YES 
Juggernaut Corps: First Assault  YES       
Jugular Street Luge Racing  YES       
Juiced 2: Hot Import NightsYES YESYESYES   YES 
Julia       YES  
Jumpgate Evolution       YES  
Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative   YES      
Jumping Electron       YES YES
Jumping Jupingo       YES  
Jungle BookYES         
Jungular       YES  
Junior Board Games       YES  
Jurassic ParkYES         
Jurassic Park: Operation GenesisYESYESYES       
Jurassic Park: Scan CommandYES         
Jurassic Park: The Game       YES YES
Jurassic WarYES         
Just CauseYES YESYES   YES  
Just Like Real Life       YES YES
Just Tactics       YES  

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