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Guest asks: Added Jun 20th 2011, ID #202898

Question for Roblox

How to get free robux
On roblox and get

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Guest answered: Added 29th Jul 2011, ID #426808
Make another profile and visit your place as many times as you want
awesome750 answered: Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #429736
I know one. U must be bc. Make a t shirt for 10 tix. Logout. Register a random account. Go to the t shirt you made. Buy it. Do it as many times as you want.Friend me!
Guest answered: Added 26th Mar 2012, ID #493288
Just make another account and visit you're place a lot of time
Guest answered: Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #494544
Be a guest and visite alot of time XD
Guest answered: Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #494861
Guys to make your place popular and have a lot of people just go into your plave a lot of times as a guest!
Guest answered: Added 7th Apr 2012, ID #496452
Download a freee robux generator :3
Guest answered: Added 13th Apr 2012, ID #498406
If you want robux click on your money then look to the side you will see trade currency then market order the fist box will be blank then the net if you giving tix or robux the fist write as much you giveing then you will see at the bottom you will see what you will recieve then click ok then watch your robux/tix then you will be amazed
Guest answered: Added 26th Apr 2012, ID #501610
Yo well robux generators will get tracked and sometimes have viruses from what I've heard. Make 10accounts (you need Bc) make 2t-shirts for 10tix...
login in to all ten accounts and buy the t-shirt AND fav it! Then the next day buy the other t-shirt and do the same...

Or you can just keep making random t-shirts and random accounts for free money :D
Guest answered: Added 26th Apr 2012, ID #501776
The answer to this question is... Go to NDSBoi's profile then click on his home. Then grab the ice dagger then go out and in. Then you grab the sword called DarkHeart. Go out then click X. Then go in you will see your R$ and TIX go up 1000000.

Guest answered: Added 7th May 2012, ID #504496
[strike]Just be a guest then visit your place loads of times then trade currency!
Guest answered: Added 9th May 2012, ID #504933
The ONLY way of getting free robux is not VERY hard but still medium, okay first go to trade currency. Open calculator. Watch the video on youtube. And enjoy tradeing you tickets to robux and back with a max. Profit of 3 tix a time, you can do this infinitely! Don't respond I wont respond back
Guest answered: Added 13th May 2012, ID #506346
Kkk if you want free roux theres a face book account that if you put in your user name he gives you up to 500k roux btw it's called free robux
Guest answered: Added 19th May 2012, ID #508318
there are many ways. 1# log-in every day for 10 tickets. 2# go on a random account or have someone come to your game over and over again you get 1 ticket each time. 3# (YOU N E E D BC) sell something like a t-shirt put it as as many tickets as you want as price. Now go to another account an buy it. Then do it with a bunch of accounts. NOW when you're done trade curency.
PrincessPaige12345 answered: Added 27th May 2012, ID #510401
1. Log in everyday for 10 tix
2.make a great place and invite people each person you get give you 1 tix
3.not go on for a long time then log on see how much tix you've got then trade currancy for the tix to get $R's
4.Join any builders club to get lots of robux to start of with so save up or spend

They are my answers! TY!
Guest answered: Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #513314
When you go to my place I don't know why but I always get 500r. It's so cool!!! My user is
Pgrock and the name of the game is pgrock's place. (I have so much robux by this)
Guest answered: Added 12th Jun 2012, ID #515025
When you go to my place I don't know why but I always get 1 tix. It's so cool!!! My user is
Kyle765432 you should try it!!!
Guest answered: Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #517846
1st you have to famous by getting a lot of place visits a lot of player badges join BC or TBC or OBC a lot of Roblox badges and a lot of friends. 2nd sell a T Shirt that looks cool and you sell it for less than 200 robux or less than 200 TIX. 3rd wait patiebtly and soon you got a lot of money. HINT it only works when you r in BC. Be my friend. I'm GuestLie.

Guest answered: Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #524384
Buy OBC lifetime
Heres how to do it
Open cheat engine
Then put the amount ya want send it get more money (keep cheat engine on) type in that amount then sell 1 tix or more then you shall have over 10000000 R$
Or press F9 to get hax or type -675912638614 for EVERYTHING YOU WANT!!!!
Guest answered: Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #526482
Hi my name is checkles on roblox a actuall friend of mine got hacked on roblox by jack marrow see theres a site and when you do the site he will send you a friend request if you accept hell log in to your account,change the pass word and change your email so you can't get it back I just want to help spread the word

Guest answered: Added 6th Aug 2012, ID #529380
Ok go to my place my username is bhappe if you find a red butten press it and ull get 50 robux and tix
Guest answered: Added 22nd Aug 2012, ID #534096
If uguys want robux just be a quets and go to you're account and play you're game severls oftime and bam you have it or if you're bc,tbc or obc you can amke a funny t-shirt or stuff then sell it forthe amount that you wnat then you have lots of tix and robux in no time add me nerdyhunterfeer I kinda ban right now so just ad lolhead1254
Guest answered: Added 5th Sep 2012, ID #537177
Come to my place 10 times and you will get 10 000 robux and tix I practicly got evrything in the catalog it's so cool my user is DDDDZ
Guest answered: Added 7th Sep 2012, ID #537577
I know an easy way to get tix (not robux but you can trade), and remember, this is not a lie! First, open ROBLOX (browser doesn't matter) and go to people. Write "WaterLord21" without the " and make sure you spelled it correctly. Go to his profile and go to his place stay here for at least one min then leave. Now all you have to do is to go there again (how much you stay doesn't matter) and after you leave... TADA!! 50 tix will be added to you. I know 50 isn't alot but you can do this many times to get lots of tix! NOTE: If it doesn't work, try to do it again until it works because it worked for me and I got about 500 tix this way so please don't say this is a lie.
321Gameover321 answered: Added 7th Sep 2012, ID #537718
Go to 321Gameover321 room and go behind the couch. Theres some type of glitch there. It only gives you 3 Robux a day. I wish it was more :(. It really works. No lie. Try it
Guest answered: Added 15th Sep 2012, ID #539338
HEY PPLS I'm KRILLS56 and I'm wonderng ho to sell a t shirt I'm tbc but I make a t shirt is on the website but it's NOT FOR SALE IDK Y D: PLZ HELP ME WITH THIS!
Guest answered: Added 18th Sep 2012, ID #539921
You visit repeatidlly so Tix heaven :O

Guest answered: Added 27th Sep 2012, ID #541426
Down load google chorme then go to robux the left click and press inspect element then go to where it has this hot much robux you have
Side ways 2(triangles) then go type in how much you want then click on the screen then drag the words on the screen
Guest answered: Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #541448
There is a cheat how to get free robux well if you go to trade currency on roblox website if you have over 100 tixs loke 500 tixs you can swap them for 100 robux you get ten tixs every day you can only do this if you have you're own account
Guest answered: Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #541449
Go to trade currency swap 500 tixs for 100 robux if you have 100 tixs or over you can still get robux you can only do this if you have you're own account my name is SPONGE24BOB all in capitals
Guest answered: Added 9th Oct 2012, ID #543706
Go on chelse321 place no Capitals in chelse321 stay on her place for about 5 min you get 5 robux per 5 minuates
Guest answered: Added 30th Nov 2012, ID #554369
You don't lol
Guest answered: Added 24th Dec 2012, ID #559120
You buy them
Guest answered: Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #560277
If you have BC, make a t-shirt for 10 tix and make new accounts buy it.
Guest answered: Added 16th Jan 2013, ID #565103
So guys make many accounts play your world like it 10 likes 10 tix 1 minute played 1 tix. Hopes it helped. Or make a shirt for 0 tix make account you get 10 free tix buy shirt. Lol I have 7122 tix from doing that.

Ps 10 tix for every 24 hours log in daily
Guest answered: Added 9th Feb 2013, ID #570042
You don't

Guest answered: Added 4th Mar 2013, ID #574953
Get bc and make a shirt or t shirt and make a new account and buy it. EASY!!! Add me I'm incredepicguy78
Guest answered: Added 20th May 2013, ID #588554
Well I have a BC alt and a TBC alt and 3 terminated OBC alts and my main is OBC so...
Guest answered: Added 28th May 2013, ID #589854
Please read this comment,You can get robux by going to trade currency and go to click the trade button click the market order for instant robux or limit order for how many do you want robux but you will lose tix for robux

Protocol answered: Added 13th Jul 2013, ID #596541
Undeadreaper5 answered: Added 9th Sep 2013, ID #602978
Go to campingmasters place and win the game after goin and capturin all the things then leave and you should have about 1000 tix and robux and it works because he put cheat engine in the game
SuperRobloxbrosWII answered: Added 29th Sep 2013, ID #604329
Hey if you get BC use me as a refferral on ROBLOX my name is swingfail.WE BOTH GET 400 ROBUX :D
Guest answered: Added 1st Oct 2013, ID #604477
Ok so first of all this guy TNTmaniac123 has this place and it gave me 1 tix when I joined. No joke, it happened to my friend also and he uses this glitch alot but he said recently that it is "unstable" or whatever and he will lose a ticket if you join XD! Trolling plus you get a tix. I have done this cheat many many times, and I have like 20 tix more a day. I don't care if you go on, more for me XD.
Guest answered: Added 28th Dec 2013, ID #612144
I will be doing donations at my place called SSS Training Ground Stinger. It will be 5PM British time. On the 28th of December. My username is deatheater2199
Guest answered: Added 4th Jan 2014, ID #613101
I just made 8 accounts and 5 games I made each one visit my games 8 x 5 is 40 then I just repeat the process each day
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Guest answered: Added 12th Feb 2014, ID #617007
Go to gears click the 'Add to game' it will be below the Buy now button.Then choose a game you want to put it in then it might take many days or weeks if somebody buys the gear that you added to the game you will get 40 robux.You can even ask your roblox friend to buy it.

Guest answered: Added 14th Feb 2014, ID #617211
Just go to my profile and play for about 6 mins thn bam you get your own 1000 robux

Guest answered: Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #618982
Go to my place jamarispraggins plz join I am really poor help me out plus my place is cool

Guest answered: Added 7th Mar 2014, ID #619064
Just tell your damn parents to get you obc bc or tbc or cheat
Guest answered: Added 8th Mar 2014, ID #619118
Vist HeyItsAKA's place stay in the mini building for about 1min and then you get 10 tickets and 5 robux. Or just make a shirt you have to be Bc,Tbc or Obc make another account and buy your t-shirt since you strat with 10tickets your welcome

Guest answered: Added 10th Mar 2014, ID #619430
Add me as a refiral when you get bc then if we get enough referrals we will each get 400 robux!
Guest answered: Added 31st Mar 2014, ID #621179
I don't know. But I know a cool roblox glitch. You need 30 tickets. Trade 30 tickets for 1 robux. Cancel the trade. You will get 10 more tickets and 1 more robux.
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Guest answered: Added 11th Apr 2014, ID #621982
I haz a vid on youtube that shows how to get tix but you have to have at least 20 (or the least amount of tix you can pay for 1 [[OR MORE :D]] robux)
Type in the search bar on youtube:
Go on the channel
Click the only vid XD
If there is more than 1 vid then obviously click the free tix one
When you build up the tix/robux, buy wutever you want or do the process all over again
I don't know if roblox found out and it was patched, but if it is patched plz tell me in the comments ._.
But it really works :D well if it's not patched of course lolz :3

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